Tumor Vs Mass

Tumor Vs Mass

My mate is diagnosed with anaplastic astrocytoma (approximately 4. 5 – 2. 5 measurement) in eventually left occipital lobe. He visited surgical procedures as well as the medical professionals declared they removed over 90% of tumor, but after only two weeks his ailment ruined and the health professionals asserted that the unknown growth has regrown close to 6 cm bigger. I’ve got uncertainty that this cosmetic surgeon don’t remove any one of tumor muscle size. How is it possible with this or almost any tumor to develop so large for just 14 days. Did you know the things i uncovered? You’re correct to worry. Detail additional enhancement on the major unknown growth huge would take place in 3 weeks, this is an extremely quick rate of progress. Quite strange for almost any metastasizing cancer to cultivate anywhere near this much in two several weeks, speculate Denise suggests – it will be possible. This will not be a great prognostic indication.

I do think We would request a backup in the pathology report easily were being this client. Not that I hesitation the surgeon would what he said. Just reviewing to be positive. Bear in mind, the patient contains a to certainly see any data regarding his situation. Denise in Are generally would not permit a health care information person will not let her health care info to become given over to her. You to be a friend can’t gain access to his professional medical information if you do not had his professional medical power of law firm. Sorry. I don’t as if your palrrrs odds from whatever you have informed us.

What exactly? This in certain breasts most cancers sufferers, exactly what impact?

Avastin is really a kind known as anti-angiogenesis brokers, or even the actual inhibition associated with angiogenesis Planning Brand new medicines in a single. Their own system would be to stop the actual bloodstream provide in order to growth cells, therefore suppressing growth development. Just before this particular, Avastin may be authorized with regard to treating intestines most cancers as well as lung most cancers.

A sizable, within breasts most cancers sufferers along with sophisticated multi-center medical tests carried out display which Avastin cannot just slow up the amount of growth cells, but additionally in order to sufferers along with endurance. With this test, it had been discovered which Avastin coupled with regular chemotherapy medicines paclitaxel within sufferers along with endurance may almost dual (11. a few months as well as 5. 8 several weeks, in contrast to paclitaxel alone). An additional released within 06 this season, the outcomes acquired comparable outcomes.

However growth specialists, each within the most crucial stage, how the general success period, there isn’t any distinction. Make use of this catalog in order to calculate the end result, the entire success associated with ladies getting Avastin period as well as a maximum of solitary ladies getting paclitaxel lengthy, and that’s why FDA authorization within Feb with regard to treating sophisticated breasts most cancers once the medication had been amazed since the.

“Our technology as well as proof as you possibly can prior to the actual behave, when there is any kind of likelihood to provide the advantage of sufferers, all of us may make an effort to attempt, inch Ny College Most cancers Start, Most cancers Middle overseer Ye Linna. Stated.

Standard of living as well as period of existence

Eric. Wingler which Avastin for ladies along with sophisticated breasts most cancers is actually an essential medication, Winer is really a well-known within Birkenstock boston Dana-Farber Most cancers Start, Division associated with Ladies Most cancers Middle Breasts Most cancers Task overseer. “In truth, the actual growth didn’t improvement, or even with no success from the sufferers is essential, inch he or she stated, “under the actual manage associated with growth to the existence of the standard of living is actually apparent, otherwise be expensive power as well as assets upon treating problems may manage the actual growth, that is unquestionably the very best. inch

Avastin’s unwanted effects aren’t unusual, such as:

Hypertension. Bloodstream viscosity, thrombosis. Heart problems. Intestinal tract perforation. Proteinuria (protein within urine elevated, is really a indication associated with kidney damage).

“For numerous sufferers, regardless of what type of problems from the over answers are scary, it’s very obvious, inch Ye Linna stated, “We spend specific focus on thrombosis along with other vascular occasions, since it indicates the heart stroke. is really a uncommon, however severe outcomes. inch

However these types of unwanted effects tend to be when compared with additional chemotherapy medicines for that reasons. For a lot of ladies, Avastin had been nicely tolerated, america Steve. Hopkins College associated with Medication Breasts Middle Rn LillieShochney stated, “is within sophisticated breasts most cancers sufferers shouldn’t just think about the caliber of existence problems, but additionally worried about along existence concern, I’m presently medical someone to make use of Avastin, your woman may still function, it is crucial on her, simply because she’s solitary, life on it’s own, require some thing to aid the woman’s to reside.

  1. Chris R

    What is the main difference from a tumor, along with a cancerous lump? Get into great detail please. A cancer cell if your cell that lost it’s control to develop(divide), correct? I additionally heard that the tumor is several cancerous cell, which appears to create sense, but what’s cancer then? And just what makes this mass of accelerating cells so deadly? I’m very thinking about this so you can toss in extra information.

  2. Dana G

    Like strokes, aneurysms, brain hemorrhages , brain growths or brain cancer.

    So must i get worried which i only were built with a CT scan from the mind to help ease my fear of the brain tulor or hemorrhage? I recieve migraines everyday due to this fear.

  3. nmlpc

    I’m having laproscopic surgery to remove a dermoid tumor. I had an ultrasound and MRI as well as the CA 125. MRI states that the tumor is suggestive of a dermoid and no abnormalities were found in my pelvis and abdomen. The CA blood tests we negative.

    What concerns me is the pain that is increasingly worse. I have discussed this with my gyn and she doesn’t understand why I could be feeling pain. Last week I had another ultrasound to rule out torsion. No torsion, but another cyst was found on my other ovary (2.9 cm). My pain is in my pelvis but also I have been having a pressure in my right upper quadrant (liver area).

    I have a history of gyn problems. Conization for HPV 20+ years ago, laparotomy for a large ovarian mass 14 years ago. Grandmother died of ovarian c

    Although tests are negative, is there still a chance of malignancy? Also with my history, should I get a hysterectomy (I have children, am 41 years old)? Should I have laparotomy so MD can visualize everything?

  4. Hayden

    just wondering :)

  5. dealy

    I just returned from a fund raiser for a member of my local community.
    This gentleman has had cancer, diagnosed 7 years ago.
    He did some radiation, but no chemo.
    After the radiation, the cancer was still apparent.
    This is where it gets weird.
    He started himself on a regimen of :
    apricot pits (3 per day) peach pits (3 per day) and apple seeds (3 per day).

    One year ago, today, his doctors announced he was cancer free.
    He is still today, cancer free.

    He gave a short speech describing his cure, and he owed it all to vitamin B17.

    I have always been told that these seeds are poison.
    Does anyone here have an opinion?
    He was sick for a long time. We are helping pay his bills. Electric, heat, etc.

  6. Sonny

    the difference in eye size is specifically noted when the head its tilted or while looking down or when the cheek goes up while laughing or smiling. here, the eyelid of one eye raises while the other eyelid is normal.

  7. white man

    she went to get the results of an MRI scan today that she had on her back. they were all clear but it did pick up a cyst on the outside of her ovary. the consultant said it was the size of a tennis ball. first question from us was “is it anythin serious” the consultant said that it was just a simple cyst and if it was anything sinister (as in the C word…hope u know what i mean) it would look different. he has however referred to a gyne at the hospital for a scan. what im worried about is this consultant studies bones and nerves. how accurate would he be to say it is just a simple cyst and nothing that is putting threat to her health or even life. would he really be able to tell from the scan if it was something nasty

  8. sarah w

    She was diagnosed with this a week ago after going to the doctor with a sever pain in her back. Her back had been bothering her for awhile , but just bacame unbearable.

    She had aslo lost about 40 pounds over a four month period. When the pain in her back got to severe , she went to the hospital and come to find out that she has lungs cancer ( no pain in her lungs)…and it has spread to her spine..(lots of pain there) and they are not sure as of yet if it is anywhere else.

    they said stage 4 , surgery wasnt as option cause the mass in lungs was too close to her heart , possible radiation on her spine to shrink the cancer there to relieve some of the pain.

    She was told possible a year with treatments , but more like 6 months or less given her condition and general health at present.

    Is there nothing that can be done ? clinical trials? Natural medicine? Does anyone know someone that lived longer than this on a certain treatment or have some suggestion.

  9. encyclopath

    What is the difference between these two tumours?

  10. MentallyCryppled

    I’m considering buying starcraft II soon, the only issue is my computer running it, but I was just wondering what people like to play as online.

  11. Superman

    I had to have a breast lumpectomy once for a papillary neoplasm. two years later I had to have a mass from my chest removed that they said was benign but rare which originated from my thymus. Now they removed my thyroid and was diagnosed with papillary carcinoma. I have had 4 new lung nodules develop this year and although they are small, should I be concerned?

  12. Terrence

    What does a pregnant belly feel like? I had unprotected sex on birth control, took day after pill, and had all negative results but I’m just wondering because its been 19 weeks since, but I’ve recently gained 10 pounds and started exercising again last week but now my abs feel hard underneath a layer of abdominal fat..

  13. JackReynolds

    For the past 2 or 3 months, I have not felt myself. I have gone through bouts of depression, anxiety and delusions. But I don’t know if I can call them delusions, for delusions have to be beliefs even though there is evidence to the contrary right? The kind of “delusions” I have are ones that there is no evidence to the contrary, but there is no evidence to support it either. For example, I was having headaches, and become ABSOLUTELY convinced that I had a brain tumor, brain aneurysm, and all sorts of deadly things and I was sure I was going to die. For a few weeks, I would sometimes feel completely out of control of my emotions and have periods where i felt like i was literally going crazy and nothing could assuage the feeling, even if i could find nothing to be going crazy about. I have been feeling better lately, but I have gone through less severe “delusions” if you can call them that. I feel like sometimes I’m not in control of my own body and that there is no such thing as free will. I spent a lot of time pondering the question of free will vs determinism and I was convinced there was no free will. Enjoyable activities would become much less enjoyable and I would think about how there is no free will. But if i was really having delusions, I would have no way of knowing that they were delusions right?

  14. RuMKilleR

    my uncle is 44 years old…he was JUST diagnosed with Astrocytoma and its a grade 3. Ive been doing research on things that can help cure it , or atleast prevent it from growing. I have found that stem cells seem to work very well.

    what is the BEST place in the WORLD to get stem cell surgery in the brain?!

    your help is very much appreciated.(probably didnt spell that right)

    thank you so much….please answer quickly, we need all the help we can get and FAST!
    He has a tumor in the left frontal lobe of his brain.

  15. Samuro

    My friend was just diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of weeks ago. She has had to go for a series of tests and today was told that her chest X-ray showed a mass in one of her lungs. I am trying to keep her keep a good positive outlook but now I am really fearing for her. Does anyone know what this could be other than cancer? I suppose it could be benign but does anyone know stats on how often lung tumors are benign vs. malignant?

  16. Le Pwner

    Well for most of my life my head has this lump of mass ontop of it under the skin that gives me the appearance of having a pointy or diamond shaped cranium. I’ve been obsessed with it, as anyone else is with their insecurities, and my obsession has led me to find out that this mass is not a part of my skull. It’s rather soft and it drives me so crazy that I’ve done things that might qualify me for mental rehabilitation. Let’s just say it’s about 1/2 an inch big, but it makes a big difference. As you can guess, I’ve had my share fair of teasing and it all adds up to increase my insecurities, and now I can’t accept myself until I’ve done something. I’ve tried to perform self surgery which was a failure, I went to the doctors, but they said it was normal, but a soft spot on my head that causes me pain at times is not normal. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a cyst or a tumor, I get really scared from that. I’m just super depressed about life, I’m in college and dealing with finance issues and that sort of stuff, life just sucks for me right now. I’m just bored so I posted this for no real reason, don’t worry I’m not a fan of cutting or suicide. Beat me up please, or something, any advice is nice.
    I could go back to the doctors and explain my concern, but I’m such a shy b****. So I resorted to self surgeries, but I can’t cut my head open enough. I know it sounds real sick and I sound like I need help, i dunno. I’m lost and down today.

    I admit I am just being a little b**** and emo, maybe i should call the doctors and hopefully get a step closer to solving this problem?
    partner? where did you get that from?
    I’m currently alone and I feel that I might stay that way. It’s weird, as if I am two in one, because I fear what I might do to myself, right now I fear I might stay single cause I sort of believe nobody likes me, and that isn’t true because I’ve had experience to prove it.

    It’s not a birthmark, I’m a real live conehead :(
    The funny thing is how it’s less than one inch yet manages to have such an impact on my appearance and my life.

    I guess I need motivation to do something…

  17. Oilers

    I have just been diagnosed but have had the mass for 3 years. I am told that it is difficult to see on mammogram – well within the breast and behind the nipple. Due to that and breast size they cannot do a lumpectomy and reconstruction would not work.
    I do not have a problem with a mastectomy, but I do have a problem with the other treatments. I feel 100% healthy and want life to carry on as normal. Would it be considered really drastic and a bit crazy to have a mastectomy rather than going through the other treatments?
    I feel that the subtext of what I have been told is that a mastectomy is likely – obviously doctors do not like to commit to anything but it does not sound like a simple straightforward treatment. I could have chemo etc and still end up having a mastectomy next year,having felt lousy in the interim.

  18. soccermaster1

    after 6 months of taking oral chemotherapy of temodal, another set of MRI was done original size of the mass (tumor) reduced to 1mm with its thickness and width. doctor advised my brother-in-law to take the procedure IMRT intensity modulated radiation therapy. is it advisable for him this IMRT? pls help. thanks.

  19. Sophia C

    Hi all, my cousin has benign at her breast, and her dr did USG as well as mammography

    The USG result was showing the benign increased from one to three in 6 months duration, but the mammography result are fine.

    What’s the difference between those two (USG & Mammography)? Which one conclude better? What’s the latest capability of Mammography?

    Someone said if the benign is pain, it tends not to be cancerous, and vice versa if it is not pain. Is it true / partially true?

    Thanks & regards.

  20. Big Banger

    I have been diagnosed as having a non-hodgekins lymphoma in June 2008. It was a follicular center cell vs large b cell mass on my scalp. It was removed, and I was treated with 20 rounds of radiation to my head and 4 treatments of IV Rituxan. In July 2008, only my scalp showed the fdg accumulation of lymphoma. Nothing in my chest. As of October 2008, every subsequent PET scan has showed a “pneumonitis” in my right lower lobe. Up to now, it has not changed — not gotten bigger or smaller on the last 4 PET scans over the last year and a half. I have not had any pneumonias, or had any chest issues. I do remain “hot and sweaty” (meaning the back of my hair gets wet on exertion), run low grade temps (99.5 – 99.8) at times, remain very tired and fatigued (never got better since I finished radiation), and minimal amt of hacking cough which is not productive. All my labs have great – I am not anemic, have good liver functions, normal thyroid, normal electrolytes. Have had elevated Sed Rates (23) but I also have Crohn’s Disease which has been fairly quiet in the last year. My highest LDH was 225 at the time of tumor removal in June 2008. It did go down to normal post-op. Now my LDH has suddenly gone up to 260, after being normal in Sept 2009. I was s ent for a CT of my head, chest, neck and abdomen. It was all negative except for the chest. The chest still shows an unchanged area of pneumonitis on the right posterior-medial lobe, a possible calcified node in that area, and a mild right lower lobe infiltrate.
    Should I be concerned that something is evolving in my chest? What should the next step for me be? I am worried about cancer and any help would be appreciated.

  21. Zanto

    I am trying to get a better understanding of what dry dog food I should be feeding. I understand that brands like Innova and Canidae, etc… are more natural, whole product foods. I understand that brands like Purina and Iams, etc… contain corn and byproducts. Of course, “all natural” sounds better than “byproducts.” So… QUESTION 1: Can anyone tell me what health problems a dog can incur by eating the “filler” brands vs the “non-filler” brands?

    Preservatives and artificial ingredients, or course, arent the best things for you. But, everyone is going to eat them at some point. What I would really like to know is… QUESTION 2: What ingredients should I look for that are dangerous to my dogs and if I avoid those is that all that really matters?

    I need some proof that the more expensive brands are really worth their weight in gold. I know it sounds better. Just like a filet steak sounds better for me to eat than a hot dog, but we all cant afford to eat filet everyday

  22. ouch

    What are the chances of getting a brain tumor and who are they most lkely found in? Age wise?

  23. Roar me R

    she is my ex girlfriend who is my friend and i just tolded her about my cancer is back before i called her day before saying get a test down see if my cancer back and i told her i love her she said i love you but if your cancer we cant be togetter i just called litte bit back i told her and she told me dont even say a word now, i stoped and she told me i am sorry what i told you last nite i was out of line i need you know i love you………….she started cry i said its ok just clam down she yelled i cant you sick with cancer…..she told me i cant just let you….i said let me what she said do this on your own and i told her its what to you last thing she told me was i love you and i am hurt deep down inside…#1 what can i say to my ex whos my friend?#2 do i let her in if she wants too? she wants to be with me i guess but i cant let her #3what do i do?
    she calling me but i am not picking up scould i? she left a mess. saying i love you we need to get back togetter
    why cant i let her i am sared that i am dieing and i dont want her to get in this with me she olny 16 and i am 16
    i pick up the phone i talk to her like 5 mins but she was yelling at me i hanged up on her what do i do now/
    i have lukemla i cant spell it

  24. Coffee t

    I have a mass in my breast. I had it checked out today by ultrasound because my breast is too dense for a mamogram. I paid attention during the ultrasound and noticed that it had good boundries and appeared to be darker inside. Based on what I know from having them for pregnancies, I would assume that the black means there is fluid which should be good news right? If the mass appeared as tissue or white, that would be solid and could be malignant, correct? I am only trying to use common sense, but if you know and can explain this to me I would appreciate it. My husband will be calling from Iraq and I either want to tell him that there is probably nothing to worry about or not tell him anything until I speak with the surgeon next week. I know I should be patient and anything you say is not a definite answer, I am just looking for opinions. Serious answers from people who know something about this field by employment or experience with benign or malignant tumors. Thank you!
    Just so you know, it was my husband who made me go to get it checked out. I would not tell him anything at all until I know more of course, but he is going to want somekind of answer. I am hoping that the answers to this post will give me reassurance that it is more then likely nothing to worry about so I can tell him the same thing, but of course if that is not the case I would not say anything until after I speak to my doctor. Even then (if it is bad news) it will be hard to tell him at all considering where he is.

  25. Blake

    what is the main difference between cancer and tumor full definition i want. what is metastatic tumor

  26. Franklin Bluth

    Has anyone gotten a rat from petsmart? do they have any health problems? And do you think they will let me hold one or two to make sure they don’t bite? And if they don’t let me hold one then what should i look for if it has health problems? Thanks really everything will help!

  27. Lucas H

    Okay well i found out my GF ex has HPV and he just told her, i was thinking of getting the vaccine before this and i was told if i have HPV the vaccine will make it worse or to flare up in some way. Please answer truthfully and with out jokes. Thank you.

  28. The Dark Knight

    I do not think I typed it right but I’m not sure how else to spell it.

  29. nasty1

    My dad in law has experienced with cancer for more than a year. First it had been in the esophogaus and so the brain. He grew to become among the 12% to cope with it. The growths are in the mind and that he lately checked themself from the hospital with pneumonia. He’ll not speak with anybody about how exactly serious this really is. We’re worried and every info is needed. Thanks

    He is able to but now do low dose radiation, because he has already established radiation on a single place inside a year. Surgery for whatever reason would be a no and chemo is really a no for whatever reason, when i stated he wont discuss it “does not wish to worry us” Yes, he must have remained within the hospital, but didnt, and stated he wont return. Just help to date.

  30. floydian8717

    To begin with, I’m a 29 y/o female in good condition. I visited my Dr. since i were built with a cold. She felt my throat, & thought it felt inflamed, and wanted me to obtain a CT scan on my small thyroid. The CT scan says my thyroid was fine, but there’s a 2mm non-calcified lung nodule on top right lung. Now i need to go get another CT scan of my entire bronchi.

    I’m totally losing it. I do not smoke (except when I drink), but I did previously accept a smoker for around four years. Could this suggest cancer of the lung? Exactly what does “noncalcified” mean, versus. calcified? Does making it “worse”? I’m so scared…any hints, tips, advise, is greatly appreciated!

  31. Matt

    My auntie (by marriage) was told she’d a brain tumor 2 days ago after having suffered power shutdowns & fits. She’s been home for christmas and told to visit in 3 days for additional tests/biopsies. Everyone is searching around the black side, even traveling to disneyland as they do not know how lengthy she’s left. Are tumours cancerous or are you able to get non-cancerous ones?? I’m really worried on her as my auntie on my small mum’s side was identified having a tumor and died inside a year. She left 2 youthful children and today my other auntie also offers 3 youthful children and all sorts of considering what went down before.

  32. Dr Hank

    Medicare insurance will still pay if your physician thinks Avastin is suitable to deal with cancer of the breast. Many private insurance companies have introduced they will not. Don’t allow the marketplace get between both you and your physician. Support medicare insurance for those.

  33. Gamer959

    anybody are afflicted by unwanted effects? particulars on fighting individuals unwanted effects. they seem pretty substantial. thanks mike in conn.

  34. Clayton Cottrell

    This kind of tumor considered the tumor of dying

  35. Dr Dorian

    hi im 18 male not searching for attention im being honest i’ve astrocytoma brain tumor i declined all remedies like chemo and radiation pleas dont attempt to convince me its impossable.its stage 4 i’ve till fall some time and im scared and also have no appatite hardly eat dont sleep just come online and then try to stay busy i live alone my parents are deceased i have only a twin brother who i personally don’t like no buddies i’ve got a vehicle and cash but after some time driving oround going places will get boring im really in the edge where i cant continue aneymore exactly what do i actually do?

  36. LN13

    I simply viewed the film online


    Hi sorry, i are afflicted by a malignent brain tumor (anaplastic astrocytoma). I’ve got a ct scan on my small back for many bruises i’ve acquired since I’ve had a back injuries.

    Some investigation has proven me cancer can spread in the brain with other parts of the body, is that this possible?

  38. Caltel T

    Someone I understand has grade 3 anaplastic astrocytoma, and also got let go.

  39. johnkaiser 22

    just wondering.

  40. altair

    Hi, I made it anaplastic astrocytoma over 12 years back (cancerous tumor around the spinal-cord. Grade 3 tum our) It left me with paralysis in leg and severe curvature from the spine. Not reoccurred to date.

    I am gradually seeing my doctors much less (except physio, discomfort management ect) and so i cant really request them but…Does anybody have details about it? Could it be common? Statistics? Exist good survival rates? Reocurrance chances? The way it effect me in later existence? -(Spine weaken because of it a lot that they are afraid to function onto it whatsoever to ascertain if it may in some way be fixed) Am i going to live as lengthy as everybody else? (i understand no-one can predict how lengthy someone will live but in comparison towards the average chronilogical age of 80ish…)

    Any information whatsoever would beunbelievablyy useful.

    Thanks. x

    (In a huge number of throbbing and neuropathic/sharp discomfort in neck, back but doctors not able to locate appropriate medicine to date (attempted many types ie, morphine, pregabalin (sp?) (liquid, pills and patches)). Any ideas what can work?)

  41. Thomas Lopez

    Avastin wiped out a family member. I’m searching for others which have lost anyone to this chemo drug “Avastin”, we have to obtain a class action lawsuit suit against Genentech who makes the product that may kill, and obtain the Food and drug administration to recall Avastin from the sell to cure sick people.

  42. opurt

    I have to know, my hubby has one . I’ve browse the journals, I understand the prospects, Among the finest to listen to of a survivor.

  43. Samuro

    what’s the existence expetancy within this situation??

    may be the surgery enough for treatment ??

  44. _marky_mark_

    What you can do about the subject? Could they be really curable?

  45. Orbit

    What’s the Anaplastic Astrocytoma Rate of survival AFTER surgery.

    Age and Sex : 34 – Male

    Histopathological Report Particulars :Section Shows gray and whitened matter having a diffusely breaking through astrocytoma made up of gemistocytic and fibrillary astrocytes. Moderate nuclear atypia and mitotic activity is viewed. There’s no necrosis or microvascular proliferation within the material posted.


    Anaplastic astrocytoma – (gemistocytic) –WHO garde III left temporal.

    Can anyone with this particular experience assist in understating the rate of survival and amount of my buddy

  46. Echo

    my pal jacob is nine years old and it has multiple anaplastic astrocytomas. hhe was identified together in march. 2006, went through radiation once and it is presently on chemotherapy. what’s the percent possibility of him living? also- he’d nuclear physics of some kind however the growths were wrapped around nerves or something like that also it was not successful.

  47. Cpt Excelsior

    im 16 and also have lately been identified having a brain tumor. i’ve had 3 surgical procedures, 6 days of radiation and chemotherapy, i lately discovered i’ll be getting the drug Avastin, once per week for 4 days in addition to getting some light chemo. i tolerate the chemo very well with very little unwanted effects, but mainly what i wish to know is that if the Avastin drug causes hair thinning, and when it’s quite common or rare in patients.


  48. RuMKilleR

    Hello, this is essential in my experience. My girlfriend has Anaplastic Astrocytoma (AAIII). It’s become to the stage where surgery to get rid of the tumor is the greatest option. By now she’s inside a hospital in Minnesota as i am in New You are able to. I have heard that there’s a spot towards New york city / Boston area that is an expert in such things as this but aren’t well versed about this. Appreciate your solutions and support.

  49. whitesoxfan2347

    Can there be any kind of nuclear physics only carried out whether it appears it’s the patient’s last possibility of making it through? (Case for any story I am writing, but I am looking to get it as being near to reality when i can)

    More details: Grade 3 Anaplastic astrocytoma brain tumor, situated roughly in frontal lobe from the brain.

  50. Eric


  51. The Dark Knight

    For those who have a cancerous brain tumor is it necessary to possess a port for chemo or are you able to do ivs for chemo?

    Whether it helps I am a 20yr old female

  52. Jonny

    Just observed a documentary known as Burzynski – Cancer Is Serious Business. Performs this actually work or perhaps is it a gimmick?

  53. Heath

    TUMOR: anaplastic olligo astrocitoma III…

    Remedies: 2 craniotomies, 7 days of radiation, and 12 months (dental) chemo.

    Now after three years of all of the remedies, my hubby is getting lots of short-term memory issues and cognitive problems…and it appears as though gets worst. Can there be something that he might take to assist using these problems? He takes omega-3 however is not helping much… A buddy explained that taking 400 mg Magnesium each day might help… However, I don’t know in the event that will make the cells of cancer to reoccur faster.


  54. joevsyou

    I simply got identified having a anaplastic astrocytoma grade 3 brain tumor in an exceedingly delicate section of my brain. These days, several neurosurgeons, neuroncologists, and neurologists are intending my surgery with this weekend. The mind surgery I am getting is extremely very dangerous. Can One tell my ex what’s happening? I’ve his number but he has not approached me in 6 several weeks because we split up. I was together for several years. Helpppp?!

  55. RuMKilleR

    I’m carrying out a research paper on Anaplastic Astrocytoma. I am unable to find any articles about this. My teacher stated we’re only permitted to make use of one internet source—just like a website, but we are able to use online articles and the like, however i am getting a very Hard time finding ANYTHING! Help!! THANKS!

  56. airdogspace2

    Last Febuary (2006) I finished chemo for cancer of the breast I required the next chemos:

    Brand Generic

    Ellence epirubicin

    Cytoxan cyclophosphamide

    Adrucil 5-Fu, fluorouracil

    Taxotere docetaxel

    Xeloda capecitabine

    Platinol cisplatin

    Vepecid,VP16 etoposide

    Avastin bevacizumab

    How lengthy might it require my cycles being regular?

  57. everydayGuitarist

    My mother has cancer and she or he is not able to consider certainly one of her chemo remedies (avastin) because her protein levels will be to high. The doctors state that there’s really nothing that they can perform except let the protein level reduce by itself. Personally, i believe that there’s something that will help her so far as reducing her protein.

  58. skillz

    what is the remedy for them?

  59. henryshensbcglobalnet

    She’s already had the surgery to get rid of the tumor it went well and she or he is acting so normal they will offer her chemo radiation but what makes them telling us she still has only a 30% rate of survival and spend be lucky to determine age 5 why im confused and dont understand when the tumor has gone out and she or he had chemo why cant she live a normal existence ?? Help me understand thanks

  60. Xbox360king

    http://world wide web.burzynskiclinic.com/

    I saw a short excerpt from the documentary about his cancer treatment online.

  61. The Dark Knight


    My buddy was identified rich in Grade Glioma – Anaplastic Astrocytoma (grade 3) this past year.

    It had been situated on the very “convenient” (should there be EVER this type of factor regarding brain cancer) area of the brain when it comes to surgery. (More particularly within the upper right hemisphere at the back of the mind)

    As well as in december, experienced surgery that was by doctor’s accounts super effective, getting rid of over 98% almost 100% from the tumor.

    Since that time, he experienced a couple of several weeks of Radiotherapy, and it has just one session of chemotherapy to undergo.

    The exams after treatment are not yet been evaluated by his doctors and oncologists.

    They stated that his brain experienced some lesions natural for this type of surgery which they carry apparent deficits (however that had been expected)

    But given his scenario, would somebody who has knowledge about these let me know the prognosis, possible rate of survival and existence expectancy ?

    Also, what is the recurring rate of these ? Will they return and just how frequently ?


    The position of the tumor was at the best Parietal Lobe almost highlighting the occipital lobe.

  62. zaclo

    I’m wondering if you will find any herbal or naturopathic remedies anybody could suggest, or possibly suggest some websites. Has anybody available had any experience with this, or what are the Doctors available who want to unofficially suggest options to radio/chemo, to ensure that he’s every possible possibility of an extended prognosis?

    Serious solutions only please, because this is very upsetting for me personally. Thankyou.

  63. Muzahid

    Excellent bennies.

    I’d exactly the same possibilities as everybody else just required a big gamble on college and compensated my way. I needed the next. Why alter the rules now?

    And That I pay A significant amount of in taxes as-is.

    Used to do do private schools throughout, lol

  64. Clayton Cottrell

    A brain tumor can be found in a CT scan of Mr. Childs’ mind. The doctor is presuming that it’s not really a secondary tumor (i.e., it didn’t spread from another area of the body) because an thorough workup has revealed no indications of cancer elsewhere in Mr. Childs’ body. May be the brain tumor more prone to allow us from nerve tissue or from neuroglia? Why?

    It needs to be considered a one paragraph (about 5 sentence answer) PLEASEEEE Assist Me To!! it’s for any final, n it’d due in 25 minutes?!?!

  65. mmminja

    My boyfriend has grade two astrocytoma…Situated in the right frontal lobe

    Inflict individuals know anybody who made it? Or are you currently a survivor?

  66. Jerosh Nagulachandran

    for example adrenocrome (a medication which comes in the human adrenaline gland)

  67. sethburger

    I simply got an Avastin eye injection yesterday around 3:30 for bleeding around a scar in my attention. There is no discomfort because my attention am numb, and there isn’t any discomfort or anything irregular now aside from a little of red-colored round the infliction site but that’s said to be there. Can One put on my contacts and eye shadows on Friday, three days following the injection?

  68. Denali

    You may yourself have observed top notch or know somebody who has this kind of brain tumor. Please tell me in order to possess a better knowledge of what my hubby is coping with. Thanks!!

  69. Blake

    My dad started slurring his words at the end of This summer of 2012, as well as in August he wish to the ER inside my advocating and was handed a CT scan, then an MRI, and was eventually identified with brain cancer.

    He’d debulking surgery, and later on the biopsy confirmed it had been glioblastoma MF – the most harmful type of brain cancer.

    He was always so sports and healthy because his parents both died youthful, also it broke me to determine him gradually succumb towards the cancer. He did radiation, chemotherapy, dexamethasone and, after it rapidly came back in November, Avastin.

    By late-November he was becoming paralyzed in the right side. He still desired to go swimming everyday, so either my sister or I’d take him to some nearby pool where there have been no people. He was once this type of strong swimmer – swam two miles each day the prior two decades – and shortly he could barely stay afloat. But he stored trying. And that he bought books on positive visualization, also it am awful seeing my poor father in mattress together with his reading through glasses attempting to practice the “visualization” techniques.

    Soon his speech am garbled we’re able to barely understand him, by December his personality had transformed and that he was cranky constantly and completely physically handicapped.

    Seeing my dad attempt to move an electrical motorized wheel chair through the house together with his one “good” hands was greater than I possibly could bare, particularly since i understood diagnosing was terminal. However I did my favorite to state positive things around him like “You can better this, Father” and “You will find lots of long-term children, obviously you can live to visit your grandchildren.”

    By Christmas he was incontinent and also urinating the mattress, therefore we needed to get him to put on diapers, that we understood he hated, but he’d no choice.

    On The month of january 16th, he all of a sudden began going through extreme discomfort whenever we attempted to maneuver him from his motorized wheel chair towards the mattress. His appetite, that’s strong through the whole ordeal, all of a sudden disappeared.

    Within 2 days he was at mattress, sleeping 22 hrs each day. It had been difficult to rouse him. By The month of january 19th, he was falling right into a coma. We thought he was unconscious for an entire day, but from nowhere he earned his last intentional effort – he put his arm around me when i lay alongside him crying. Which was the final time he ever did or stated anything.

    With the aid of hospice we stored him both at home and gave him liquid medicines instead of delivering him towards the hospital to die – he hated a healthcare facility. The “dying rattle” began on The month of january 21st, and shortly after he was foaming in the mouth and bleeding from his nose. I almost lost my sanity watching him literally drown in the own liquids. Around 2am on The month of january 22nd, he required his last breath.

    I missed the very first week of faculty to get along with my father, after getting been home for those 4 days of my christmas break. Today I’ve class the very first time since December, and I’m not sure how I am likely to handle it. Personally i think so sad, so angry, so horrified I needed to watch my healthy father die so youthful. He am best to me, and If only i possibly could did something to assist him. I keep visualizing how scared he was, how frequently he’d cry, how he’s never returning and i’ll never see him again.

    If anybody has already established any similar experience, it might cause me to feel feel a lot easier to hear your story.

  70. Willie

    after op. doc. sugests radiation. every other options. possibility of survival.please help.

  71. Picean

    Doctors and patients express it works well. Private insurance providers happen to be covering itAnd is perfect for women with cancer of the breast that do not react to other remedies and are likely to die. So, is that this just pure coincidence?

    Serious unwanted effects? They are women with terminal cancer of the breast. You actually think they are concerned about unwanted effects?

    Holy operate on sentence Lucifur!

  72. Scorch Delta-62

    Very effective treatments for many cancerous growths involve irradiation with “fast” neutrons. The neutrons in one treatment source come with an average velocity of three.4 x 10^7 m/s. When the velocities of the baby neutrons are recognized to within 2% of the value, what’s the uncertainty able of one of these?

    Please and thanks.

  73. Balla

    Google Dr.Burzynski.com/movie

  74. Michael C

    Hello all, I had been identified at the outset of This summer with grade 3, I’m 27 with 4 beautiful kids. I’ve been via a lot to date, I’ve had 2 surgery’s, the very first would be a complete bummer. I’ve been via a lot, haven’t began treatment, hopefully in a few days with both radiation and chemo. My home is the suburbs not the finest doctors, coupled with been visiting the doc for any year. Any ways I’m looking for plenty of info on it, I’m a healthy 27 years old lady, and also have been very active my whole existence.

    Thanks Chris, however i have looked both places and also have requested plenty of inquiries to my paperwork. I figured I possibly could have more solutions from people.

    Thanks Chris, however i have looked both places and also have requested plenty of inquiries to my paperwork. I figured I possibly could have more solutions from people.

  75. Flash Funk

    An Africa American lady turns up for your clinic for rehab after getting shoulder surgery. You see a benign tumor-like mass laying on the top from the original cut. Exactly what do you think it’s?

    A. Adipose Tissue

    B. Keloid

    C. Cancer

    D. I do not be aware of physician should have screwed up.

    Which from the following can slow the recovery process?

    A. An insufficiency in Vit A&C

    B. A diabetic patient that has poor glucose control

    C. Someone with poor bloodstream flow

    D. A wound that’s contaminated

    E. The suggestions above are true

    Mr. Cruz were built with a kidney transplant that unsuccessful because his immune cells assaulted the donor cells. This is whats called:

    A. Autoimmune Disease

    B. Graft versus. Host Disease

    C. Solid Organ Rejection

    D. Hypersensitivity Reaction

    E. Opportunistic Infection

  76. mavis24

    NEWS: Food and drug administration advisory panel votes 12-1 to to decrease endorsement of Avastin for cancer of the breast treatment [it's still approved for colon, lung, kidney, and brain cancer], possibly leading to 17500 American women annually to get rid of insurance policy with this, including Medicare insurance and State medicaid programs.

    see: http://world wide web.traders.com/NewsAndAnalysis/Article/544231/201008181842/Dying-Sections-Begin-As-Reform-Takes-Shape.aspx

    The FDA’s mission statement would be to review drugs for safety and effectiveness — not for cost. Avastin has apparently been proven to increase the typical existence of patients with serious cancer of the breast by 20 several weeks.

    Content management systems [the administrator for Medicare insurance and State medicaid programs] is assigned with having to pay for remedies which are “reasonable and necessary”. You’ll observe that price is not incorporated within the mission statement.

    Yet, Obama’s Content management systems administrator, Dr. Jesse Berwick, is really a large fan of “affordabilityInch — he’s cited as saying “We can produce a sensible social decision and say … ‘to get access to a specific additional benefit is really costly our citizens have better ways to use individuals funds’.”

    Hello? remember “Dying Sections”? Remember the MSM deriding Sarah Palin for saying that is what ObamaCare means?

    Well, here it is — there is not even a panel — it is simply the main one guy that Obama hired and the bureaucratic influence And that he was hired with no consent or approval from the Senate either.

    Dang! Possess the hired elite started to make choices by what treatment you could have? or at best by what treatment elders might have taken care of through the government programs they all must [for practical reasons] be signed up for?

    PS — the wealthy, Congresspeople, and government employees will, obviously, have Avastin just as one treatment option — money talks.

    Zaph … once the Food and drug administration drops endorsement, this means the medication is no more approved for your use. While will still be legal for any physician to Rx it for your purpose, insurance and Content management systems aren’t needed to cover “off label” use.

    oh “truth seeker” — you did not browse the article, have you?

    you select an undesirable example, mister, with Steven Hawking. It appears that his 24/7 care was taken care of by private non profit organizations [organized through the college community] since the NHS in United kingdom wouldn’t achieve this until after he grew to become famous.

    NHS claim — was reported working in london newspapers but I haven’t got a hyperlink try Daily Mail [it appears probably

  77. SteveO

    I know the risks from the contaminant however i am doing an essay about this subject and that i cant really determine what causes the growths or infertility all I’m able to find is it just does. I must have more into detail about this and not simply put oh its not a good idea it causes cancer. I wish to let everybody understand what inside it causes the growths and just how it causes them. So in advance, Many thanks!!

    Thanks however i did find about how exactly the speed of brain growths in the usa have elevated because the it was the eighties. they’ve went test however it does really say within the aspartame or anything like this. That you simply though that’s useful information.

    Thanks however i found my answer. It’s really the proteins, aspertate and phenylalanine that induce brain growths. Not just that, however the methanol or wood alcohol is extremely harmful towards the body and can result in chemicals with can screw using the DNA.

    and i am not ignorant regarding the subject, it really was removed the shelves years back, but put back on by a few asshole who purchased a business and re-referred to it as NutraSweet. No one seams to become really addressing the issue and it ought to be something to become more conscious of, and that’s why i selected this subject. If people begin to complain about this and won’t purchase it, it’ll then probably be used from the shelves again… Im confident when they aren’t earning money from after that it they wont market it nevertheless its in meals and drinks without people even knowing.

  78. Erfan

    My mother includes a very good friend which has cancer. We at this time the doctors cannot discover the exact place from the cancer. She’s already been through 2 major procedures: removing her uterus and a part of her lung.

    I have seen personally the terrible outcomes of chemotherapy and radiation and that i know they do not love lengthy following the dosage. The individual I understand (God bless her) resided per month after after which entered a vegetative condition. Her parents made the decision to taker her off IV.

    I’ve viewed Burzynski, The Film and that i actually want to discover much more about it. I must request if anybody really experienced in it might please answer the issue. (And That I have researched many of the other solutions and extremely at this time, we do not care were the therapy originates from whether it saves her existence.)

  79. Salam

    Background info:

    1. 20 years old female. 5’8 and 130 pounds.

    2. In ’09 I’d a “feet drop” episode. I put this in quotes because really it had been my feet turning crimson, cold, inflamed and achieving paralyzed inside a drop position. These episodes ongoing throughout October 2013 and would last 3-seven days. My last episode was October 2013.

    3. Following the first feet drop I had been delivered to the ER plus they discovered two brain “irregularities.” I again use quotes simply because they cannot classify the public. It’s been known as from lesion to glioma to DNET tumor. And I have visited top quality facilities like Shands and Miami Kids Hospital. I had been even converted to essentially a example at Miami for nearly two several weeks.

    4. I have been following track of my university’s school clinic since i had stitches lately as well as because my mental health specialist can there be (incidentally, I take vyanse 30 mg). Each time I use I’ve had a poor quality fever. So… that’s like over two several weeks now.

    5. My mother died earlier this November from leiomasarcoma.

    6. March 3, 2014 I mentioned feeling very lightheaded. It’s made worse when you eat or perhaps h2o and today standing or moving or doing anything. It’s become so bad that I must like crawl on the ground to do certain fundamental tasks.

    7. I went diving March 4, 2014.

    8. I had been in Mexico March 3-March 8, 2014.

    9. My room had “fungusInch inside it, however i was moved the following day after i complained. Oh and that i was remaining at just like a 4 gemstone resort therefore it was top quality and that i only drank canned water.

    10. I may have been drugged with that trip since i awoke naked and could not remember anything… however i awoke naked within my own room and my buddies stated I required someone back.

    11. I visited a healthcare facility yesterday because my back discomfort got far too bad. They stated the liner of my bladder has thickened considerably. I’m following track of a professional today. Additionally they stated there have been no public within my brain which is not sensible because literally every scan has proven exactly the same two public. I believe they misinterpret it. My CO2 levels were also low (19) and that i had high glucose (117). WBC was 8.88, RBC 3.93 Hgb 12.5 (unsure if they are low or high or what). UA RBCs 1 UA WBCs UA Bacteria “a periodic”m UA squamous epithelials “a 9″ They never offered me a reason behind wooziness and individuals understanding of high versus low are my very own they weren’t provided to me with a physician. *Used to do google normal limits though*

    So yeah… any ideas in regards to what expires??? Personally i think awful! The wooziness is barring daily existence activities :((( I seem like I will distribute and my knees keep getting shakey and that i like pressure myself to break down for any couple of moments. Ugh!

    Correction* I began feeling very lightheaded on like March 5/6.

    I additionally would drink lots of water on my small trip and also have ongoing to do this. I usually drink a minimum of 7 full bottles each day.

  80. Motordom

    has anybody finally really had improvement after 6 injections of Avastin? Or must i stop wishing they are effective?

  81. x_blind_x_gamer_x

    My Dad has lately been identified with terminal brain cancer, and I’m wondering is anybody has any personal accounts saying things i might expect from my dad within the time he’s left.

    Doctors have explained that although he’ll be very ill and not able to operate well psychologically throughout his chemo because of intercranial pressure, following this he should experience a time of annually, if we are lucky, of relatively normal thinking processes before a sluggish decline.

    However “relatively normal” is really a maddeningly unprecise term.

    Does which means that he will be confused and also have memory problems like he is doing now or he will be violent and abusive? Could he have the ability to tell who I’m?

    I am not searching for definate solutions but when anybody that has were built with a relative with similar condition could share and so i could know what to anticipate, I’d really be thankful.


    To explain, my dad has GBM grade IV and the tumor is situated within the frontal lobe- he’s already had surgery to get rid of because the tumor as you possibly can plus they handled to get rid of about 90%. They made the decision to not use chemo wafers because the tumor was too near to major bloodstream ships therefore it was too harmful.

    He begins chemotherapy and radiotherapy now to extend his existence as lengthy as you possibly can, but his surgeon and oncologist know its terminal because of it being so aggressive.

    So we reside in the United kingdom, so Father is getting treatment around the Nhs.

  82. PillowMan1234

    Are you able to get brain tumor when you get hit within the mind hard several occasions?

  83. Elijah luv

    I lately was relayed through a physician which i was showing indications of radiation poisoning. I immediately assumed it originated from mobile phone usage, like me a regular web browser and texter. However he described he has witnessed a unique rise in people showing signs and symptoms of radiation poisoning and reported Fukushima because the cause. The entire Fukushima factor has always confused me as each time I have attempted to analyze, I have encounter information full of conspiracy ideas. And So I guess my real question is, how likely one thing Fukushima is poisoning people in america? Particularly around the new england? The correct answer is disturbing knowing you are possibly being poisoned by something you’ve got no treatments for…

  84. Johnky J

    He’s very healthy, however is within a coma because

    he’d a convulsion, so when he was at recuperataion

    he got the tube for brething….

  85. MexicanDude


    Do anybody can provide me an idea around the cost of Avastin in Bangalore, India. It’s been recommended to my Mother through the physician.

  86. Benihana

    I have read that some certain kinds of cancer happen to be fatal, but how about brain cancer generally?

  87. lucasg615

    Does anyone be aware of unwanted effects of taking Temodar for over 2 yrs?

  88. Michael C

    I am writing a tale someone complain about dying from the brain tumor. I have investigated on brain growths but i have to determine if the problem within my story is credible, because realism is essential.

    is it feasible for somebody to possess signs and symptoms for example vomiting and the like. They visit the physician and obtain identified having a serious malignant brain tumor. They’ve surgery for this a couple of days after, but when the surgeons operate, they discover the brain tumor is “too big and inoperable” plus they die. all in just per week approximately.

    I wish to know if this sounds like possible and credible. Otherwise, y not and what is the way to really make it credible without stretches the dying. And then any extra particulars like the way the tumor propagates with the brain or what his mind with seem like following the surgery. Anything whatsoever could be very useful

  89. vanvark83

    Now you ask ,: My daughter was identified at 12 with astrocytoma with piloid features. Brain stem glioma . she’d surgery however the total tumor couldn’t be removed . she’s now 19 yrs old . and her dr told us yesterday that her last mri 3 days ago concerns him . his words —> I’m concerned concerning the alternation in enhancement qualities now, and question as did the radiologists — if > the smoothness and kind from the tumor has transformed to some thing serious. The worst situation scenario is this really is something malignant now and never curable. finish of dr’s quotes — My real question is don’t let just sit back and never worry for several several weeks ?? he states NOT TOO WORRY , SEE HIM IN 3 Several weeks

    also there’s a thick vibrant complete ring round her tumor which was not there 8 several weeks ago . and she or he suffers bad head aches and bad back discomfort . help with any counsel you can provide Thank-you- A really concerned Mother .P.S What’s that Vibrant whitened ring round the tumor ????

  90. Splash Log Level 2 Again

    My pal is identified with anaplastic astrocytoma (roughly 4.5 – 2.5 size) in left occipital lobe. He visited surgery and also the doctors stated they removed over 90% of tumor, but for only two days his condition deteriorated and also the doctors stated the tumor has regrown to in excess of 6 centimetres in dimensions. I’ve doubt the surgeon did not remove any one of tumor mass. Is it feasible with this or any type of tumor to develop so large for just two days?

  91. Jason M

    My closest friend continues to be identified with cancer.

    Here’s his diagnosis. He’s 55 and aside from it has rarely been sick. He was the vision of health before his diagnosis.

    “Patient continues to be identified having a malignant neuroendocrine tumor developing within the

    rectum metastatic to liver and lymph nodes, stage IV”

    two doctors have stated he’s 6-8 several weeks to reside.

    His oncologist stated a week ago essentially chemo isn’t worthwhile, it could ad two several weeks to his existence but ruin time he’s left, and also to get ready for entering a hospice to die soon.

    Listed here are my concerns:

    First, his oncologist was by having an HMO, Kaiser Permanente. He lives near among the best cancer hospitals in the united states, College of California Bay Area. They’ve trial programs that may include him.

    Would an HMO be more prone to “write him off?”

    Could be take advantage of obtaining a second opinion in a research hospital?

    Could it be worth fighting? Or perhaps is his diagnosis really that hopeless? I see survival tales on the internet.

    His wife is Chinese and it is taking him to determine Oriental doctors. Would they help?

    Any advice could be appreciated. I fly to California tomorrow to get along with him because he will get another opinion.

    I wish to thanks all a lot for the help. I’ll be visiting the oncologist with my pal tomorrow.

  92. louisewoods1984

    three days ago , my dad was identified with getting had bleeding on his right retina consequently of high intraocular pressure about 3 days ago. the paperwork. recommended him a go of Avastin in the eye and that he been with them given a couple of days ago. We’re desparately interested to understand so how exactly does medicines treat his condition and may possibly restore his vision, what’s the prognosis?! will medicines help get rid of the blockage of bloodstream ships on his retina? many thanks. experts only please.

  93. Sriram R

    I acquired a lucentis injection for any choroidal neovascular membrane. It has been seven days and my attention continues to be red-colored. Must I get worried?

  94. Sergio

    That’s, how quickly do malignant brain growths for example glioblastoma multiforme or anaplastic astrocytoma typically grow with no treatment? I had been told they double in dimensions every eleven days, but don’t know how true that’s.

  95. Smashing Pumpkins

    My daughter were built with a GBM tumor and lately died from using the drug Avastin. Or that is what i was relayed through the doctors. She went weak on her behalf left side, got very aggressive and finally could not see, swallow or breath. I have been researching Avastin and discover it unusual for an individual to die from taking it. My real question is, why and just how could a young child die from using this drug? Her platelets were at 80,000 and she or he did a 90 minute IV if this sounds like any help.

  96. Jermaine J

    Around Australia Avastin is not aproved for carcinoid and you will find no tests approaching. So how do i access laser hair removal which may cost maybe $15000 per course? It could save my existence

  97. Moore, Ron

    What you can do about the subject?

  98. Jeracoo L

    In a single of my college classes, we viewed the majority of the documentary “Cancer: A Significant Business.” This spurred me to appear up, and not simply the documentary’s side however the opposition too because Abraham Lincoln subsequently once stated, “Don’t trust all you read on the web.Inch

    I’ve discovered a great deal for sides, so now i’m wondering what others thinking about science and medicine (Professional and Enthusiasts) are saying concerning the questionable Dr. Burzynski and the antineoplastines.

    EDIT: Thanks to any or all responding. I have seen lots of solutions coinciding with my sights however i wished to se what others needed to say in addition to what others have discovered.

  99. kevindiking67verizonnet

    I am doing my own statement for uni and am using for pharmacy, and i wish to discuss drugs which have been lately in news reports, ive investigated but cant find any..

  100. stephen m

    hi,im 26 years of age and my eyes are actually bad im -14.about 4 mounhts ago i began to possess a bloodstream seeping within my right my physician explained to help make the avastin injection after 2 days my attention got worst he explained to create a different one and so i did a different one but im still exactly the same he explained you may make the next you ought to i allow it to be? please doctors only

  101. hank baseballs

    What results have you have?

  102. joevsyou

    need two more injection, will the distorsion goes away. anybody with ths problem!

  103. Boo Cookie

    My 11 years old yellow lab wasn’t well last evening and so i required her towards the Emergency Animal Hospital. The physician stated that they probably were built with a cancer which was terminal and spread all through the chest area and the body regions. However, throughout the ultrasound, they saw no distributing. Then, throughout the surgery to get rid of the spleen, the Dr. stated that “If he were betting money he’d state that the tumor was benign.” However, she had most of the signs and symptoms online for Malignant growths. Is it feasible that benign and malignant growths have similar signs and symptoms? There is no visible distributing from the Internal Bleeding in the Tumor or Mass around the Spleen. She also had normal bloodstream counts, but had slightly elevated Liver counts, but my vet stated that which was from the medicine that they have been taking. She was panting, however that was from back leg neuropathy. Exactly what do everyone think? Thanks.

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