Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma

My dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma. He started a treatment this week. The treatment is call Torisel. I wonder if anyone has any experience in this drug. If it worked for your loved one and if there was any side effects and how long did it take to have the side effects. Do you know what I found? I believe this is one of the newer mTOR targeted therapy drugs. It is very new. You would probably get more response and better information by going to an online support group with other patients who are using this drug. Good luck.

  1. Sunna Jackson509

    Torisel is a drug that is used to treat advanced (stage IV) renal cell carcinoma. I would suggest contacting an agency that specifically matches cancer patients or their families to volunteers that are either survivors or loved ones that have gone through the same experience. This way you can really talk with someone that knows what you are going through. Try the Cancer Hope Network:

  2. Wiz Lowell

    Torisel (temsirolimus), a renal cell carcinoma drug, has been given approval by the FDA. Renal cell carcinoma is a form of kidney cancer. It is said that Torisel has been shown to increase a patient’s survival time.

    Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, the maker of the drug Torisel, said that it expects Torisel to be available in the market in July 2007. The FDA conducted a clinical trial on 626 patients who were split into three groups. The first group of patients was given Torisel, while the second group was given a medicine called Interferon alpha, which is a comparison drug. The third group was given a combination of Torisel and Interferon. The test showed that the patients who only took Torisel lived at least 11 months, compared with
    7. 3 months for those who only took interferon. The difference is about 3. 5months.

    Also, for those persons who were given Torisel, the renal cell carcinoma generally took about two months longer to worsen.

    Renal cell carcinoma, which almost accounts for 85 percent of all U. S. adult kidney cancer, is diagnosed in 51,000 people annually in North America.

    Owners of dogs are advised to talk to their veterinarians about taking their dogs along on holiday.

    check out this site for more info

  3. jag43216

    I have had 2 CT Scans of my abdomen suspect Kidney cell carcinoma why would the specialist Doctor ask for these 2 scans would a CT Chest Scan pick up Breast Cancer or any Breast abnormalities besides that of what one would find in a CT Chest Scan?

  4. che-che

    Not tumors and it is just plain old cancer but we were wondering. One of my family members have had lesions on the spine, brain stem, kidneys, and one on the lung. They told him that he had weeks or years to live if he does radiation. b/c it was kidney cancer. I would like to know everything about this cancer. if you have information plz reply. PS- he is a crucial part of our family and we are serious to finding a way to help him to our abilities.

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    My husband has NSCLC Stage IV with mets to the brainm he is 52 yrs old. His chemo treatment is now Alimta. He has had 3 treatments of this chemo. With his first chemo (2 diff. drugs) he would eat, he actually gained weight, but now he refuses, saying he can’t eat this or doesn’t taste good. He has lost 20 lbs in 4 weeks. He just got out of the hospital last Wednesday. He was dehydrated, anemic, platelets got down to 18, they gave him platelets on Tues., his WBC got down to 725. For weeks he had only taken 3-4 bites of food a day and had quit taking in fluids except to swallow meds. The night we got home from hospital he ate some fries and 1/2 a burger and nothing since.

    He had a kidney removed last Nov. for a separate cancer (renal cell carcinoma, two weeks later he had full brain radiation, 14 treatments and 4 days later started back on chemo.

    If he continues not eating and drinking, he’ll be back in the hospital in a few days. He has been running a fever since we got home also and his platelet count was down from 36 on Wed. to 34 on Friday, but dr said just make sure he takes antibiotic.

    Please don’t think I am being rude, but I need answers from people who have actually been through this, the not eating/drinking/total fatigue or their caregivers. I have tried everything, offered him everything and anything he wanted to eat and he takes one bite and says he can’t eat. I’m desperate!!

    His last CT of lungs, MRI of brain 4 weeks ago were good results, but he is getting worse.. Please, any suggestions of food/fluid that may have tasted good to you, any help you can give I’d truly appreciate it….

  6. Tyler H

    September 2008 – 53 y/o male with no obvious health issues collapses from hypertension.
    October 2008 – found large tumor encased in left Kidney. Nephrectomy successful 3 days later. Biopsy confirmed Renal Cell Carcinoma, Stage 2.
    Scans clean until February 2010.
    February 2010 – Large tumor found in left lung.
    End of March, 2010 – Sleeve procedure used to remove half of the lung. Clean margins.
    Biopsy showed Renal Cell Carcinoma, Stage 4.
    December 2010 – Severe pneumonia. Hospitalized, and scans were performed showing no abnormalities.
    March 2011 – Scans show more than 10 tumors, all smaller than a BB in right lung. 6cm x 7cm tumor on Adrenal gland. No symptoms whatsoever. Has been on Sutent since April, 2010. Now changing to IV Torisel on the 25th. Has anyone taken this drug? Can anyone give me a prognosis on how long the patient has?

  7. Sahil

    renal cell carcinoma

  8. x_blind_x_gamer_x

    My dad is dying of Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC cancer). What is the approx. amount of time until he passes? Nobody will tell me. :( Please help.
    It’s frusterating! :(

  9. Xbox Gamer

    Just want to know if the immune system is capeable of this.

  10. Ryan Dunn

    My cousin who is 33 got diagnosed about a week ago and the cancer has spread to his pancreas and 2 tumors in his brain. Is it possible for him to be cured do u think and how long do most people live with this usually?

  11. Mathew

    My sister has been doing this. She only eats in the morning ad se says it’s making her lose weight? Isn’t it bad?

  12. Shay H

    Like, it spread already, to the lungs and liver. Sorry if I got anything wrong, like something like this can’t happen. even if my mom is a nurse I don’t know very much about this type of stuff. What is the shortest time they could live and the longest? what is the worst type of cancer you could die from?
    P.S. I don’t have kidney cancer. It’s research and i cannot find anything on Google about how long and how short someone can live with terminal kidney cancer.

  13. ericmreitz

    in the United States or foreign countries?

  14. Lucas H

    If you have stage 4 with a aggresive cancer. can you come out of that?

  15. Sergio

    My mom had stage 4 renal cell carcinoma in her left kidney and was removed along with the kidney. She then received radiation therapy in the left abdomen for 25 days and in the right abdomen for 3 days. Is it normal to give radiation to the cancer free kidney (right kidney for 3 days). She was later diagnosed with lymphoma in neck and got ascites, she died a month later.
    Hi Bill and ckm1956, thanks for your answers. She didn’t have any major symptom before surgery, she died 2 months after surgery. Could anyone please explain the reason for the sudden health deterioration. Could the cancer have seeded during the surgery?

  16. Mark M

    1) how to defferentiate bt spleen and kidney clinically?
    2) how to defferentiate right renal colic and acute appendicitis on examination?
    3) patient undergone major lapatomy.After a few days develop fever..what will you think of how will you manage?
    4)patient with renal cell carcinoma due for nephrectomy..investigations prior to nephrectomy and why?
    5) pt with trauma right side of body..what will you look for?in ward his bp drops and pulse increases what will you you?

  17. Kaylla

    My dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma. He started a treatment this week. The treatment is call Torisel. I wonder if anyone has any experience in this drug. If it worked for your loved one and if there was any side effects and how long did it take to have the side effects.

  18. Chester

    my dad earlier was suffering from cystitis,urinary bladder’s thickness was almost 11 cm nd i guess the normal’s near 3-4….he started having medicines and the thickness gradually became normal…2 month before he had haematuria for which he consulted the doctor and took suggested medicines and it was fine….2 days back again haematuria started….along with blood clots….he got ivp[intravenous pyleogram] done …along with ultrasound ….reports suggests that he’s having a wart like outgrowth in the bladder which’s knwn as i wish to know what exactly papilloma is …and how dangerous it can be….i also wish to know the required tests to be done…..please help me gain info…..

  19. friendly 4

    My father has been diagnosed with this. We are very frightened.

  20. Austin

    I am looking for information on renal conrtical cysts and the complications they may cause.

  21. x_blind_x_gamer_x

    My mother is 41 and going through treatment for Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma. We’re on our 3rd treatment and I’d like to get information about the best places to treat kidney cancer as well as the best doctors to see for RCC. Please respond to this if you have any info/feedback.
    We are from Michigan. My mom’s cancer is stage 4 and has spread to the lungs (one more than the other) and a little in the abdomen. She’s tried a few different treatments.. (She had a nephrectomy done) 1. Cryotherapy on the lungs where cancer had spread 2. Sutent 3. IL-2 Treatments. Now she’s going through a form of chemo. called Torisol (sp?). I’m just trying to do a little research in case (God forbid) this treatment, like the past ones, does not give us any results.

  22. Jesse

    My 80 yr.old dad has stage 4 kidney disease.In Sept.his neurologist gave him aricept to take for his memory problems.He took 5 mg in Sept.and everything went well.In Oct.he was to start taking 10 mg but the first day he took it,it made him dizzy and his urine was bloody.He told the doctor and the doctor told him to go back to 5 mg a day.Now, it is causing his urine to be bloody.He had no blood in his urine yesterday, but he had it in his underwear.What would cause his underwear to be bloody?He did go golfing yesterday.He is going to the doctor on Monday.
    I think my dad might have kidney stones.I read where dehydration causes them and he is dehydrated.His doctor told him to drink water the last time he was in.But daddy hasn’t been doing that until recently.

  23. whitesoxfan2347

    My mother was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma a few weeks ago, she has an 11.6 centimeter mass on her left kidney. She was hospitalized last weekend because they gave her morphine for pain, it dropped her blood pressure extemely low. That is when we found out the cancer had spread to other organs (liver,pancreas, lymph nodes and stomach) the doctors said she would only make it a few weeks to a month. That is when I looked into this cancer center, her insurance has been approved and they want to schedule her flight asap. I just want to know if anyone out there has had good results with ctca? I have a friend who goes with her mother who had breast cancer metasis to her liver and bone who goes to ctca and she said they were great. Are they as wonderful as my friends mom says?
    My mom is also doing better now, she’s home from the hospital and she’s not as weeks and she’s eating . My mom says she’s ready to fight this.

  24. Gamer959

    what are the statistics for surviving cancer of the kidneys? like what percent survive and what percent don’t? thanks.

  25. colingrillo

    My 54yo father has kidney cell carcinoma. He’s had his kidney removed (cancerous mass 50 plusPercent in fiveOr06 at stage 3) and the right shoulder changed in 11/06 (where cancer spread & broke bone) continues to have low utilization of arm. The cancer has spread in the lung, round his liver & spleen and only effecting his pancreas or gallbladder. What quality of existence is he going to have (he handles a goodyear store) and what’s the normal existence expectancy (only good know-but there’s a typical available). Please only serious solutions or similar encounters. Any referral sites available could be appreciated.


  26. Rishi

    my closest friend was diagnosis kidney cancer stage 4, whf is that this stage4 mean?~ he’s going that are awesome sure?

  27. Heath

    My mother was identified with stage 4 cancer in her own lung area, neck and brain. the doctors aren’t even sure which kind of cancer is within her lung area, they cannot id it. And so i am wondering if you will find any tests will be able to did to find out if i’ve a chance of having cancer too… i’ve got a daughter too.

  28. turg143

    my pal has obvious cell carcinoma also it already spread towards the sex gland , kidney area and bladder

  29. ouch nana was identified with kidney cell kidney cancer about 6 several weeks ago..the kidney got removed also it seemed to be pointed out that there is a little us dot around the lung however they didnt no what it really was. because the operation to get rid of the kidney about three month ago she’s felt 100% healthy and fit once again she got cancer. All of us think it is virtually over and done with until today when she’d an exam concerning the lung and many spots have been discovered (that was a suprise since she’s feeling so great). After i read on the web it might class it as being stage 4 that is strange because she’s fine with no doctors or any1 have pointed out that shes prone to die because on the web it states 80%+ people die within five years once it propagates to a different organ.

    would my nana be within this group? Or would she have a better chance since she’s so healthy right now and also the primary tumor around the kidney has already been gone?

    any help or ideas are apreciated


  30. Elijah luv

    I’ve been fighting stage three Kidney Cell Carcinoma and lately started Chemo. The vomiting and nausea gets worse. I’m taking Zofran in conjunction with Decadron with no signifigant change. Any suggestions?

  31. Jeffery Carlson

    explanation of positive immunostain in bone marrow

  32. The Villain

    I’ve had this our existence but no-one really informs me in lay-guys terms what this signifies and just how it’ll affect my existence later on.

  33. Taylor G

    here it my essay:

    Cancer in the usa

    What’s something that’s a number one reason for dying within the U . s . States? Cancer is. What’s cancer? Cancer within the dictionary is referred to just like any malignant growth or tumor triggered by abnormal and out of control cell division it might spread with other areas of the body with the lymphatic. The items the dictionary doesn’t mention are what cancer gives people and just what it will for their families. Around 2007 alone cancer was the reason behind 7.9 million deaths.

    Cancer is extremely complex. You will find various sorts of cancer. Actually you will find over 200 various kinds of cancer one could get, and 60 different organs by which cancer can grow. Cancer is available in stages 1, 2, 3, and 4. The doctors also grade you tumor from 1-4. Some cancer develops inside a quick manner while some grow gradually. Some are simpler to deal with yet others a tough to deal with. Everything is dependent which stage they discover the cancer in, and when cancer has spread.

    I understand a few things about cancer because after i was 13 years of age my father was identified with kidney cancer. It had been a quick growing cancer known as Kidney Cell Carcinoma. He was at stage 4 of cancer and was told the probability was he’d perish from this. For 7 hard days he gradually rejected in health until his unfortunate passing. Kidney Cell develops so quick that his increased from his kidney to his lung area, heart muscles, and brain for the reason that almost no time we understood he even had cancer. If he’d a different sort of cancer, may possibly not have become so quick plus they might have treated it correctly and even perhaps saved his existence.

    Before my father was identified with cancer, he would be a entertaining, active guy. Certainly one of his favorite things was watching the Ohio Condition Buckeyes, it didn’t matter the game but football was his favorite. He walked 8 miles each day because he labored for that U . s . States Postal service like a mail company. I recall once before we discovered he was sick he stated we required our dog towards the vet. In the end were relaxing in the little quiet lobby, a UPS guy walked directly into provide the package. My father stated “Trip him he’s the enemy!” I chuckled because he described your competition between UPS and also the USPS. Before he was sick he weight 180 and was always laughing and getting a great time. He always used his red-colored Ohio Condition ball cap with a set of jeans, in most cases an Ohio Condition Shirt. At Thanksgiving, he’d gobble and seem as being a poultry on the responding to machine. Everybody would laugh so difficult at him it required about 5 occasions before you decide to could really hear it rather than our laughter. He was always making jokes and laughing. I still can listen to it sometimes, and that i remember his smile like I first viewed it yesterday. He used glasses and that he appeared as if a proper 51 years old guy. Then your cancer came and that he lost a lot of things. He died at 120 something pounds, his hair switched all gray and lots of it arrived on the scene, and that he lost dealing with see his little girl develop and the future grandchildren. He wasn’t exactly the same father I understood for 13 years, however i will invariably recall the good occasions rather than how he was as he died.

    Cancer affects the somebody that has cancer, and also the people around them. Last December my mom’s 39 years old friend died from cancer. She’d 2 kids, one 16 years old daughter along with a 12 years old boy. After she passed at 8 pm, her daughter lost her mind and went directly into wake her as much as take her to college. No 16 years old should need to go using that. Cancer is the reason why my college old nephew won’t ever meet his grand daddy, although I have faith that they met before he was created. Cancer can also be why my father skipped my senior high school graduation, my promenade, my first day’s work, and why I will need to request another person just to walk me lower the aisle after i got married. Everything that affects me also affected my father when i know he’d have desired to see me do all individuals things. It scared him making him depressed. He stated to my mother “Gloria, I shouldn’t die.” I am unable to imagine what he was dealing with but never let’s see. My father was courageous and attempted to cover it from us therefore we wouldn’t be as upset. He explained which i would be a kid and that he wanted me to keep my existence and become happy and become a child as i could. He didn’t understand how hard that might be for me personally and even today I still haven’t tried it. Also, he stated in my experience, “See how lucky I’m.Inches Whenever a St. Jude’s commercial came up with children which were dying of cancer. I did not understand what to think about that statement, I had been proud he felt this way but so sad he even needed to think it simultaneously. Cancer provides heartbreak, a lot more than any 1 person should suffer from within their existence. Cancer shocks people and in addition it scares them. The main one factor cancer can’t do is take someone’s reminiscences from their store, that is mentioned inside a saying I discovered after my father died. The old saying goes such as this: “Cancer is really limited…It can’t cripple love, It can’t shatter hope, It can’t corrode belief, It can’t destroy peace, It can’t

    yea it required me 3 hrs with searching everything up and stuff.

  34. Krazy Bob


  35. rashest_hippo

    The very first time, today, she’d dark urine.

  36. PIE BOY

    better treatment methods are surgical procedures or chemoradiotherapy.this patient have mild cardiomegaly mild thyroid problems mild kidney disorder (creatinine=1.4)and hemiparalysis from childhood period because of polyomyelitis

  37. Sonny

    My mother is suspose to begin using the cancer drug Sutent and I’m wondering if anybody are conscious of any body by using this as a kind of cancer strategy to kidney cell carcinoma. If that’s the case how have your/their experience about this medication been? Any Advice?

  38. Motordom


    my step father has some serious problems. Firstly, they got a significant tumor in the kidney three years ago and thats now removed. Also, he had Aortic valve surgery following the kidney operation. Now, in the only kidney he’s left,he’s Kidney cell carcinoma. And apparently that got through to his bones and today he’s bone cancer. I shouldn’t check this out guy die. a minimum of not now. I smoke weed alot and it is very hard to determine doctors provide him bullshit government drugs that “might” work and also have only been examined on rats.I am definatly a beliver of organic suppliments. Is not their t.h.c items and remedies he is able to do in order to help his condition?

    sry about spelling mistakes (dont care)

  39. Salam

    i’ve had my kidney removed because of cancer and also talk to individuals exactly the same sitiation as me

  40. Muzahid

    my mother has Kidney cell Carcinoma in 12 , 2010 she’d her left kidney removed having a 28 centimetres mass which was connected to the spleen and pancreas they removed the kidney the spleen and a bit of the pancreas. within 4 days of her surgery cancer was in exactly the same i simply need to know what to anticipate and just what direction we ought to use for treatment she was already on 2 types of chemo which made the brand new growths more compact and today she’s on the specific chemo which she’s had 4 treatment also it has not done anything . i simply need to know what to anticipate adn maybe what direction we ought to use or no

  41. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused

    1. A potential management of acute kidney failure is:

    A. Lengthy-term dialysis

    B. There’s no cure it is chronic.

    C. Short-term dialysis

    D. It is usually fatal.

    2. 5-year rate of survival for Adenocarcinoma from the kidney is:

    A. 25

    B. 50

    C. 75

    D. 90-100

    3. The most typical neoplasm from the urinary system is:

    A. Adenocarcinoma from the kidney.

    B. Transitional Cell Carcinoma.

    C. Basal Cell Carcinoma

    D. Malignant Melanoma

    4. What age bracket is most generally impacted by incontinence?

    A. Mid-30′s

    B. Mid-50′s

    C. Senior citizens

    D. Teens

    5.Which of this is not really a possible contributor of incontinence?

    A. Pregnancy

    B. Enlarged prostate

    C. An excessive amount of to consume

    D. Kidney gemstones

    6. Cystitis describes:

    A. any infection from the urinary system.

    B. infection from the urethra.

    C. kidney infection.

    D. bladder infection.

    7. Vitamins that could be needed when taking diuretics is:

    A. iron.

    B. salt.

    C. potassium.

    D. calcium.

    8. Nocturia describes:

    A. frequent peeing.

    B. peeing during the night

    C. insufficient peeing.

    D. painful peeing

  42. Hayden

    Tests revealed a bowel problems, and she or he went through surgery within 24 hours for any bowel problems. On assessment, she’s NGT to left nare on LIWS with moderate quantity of dark eco-friendly drainage. C/O dyspagia because of tube within the throat. A/R pulses are equal but irregular at 98 Beats per minute. Respirations even but rapid and shallow at 24. Declines SOB. Abd distended at 53cm. having a minute quantity of soft brown stool in colostomy bag. Stoma is red-colored and moist, peristoma is without redness, swelling or drainage. States, “that factor makes me gross.” Refuses to check out it. 10cm linear abdominal cut abdominal staples present, healing by first intention and edges well estimated without redness swelling or drainage. Obvious, yellow urine within the bag. Right hands grip strong, left weak. Bil finger nail beds <3 secs. Bil temporal, carotid, brachial, radial DP and PT pulses 3+. Bil footstrenghts strong, toenail beds CRT's < 3 secs. Neg Homans sign. Normal SAline infusing to LAC at 125ml/hr, site intact without redness swelling or drainage. Daily weight 124lbs (admission 130lbs), height 5"6". NPO since admission. VS 140/84, 98, 24, 96, 99.6(T)
    AM labs:
    WBC 10.6
    RBC 3.8
    Hgb 9.8
    Hct 28
    Neut 85.8
    Lymph 6.4
    Prealbumin 11
    Albumin 2
    Glucose 70
    K+ 3.2
    Med/surgical history: HTN, Breast cancer with right mastectomy, CVA, hyperlipidemia, cholecystectomy, CAD, MI, Osteoarthritis. What would be the primary problem and what assessment data supports the problem? What would be the goal and nursing interventions for the problem?

  43. sam N

    Well, to begin them back my mother has cancer. It’s stable but it is frightening knowing my mother resides with this particular disease. My whole family always discusses me. They are saying I believe In my opinion I am more superior then them, that is true. I suppose it is something I developed in a youthful age since i was thought in a different way. I stick out inside my school. Since I had been little, I had been made fun of for that dumbest small things. I am very socially awkward and probably always will be. Don’t misunderstand me, I’ve buddies. It is simply the entire first impression factor. My sister thinks I’ll finish as much as nothing,. Alone I’m able to rely on is my father though he thinks I’ve a lot of problems too. He’s encouraging but he’s a existence of their own. So what can I actually do to balance all this? Sorry for those this writing. I am 14 incidentally

    I’d rather not kill myself just just in case tour considering it. I’ve not rested by 50 percent days. I’m not sure why. I actually want to sleep.

  44. Xbox Gamer

    My hubby has NSCLC Stage IV with mets towards the brainm he’s 52 yrs old. His chemo treatment methods are now Alimta. He’s had 3 remedies of the chemo. Together with his first chemo (2 diff. drugs) he’d eat, he really acquired weight, however he refuses, saying he can’t eat this or does not taste good. He’s lost 20 pounds in 4 days. He got from the hospital last Wednesday. He was dehydrated, anemic, platelets got lower to 18, they gave him platelets on Tues., his WBC got lower to 725. For days he’d only taken 3-4 bites of food each day coupled with quit consuming liquids except to swallow meds. The evening we’ve got home from hospital he ate some fries and 1/2 a hamburger and absolutely nothing since.

    He’d a kidney removed last November. for any separate cancer (kidney cell carcinoma, two days later he’d full brain radiation, 14 remedies and 4 days later began back on chemo.

    If he continues refusing to eat and consuming, he’ll be in a healthcare facility inside a couple of days. He’s been managing a fever because we got home also and the platelet count was lower from 36 on Get married. to 34 on Friday, but dr stated just make certain he takes antibiotic.

    Do not think I’m being rude, however i need solutions from those who have really experienced this, the refusing to eatOrconsuming/total fatigue or their care providers. I’ve attempted everything, offered him everything and anything he desired to eat and that he takes one bite and states he can’t eat. I am desperate!!

    His last CT of lung area, MRI of brain 4 days ago were great results, but he’s getting worse.. Please, any suggestions of food/fluid that could have sampled best to you, any assist you to can provide I’d truly be thankful….

    They’ve put him on Remeron, that is an anti-drepressant, but they are by using this to stimulate his appetite. He’s been in it for any week, but it is not helping. He refuses Ensure, Gatorade, Instant Breakfast, etc.

    Sorry more questions, if dr would prescribe marijuana where would you have it? I am talking about have they got it at pharmacies?

  45. joevsyou

    exactly what does each grade mean

  46. nathan

    We found cancer on the routing medical check-up. There is no major symptom aside from the palpable mass. Her left kidney was removed surgically. After surgery, she developed lymphoma(in neck) in thirty days, ascites and pleural effusion in around 45 days, and died around the 68th day in the date of surgery. Did cancer spread throughout the surgery?

  47. evangldbrg

    I am attempting to understand my fathers reason for dying his dying cert. states -kidney cell carcinoma-extensive metastases-chronic lymphocytic leukemia is that this 3 kinds of cancer?which came first?will it run in the household?

  48. fattiemanny

    Can anybody produce there encounters using the drug sutent? My grandfather (65) has RCC. First discovered full of on his kidney that was removed. 12 months later we found two growths in the brain, one finding yourself in the brainstem that is inoperable. At this time around he was handed radiation which didn’t shrink the growths. Then they started the sutent, which is designed to have positive results in killing the cells of cancer…simply because chemo in not efficient. And many lately we found several small growths developing on his spine.

    I must hear your tales in regards to this medication…whether or not this was effective or ineffective for you personally or a family member. Thanks!

    And when you’ve time, please say a prayer in my Pap!

  49. ericmreitz

    doctors states bilateral nephrectomy and existence time dialysis is choice and my uncle declined their advice. every other option left for him? kindly let me know.

  50. Moore, Ron

    My hubby continues to be identified with stage 4 kidney cell carcinoma in the lung area.

    He’s presently taking Sutent.

    I must know what to anticipate. Could he be healed? Could he die? How lengthy does he have? How likely is that this to spread towards the brain? The liver? His bones?

    His oncologist continues to be very evasive and my hubby doesn’t need to know.


  51. Harry

    My friend’s aunt was accepted in to the hospital having a tumor on her behalf kidney so that as a side note, she’d fluid around the lung area that was never described the way it arrived nor maybe it was biopsied..The cancerous tumor arrived on the scene using the kidney and she or he was told to go home to recoup before beginning chemo (in pill form). We heard today she’s in hospital with fluid on her behalf lung(s). A CT scan ended and small cancer cells put together in both the lung lining .She began chemo therapy today. A CT scan was done on her behalf lung area when she initially went in as well as an irregularity was observed around the lining but apparently nobody thought it an problem and did not follow-up. Another wasn’t done when she left hospital two days ago . When do you obtain the prognosis and told what stage cancer the individual has? My own opinion is to buy another opinion and perhaps another Oncologist because the physician never described how or why the fluid was at the lung area to begin with, why nobody accompanied with an irregular CT, and today it’s cancerous? Call me crazy, but I am enticed to this incompetent!

  52. ScRSC

    He’d his kidney removed 8 years back, he’d RCC stage 2. He’d follow ups which were all clean. This past year he’d his prostate removed too. And last month, we found the recurency in the column as well as in his lung area. He’s 69 years of age.

    I’m his boy, coupled with my kydney removed this past year having a RCC stage 1, I´ve had 2 ct scan since, and all sorts of are clean.

  53. easton j

    i discovered last year… my father was identified with RCC (kidney cell carcinoma) stage 4… literally spread everywhere… last year the paperwork stated he’s 24 months to reside.. it has been annually so he’s annually left to reside!… since i have discovered ive cried very hard once.. that was the very first time i discovered! the final two or three CT scans happen to be showing that just his lung growths happen to be stable to date! performs this imply that he’s going to live more than annually? plus to date im comfortable with his illness i required it super well… my father is my hero he’s things i idolize… and me and my mother were never close we barely link therefore it was always me and my father! ofcourse im sad but performs this mean im cold because i am not so emotional about his condition?

    plus im usually very emotional :S

  54. Erfan

    My closest friend has lately been identified with Kidney cell carcinoma. Early diagnosis claim that cancer has metastasized and spread towards the lymph nodes, but hasn’t spread holiday to a organs. I’m interested to understand if anybody knows whom would be the mobile phone industry’s experts in kidney cell carcinoma (RCC) (both medical and academic experts). Regrettably we’re British so the only likelyhood of my pal obtaining the latest drugs is as simple as partaking inside a medical trial (NICE, your body that adjusts which medicine is bought for United kingdom NHS patients generally don’t pay out for that latest costly remedies) . I must know therefore is anybody reading through this publish who’s involved with arranging/running clinical tests for drugs to deal with RCC who might have the ability to discuss further options. My pal shows otherwise no signs and symptoms whatsoever aside from once peeing bloodstream. He’s in otherwise a healthy body and it is aged 33.

  55. sakyue1993

    .25cm .43 centimetres 1.2cm 1.6cm 3.0cm 4.0cm 5.8cm

    What’s the procedure if it’s 2. or more compact?

  56. Jesse

    How lengthy can one expect this to last? Physician states might have to go in and tie from the leak site. Is it feasible he nicked my kidney?

  57. Mathew

    what illnesses could be cure with the aid of stem cell reasearch??

  58. Miguel M

    My mother is fighting kidney cell carcinoma, a kind of kidney cancer. Does anybody are conscious of any organic supplements that are recognized to help whatsoever with kidney cancer or simply cancer generally? Traditional remedies don’t appear to become working well for all of us and we are considering a far more holistic/organic approach. Thank you for any feedback/info.

  59. Adam

    Peroxide (H202) Food-grade 35% .. an individual I understand includes a Friend who’s a Naturopath and recommended using this it is available in a powder form and is diluted with water.. as a substitute strategy to Kidney cell carcinoma (Kidney Cancer ) while the kidney in traditional medicine must/ would be removed.

  60. musicistabest

    My hubby is presently within the Janet Israel Deaconess Mediterranean Ctr in Boston getting his second week of Interleukin 2. His right kidney was removed 6/5 after getting hematuria on 5/15 and being identified within 24 hours. He’d not one other signs and symptoms. He just switched 50. You will find small growths within the lung area along with a really small one out of muscle mattress from the removed kidney (that they either did not catch or see, or subsequently put their hands up, we do not know which). There exists a 7 years old boy and I have to know all I’m able to in my boy and myself, our future like a family, etc. Any information could be greatly appreciated. We met a guy with similar disease who’s 6 years from his surgery. It provided some hope however i realize that everybody differs. Thanks.

  61. Michael C

    My mother, 70, has metastasis from the Kidney cell type and it has affected 30% From The LEVER Too NOW. THE DOCTORS HAVE Began ‘Shanferon’ injections and aspire to shrink the tumor in 30 days approximately.

    Does anybody determine if Interferons work in such instances ?

  62. Heath

    My dad takes takes the drug for kidney cell carcinoma (RCC) which has spread into his lung area. I’ve done the study and understand all the risks, unwanted effects and possible final results, Among the finest to understand if anybody has already established success with this particular drug personally. I understand cancer is unpredictable, and everybody responds to drugs diversely, I am just trying to puzzle out what real people are saying, not the doctors.

  63. Ramblin Spirit

    My mother only agreed to be identified with Papillary Kidney cell carcinoma. She’s 4 growths around the right kidney and 1 large tumor within the kidney. Her kidney has become switched horizontal rather than lateral. Following the biopsy results, the dr has made the decision to place her on Sutent to try and shrink the growths to allow them to take away the kidney. The growths are extremely large and wrapped round her artery and veins going interior and exterior the kidney that surgery is not a choice at this time. Does anybody know and have any knowledge about this case and just how good this drug is? I’d appreciate any help as my mother is 72 and it has a pacemaker for any-fib heart disease.

  64. Ryan Dunn

    I’ve got a member of the family lately identified with Kidney Cell Carcinoma (kidney cancer) stage 2. He lost his kidney consequently. Can he still join the military? or should he ignore joining the military? Which branch will require him? He’s bilingual (British-Arabic, most dialects from the Middle East). He’s a publish-degree.

    What’s going to the MEPS doctors say?

  65. Orbit

    I have now had a number of seizures and been identified. Taking Lamictal (lamotrygine) nevertheless its not in a sufficient dose to work. Among the finest to stop everything and conceal…is that this only a normal reaction to being identified?

  66. Dr Hank

    My beloved brother (whom I had been taking care of ) was just 58 as he died of liver failure 2 mths ago. Now and also at exactly the same elderly care my Mother takes therapy on her arm that simply broke under no circumstances. They did the cat scan and stated they found cancer from the kidney (obvious cell carcinoma) which had spread towards the bone in arm. They known as it mesatise (I believe) They’ve explained there’s no remedies they are able to do due to her age (84) but she sure does not seem like it or behave like it before) cheap becasue it had already spread towards the bone it had been most likely all around the body. I’m there everyday regardless of what much like I had been with my buddy. Yesteryear couple of days she’s been seeing things , getting really nervous, does’nt understand how to dial a telephone no. (she seemed to be diagnosised with mild demetia 4 yrs ago) she’s getting to the stage of the inability to even feed herself. Personally i think so useless and my real question is how quickly performs this type travel, can it be in brain. why get in touch with hospice now?

  67. Noe R

    Hi! My mother is getting surgery in a few days for any tumor they available on her kidney and therefore are 80% sure it’s kidney cell carcinoma. I’ve been reading through alot on the web ( I understand I prob should not be however i cant help myself) and i’m scared it has spread towards the kidney sinus. At 1.4cm by 1.1 centimetres is it feasible that could have spread??? Thanks!

  68. Kevin

    Nobody thinks me which i was identified at seven. How rare is so that it is identified with bi-polar disorder at seven?

  69. Jeracoo L

    Lately my father had surgery for Rrenal cell carcinoma and something kidney is totally removed Tumor was 10 centimetres stage2 . Doctors stated no further treatment methods are needed but continue praying god not receiving impacted by cancer again and also to get regular check-up.

    He was 65 before surgery but after 3 week he came lower to 62! he’s worrying from it.

    My doubt is do you know the safeguards to consider with this and do you know the cares we ought to consume everything like food , atmosphere, work etc.

    For those who have any experience with this Please share it beside me .

    Reply. Gods appreciate it.

  70. Peter

    I had been identified along with diabetes 2002, try not to understand how lengthy I have had the condition, when i had not visited physician for any very long time prior to the diagnosis.

  71. floydian8717

    I’m writing a imaginary story about someone who can’t ever take part in the sport they love again after being identified having a certain disease, but I’m not sure what that disease ought to be. I want something which begins out mild (simply because they performed within the last game despite getting been identified) however gets to be more severe (simply because they can’t play again following this game). Thanks!

  72. Kevin

    My friend’s boy only agreed to be identified with autism and I wish to try everything I’m able to to assist support her. I am searching for the very best book to see that can help me understand autism and just what I’m able to do in order to help my pal and her boy. Also how you can train my very own boy what to anticipate and just how to become a close friend to him.

  73. skillz

    How can you get RCC? What type of treatment should you undergo to provide it or allow it to be use submission? Any help, websites personal expertise, it does not matter. Any details are great. Thanks!

  74. Coffee t

    My Grand daddy was identified with stage 4 kidney cell carcinoma cancer in This summer. It had been present in his Renal system and previously couple of several weeks it’s gone to live in his lung area and brain. He appeared fine two days ago but It’s been an immediate decline. He can’t be left alone and it is not able to complete the straightforward tasks he could two days ago. Has anybody heard about a return from something as severe because this?

    Or does anybody have suggestions about keeping them comfortable apart from praying for any miracle?

  75. Jonathan

    My hubby only agreed to be identified with kidney cancer,He’s only 40. The trainer told us it had already spread to his lung (5 growths) He’s already had the kidney removed and that we were advised it’s within the tissue also.

  76. Mackenzie P

    for biology class we’re studying chromosomes plus some effects tic of genetic disorders and the like. i was given chromosomes to arrange and hang up into different groups. on my small karyotype i observed i’d an additional chromosome on 21. I’m to pretend to become a physician who needs to identify their boy with lower syndrome and tell them via a letter. … but i’m not sure how to begin the letter… exactly what do i only say. it cannot be too complicated or too simple. if your little one was identified with lower syndrome, what can you have to be told to cope with this difficulty?

  77. Dark_LovexXx

    Hi, I will the doctors in a few days to obtain my anxiety identified (In my opinion I’ve got a social panic attacks) considering I’m only 14 what’s going to they are sayingOrdo and can I be known to other people and when what exactly can they do? Any assist with this is greatly appreciated to assist put my thoughts comfortable.

  78. Xbox Gamer

    A week ago I had been identified as HypoGlycemic however they say I am not really a diabetic. How’s this possible? I figured it had not been.

    It’s nice to place an underlying cause to my digestive and fatigue issues.

  79. JDOGG1122

    a detailed family friend (who’s still in college) got identified with cancer. i’m able to with confidence call her among the most powerful and genuine people i’ve ever met- i understood this before i discovered about her sickness.

    i wish to write instructions to her, not only in my condolences but additionally to create her more powerful and more happy on her behalf journey. I have never known anybody in this situation before, though, and do not understand what to state. please produce some suggestions.

    sorry, did not know of the “condolences” part this really is all quite a new comer to me. thank you for pointing that out!

    ps: does anybody understand what it seems like to undergo chemo and radiotherapy? She’ll go through it, and it is very concerned about it. i, however, do not understand why, exactly- i can just learn it is a horrible experience. any insight could be appreciated.

  80. Patrick

    I’ve lately been identified with getting a inflamed optic nerve within my right eye. I’m scheduled to obtain an MRI on Moday to eliminate a potential brain tumor or M.S.

    I’m wondering what’s going to happen when the MRI appears nothing….

    If there’s someone on Solutions that has had this case occur to them or someone they are fully aware, I’d like greatly to listen to concerning the experience. Thanks.

  81. Joe T

    Schizophrenic, schitzoid, bi-polar..

    Does being identified as these get the voting privileges removed?

    At what amount of disorder/incapacitation do you lose their to election?

  82. Thomas Lopez

    Could they be different? A problem along with a clinical diagnosis? Both of them need to be identified with a physician, one just being mild and also the other wose, or otherwise?

  83. Franklin Bluth

    Other info: I’ve also were built with a kidney removed due Kidney cell carcinoma and lately developed an abcess which was caught early and also the wound has become being take care of being an open wound and can eventually closed by itself. I’ve heard the South Beach is nice, and thus is Sugar Busters, is really as well. However, I would like something which will not destroy my remaining kideny too.

  84. Ramblin Spirit

    My grand daddy only agreed to be identified with chronic kidney disease and i’m literally sitting here hysterical, am so near to him. I’m so emotional, Among the finest to retire for the night however i can’t appear to calm lower. I’d rather not discuss it with family cause it will likely be sad to discuss, i am so nervous

  85. nyyankees1123

    I am a 21yr old female and was identified about three years ago with getting tachycardia. My physician went some tests and stated which i shouldn’t be worried about it, that everything looked okay. But my grand daddy died of congestive heart failure at 67 coupled with diabetes, and that i be worried about that occuring in my experience. What must i do in order to discover if there’s almost anything to help slow my heartbeat lower so it doesn’t become something more serious?

  86. davemc74656

    I’m wondering What is the average age kids usually get identified for bronchial asthma, when they do. So when does normally the first signs and symptoms/signs usually surface?

  87. Jason

    Am I Going To must see a healthcare facility should i be identified with your body? If that’s the case, what’s going to i actually do there? Can they just train me how you can control my diabetes? Can they just monitor me? Can they do anything whatsoever that affects in my experience besides blood insulin injections, and checking my bloodstream sugar?

  88. Mark M

    I began getting extreme discomfort within my back a couple of years back, and that i just lately had an MRI plus they identified me with degenerative osteo-arthritis. How rapidly will it progress and do you know the treatments? I’m scared and I wish to know what to anticipate temporary and long-term. I’ve done some investigation also it appears such as the only remedies are nerve blocker shots and discomfort pills. Is that this something that may be fixed or perhaps is it dependent on discomfort management?

  89. Willie

    And So I am underage and can’t purchase my very own perscription pills. Anyways, my parents required me to some physician and that i was identified with moderate depression and bi-polar disorder. However, my parents won’t believe the physician therefore we got such a doctor plus they never got me the pills I had been perscribed. What exactly must i do? What are the natural methods to fix these complaints?

  90. hank baseballs

    Based on the DSM-IV, people shouldn’t be identified as getting personality disorder prior to being 18 years of age because personality isn’t well established before this. This is actually the theory, would you accept this? Why or why don’t you?

  91. Noe R

    I understand many people will most likely get angry relating to this question since they’re annoyed with all the H1N1 information, and that is the way i was too initially. However a few family people and buddies happen to be identified by using it and I am really starting to become worried.If your are identified with H1N1, how high are the likelihood of dying? When will healthy people (individuals not identified with H1N1) have the ability to be for sale them again?

    Please answer with just as much correct information as you possibly can, I am really frightened. Thanks ahead of time.

  92. Smashing Pumpkins

    I simply discovered that my closest friend was identified with bipolar disease. She does not want to speak to me and will not see me because she’s afraid that i am likely to be frightened of her. How must i act round her? What must i let her know?

  93. Ryan Dunn

    Just when was the purpose they’re identified?

    Would they be considered a normal weight and become identified?

  94. evangldbrg

    I am confident i’ve borderline personality disorder but i am only 15. If i am not identified by using it can one get remedies for this? I have attempted therapy before also it did not help much i believe i have to be placed on medication

  95. jordenkotor

    I have lately read several articles about how exactly it’s “harmful” to self-identify because if you do not eat gluten the body begins to “heal itself” and all sorts of tests return negative. My real question is, Exactly why is my body system healing itself a poor factor? Why should i have an optimistic test? Basically get an optimistic result the only real treatment I have find out about is really a gluten-free diet. Why must I still harm my digestive tract so a physician can perform costly testing simply to “prescribe” which i do what I have recently been doing? Can there be any real help to a physician- confirmed diagnosis?

  96. Ed D

    Many people are attracted to alcohol for natural reasons. Most are attracted to alcohol, almost naturally since it is medicinal for them. In the event people can both, think better while increasing mental abilities intoxicated by alcohol. For instance someone who has social anxiety can further flourish in social situations and feel more “normal” intoxicated by alcohol, which could lead them to be easily attracted into it in an attempt to self identify. Lots of people legitimately feel they are able to function better intoxicated by alcohol due to something it offers them. Something which accomplishes their brain’s satisfaction in helping an all natural abnormality or disorder. But, what disorder or abnormality is most typical in trying to self identify by comsuming alcohol?

  97. Brody S

    Hi all you might have read my last publish regarding,my boy showing a couple of indications of autism,he’s a appointment having a doctor in The month of january,in the Children’s development center within our local hospital,is he going to be identified at this time? He’s 3yrs8m? Exactly what do they are doing with him at this time,check smart? I am within the united kingdom,but all understanding is appreciated. Thankyou xx

  98. isk8at818

    Physician the diagnoses and goodies dideases. Special title please. I understand it is not diseasologyst or something like that stupid.

  99. steve

    My 8 years old tabby cat has sadly been identified with eye cancer and will need to lose his eye. The vet told my sister the surgery would vary from 700 to 1000 dollars! Is that this typical? Residing in the san francisco bay area is costly however that appears like a great deal to remove a watch.

  100. fattiemanny

    My mother doesn’t have insurance, under 65. I wish to take my mother to some eye exam to identify cataract. Don’t let visit eye specialists,Opticians or Opticians? The Way I will find a physician charge reasonable cost for eye exam to identify cataract? Just how much will this cost?

  101. Death Knight

    I’m writing a tale in regards to a youthful girl who’s identified with leukemia. I have to be aware of results of leukemia and what it’s. Produce all of the detail you are able to. Don’t include all of the scientific garbage.

  102. Jonny

    How can you identify bronchial asthma inside a three month old baby?

  103. Splash Log Level 2 Again

    I am putting on one at this time for twenty-four hrs. Just question if the EKG diagnoses different stuff, or maybe this factor covers the majority of the primary concerns from the heart.

  104. Mark M

    So today, I had been wrestling having a friend. Throughout our rough housing, I had been flung over him and arrived around the right side of my face and blacked out. My buddies explained I had been out for 25 seconds and that i are only able to remember odds and ends of the items happened pre and post I blacked out. Someone stated I would possess a concussion.

    Wouldso would I identify myself? Clearly, I understand there’s very little that you can do for any concussion except relaxation and allow it to heal by itself, but simply for curiousity sake. I understand that I will avoid rough housing and stress (Thankfully that it’s a fall break from college.)

  105. Keegan

    i’ve been identified with depression. i’ve visual problems and cognitive problems is that this a migraine or depression?

  106. dealy

    How’s cancer of the lung identified? ive read they use radiographs(i believe) to determine the lung area for possible growths. is the fact that figuring out? Also what could address it? Surgery? Please should you could explain, but little particulars.

  107. Paul M

    How’s it going identified with polycystic ovary syndrome? Interesting help!!

  108. Brody S

    I simply received my bloodstream sugar meter and my first couple of reading through were greater compared to physician wanted them. Doc wants my 1hr after consuming level to become under 120. I ate appropriate foods from my diet regime but, my after lunch was 123 and my after dinner was 153. Is that this normal since i have haven’t formerly been dealing with my bloodstream sugar?

    - I’m 11 days pregnant, however i was identified with Diabetes type 2 rather than gestational diabetes.

    I am uninterested in listening to drug remedies now, I’ll discuss that spend my physician together with the relaxation of my health background. Among the finest to understand basically ought to be expecting greater than usual blood pressure measurements at first.

  109. NC Baller

    I’ve Cystic Fibrosis, and that i was identified at birth.

    I had been just wondering exactly what the longest age someone has resided with Cystic Fibrosis who had been identified at birth is?

  110. Ray D

    My kid is 6, i had been told it had been better to have it identified prior to the child is 7/8, just curious regarding how it’s identified?

  111. Jesse

    Recently identified lymphoma and severe fatigue before treatment, exactly why is my fatigue so bad and it is there anything I’m able to do in order to help it to? Afraid treatment can make it also worse.

    Cancer of the breast was initial diagnosis spread to lymph Wondering if lymph metastasis is reason for severe fatigue or simply cancer distributing? Will speak with oncologist tomorrow just wondering if anybody knows why fatigue is seriously growing

    Typing it on my cell phone as lymphoma predictive text, it’s lymph. Spread to lymphp

  112. josh12rox

    My grandfather, 83, has stage 4 kidney cell carcinoma. Cancer has spread to his lung area (several growths on lung area), bladder, gallbladder, and also the physician stated he could feel growths throughout. Among the finest an authentic outlook for his existence expectancy. He’ll be receiving immunotherapy inside a couple of days but his general practice physician appeared to consider he’d days to some couple of several weeks to reside. His oncologist did not provide him a time period. Among the finest to be aware what he’s searching at. He already is getting trouble breathing.

  113. skychi99

    i had been identified with psychopathy once i stole my dad merc charge card and blew about $25,000 in the casino on the fake id. i did not realize that no violent people could br Psychopaths before i had been identified as directed with a court. to be used who’ve no clue what im speaking about i merely lack guilt and don’t completely understand what it’s as well as don’t care whatsoever for other people. opinions please?

    the reason behind wondering isn’t for consolidation nor since i amupset or disagree i’m currious what opions someone would hold about them.

  114. nyyankees1123

    I had been identified with Premature Ovarian Failure about last month after not getting a period of time for more than 6 several weeks and FSH and LH levels. I additionally had Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome in 2005. Do you know the signs and symptoms for every one and may they mimic one another? Could it be possable that perhaps just my Polycystic ovary syndrome has returned?

  115. lets roll

    So Im 22 years of age & I’ve 2 boys. I visited the Dr. last Tuesday & he identified me with Joint disease on my small spinal-cord. Is this identified with no type of test? Bloodstream? cat scan? He recommended Flexiril, Naprosin, & Tramadol. Ive never taken medication apart from Motrin or tylenol. However that medication puts me to rest and when I don’t go ahead and take medication I seem like my mind is going to explode and my back feels as though Im getting contractions prepared to deliver another baby. How can you get Joint disease to begin with? How’s it on my small spinal-cord?

  116. Jesse

    i’m only 16 and go identified with Organic Brain Disease…is not that uncommon?

    my physician already identified me with OBD

    it required annually . 5 to figured this out

  117. Jonathan

    are you able to simply be born with bpd or can people get identified by using it when theyre older too?

  118. Kevin

    I visited a healthcare facility since i was freaked out by individuals, the planet and also have no clue things i was doing. They went and identified with bipolar. I am emotional.. That ordinary. Irrrve never demonstrated any indications of it after i would be a kid why did they identify me by using it?

    Also, have i got it?

  119. kerrin marz

    and do you know the signs and symptoms? how early would they be identified?

  120. toast

    Signs and symptoms include: Mild to moderate but persistent a sore throat for past 24 hrs, scratchy ears with poor drainage for past 48 hrs, inflamed lymph nodes, red-colored, mildly inflamed throat, creamy whitened patches at back of mouth/throat, periodic difficulty ingesting.

    I am wishing case some viral infection will be able to treat by remaining hydrated and becoming enough relaxation. But when it is something a bit more serious, I have to get it identified a few days ago to be able to avoid missing classes Monday. Yet simultaneously, I’d rather not obtain a formal diagnosis unless of course I must, as it is pretty harmful that i can have my throat swabbed. My gag reflex causes me being aggressive, which could cause requiring the Heimlich maneuver to obtain the nurse’s cotton wool ball back.

    Oh, and I have had strep throat two times before within my existence, nor situation has incorporated temperature.

  121. Mak Sultan

    How can we screen for or identify this genetic disorder?

  122. Splash Log Level 2 Again

    What age had you been?

    What were your signs and symptoms?

    Are you currently man or woman?

    How had you been identified?

    What made your physician suspect it?

  123. Stevalicious

    I have been researching on the internet and think I would have either bpd or depression…I understand it must be identified with a physician before I’m able to get meds, but

    1. exactly what does the physician do in order to identify me?

    2. must i get parental consent [I'm a minor] before asking the physician about this? Can i need to let my parents know anyway, before I’m able to be identified?

  124. mike s

    With WebMD and Access to the internet to many health-related web-sites, do discover that you self-identify? Should you choose, would you frequently identify yourself with something a great deal worse of computer works out to become?

  125. Kaylla

    How’s it identified and just how can doctors test for this? Also, how’s it treated? Be detailed but ensure that it stays summarized. Thanks.

  126. steve

    has anybody been or are conscious of somebody who has been identified with MYOCLONOUS?

    thanks physician.i’m.presently getting botox treatment injections in neck and shoulders.and also have several dental appears to become helping alot.the tremors are couple of and among.that is excellent.i’ve had two neck surgeories and am requiring another.just searching to ascertain if anybody has other suggestiins regarding how to relieve discomfort.also provide neuropathy and radiculopathy. a birth abnormality where tailbone is parallel to floor and both nerves emerge on one for reds and something systems around to visit lower leg.have five dvds on lower back and 2 more in cervical.presently have experienced diskectomy and fusion at 22 and 23 yrs old.clearly have experienced lots of different remedies.presently getting botox treatment and epidurals in back evry 5-6 days.def notice of relief with this particular but searching to ascertain if every other suggestions might help.

  127. apleaforbrandon

    part of the camhs will start to see me due to my behavior towards eating/depression/harm however i never been identified or placed on medication.. Would they do this or speak with my physician to get it done? :/ type of wondering ..

  128. sick_mick_101

    After I involved 10 or 11 I had been identified for Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. For whatever reason my mother required me from the medication stating that I did not require it. I’m now 17 and my grades have dropped to some 1.8 GPA and that i find it difficult focusing. What are the records of my identify of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or must i get re-examined?

  129. Mark

    I had been just wondering how doctors identified them to be anorexic. Like what types of tests they need to take and also the criteria.

  130. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused

    I personally don’t like it when individuals appear at first sight depressed unless of course they’ve been identified with a physician or something like that simply because they seem a little melodramatic but can there be just like a legit like um record or something like that online that individuals may use to identify themselves with depression?

  131. Brian

    When you have depression. How and where will you get diagnosed?

  132. The Villain

    Allows simply take a type of poll factor.

    How had you been identified? (hospital, physician etc.)

    How lengthy are you currently diabetic?

    Type 1 ot Type 2?

    Oh ya:

    I had been identified within the hosptial when i really was sick.

    I’ve Type 1.

    Identified in 2007.

  133. turg143

    I am fifteen years old(bday today ) and it was identified with AML today. I am within the hosp right and my oncologist will cells back later to go over things at length. So she stated I’d a pre-leukemia syndrome thaT advanced into AML. What exactly exactly is AML? Could it be treatednwith lotsnof chemotherapy ? She also pointed out something in regards to a port? Ph any advi e or similar tales are appreciated. Thanks!!

    I designed to state that my oncologist will return later, not cells backnl later. Sorry I am on my small I-touch.

  134. Mistry

    can cmml be identified with no ct scan?is really a ct scan generally needed if cmml is suspected?

  135. Michael K

    Is it feasible for mental health practioners to identify someone with bpd and dispense the appropriate medication inside an hrs consultation?

    I had been of the opinion that diagnostic tests, EEGs or atleast supervision (or return visits) could be needed arrive at that conclusion.

  136. lildevilgurl152004

    My Mother only agreed to be identified with Adult Non Hodkin Lymphoma. I’m wondering if anybody understood associated with a good websites or forums and so i could find out more or get support from?

  137. skychi99

    I’m writing a paper in my issues in special erectile dysfunction grad. level class and want info on any kind of over diagnoses, could be autism, an LD, a BD, anything for the reason that realm…I’m searching for links with valid information! thanks!

    as i thank individuals which are positive in assisstance, i must include that i have tried personally ebsco host along with other sources from my library, but haven’t found many relevant sources. personally i think that this can be a new problem and that i was simply trying to find extra assistance.

  138. Michael

    I kind of understand what the signs and symptoms are (thanks wiki) but I wish to understand how the physician will identify it, how lengthy does it take and just what tests or whatever will i must do?

  139. Thomas Lopez

    I am writing a 15 page essay in regards to a client using what it appears to become chlamydia. we’re needed to create a 3 part nursing diagnosis. Honestly, I`m unsure how this is accomplished. This will be our first paper so we haven’t been trained yet. What’s one particualr 3 part nursing diagnoses I’d use? Yes, it will change due to the person signs and symptoms the individual has, however i only need something to check it to.

  140. joevsyou

    I just read from the web that x-ray and CT scan are members of the tests accomplished for figuring out ALL. Why my son’s oncologist never run individuals tests on him?

    Source : Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

  141. PIE BOY

    Presuming cancer is incorporated in the renal system and lung area? The individual is 89 years of age but otherwise in good condition.

  142. Roflcopter

    What type a physician would I look into get identify whether I’ve this?

  143. Alina Elliott

    I understand they are able to, but do cardiothoracic surgeons identify illnesses and problems? For your matter, inflict surgeons identify? When they don’t, will they talk with the individual after or before surgery?

    Ultimately, what I am asking is: would a cardiologist identify an issue and also the CT surgeon address it?


    do you know the bloodstream research ought to be accomplished for Aids 2 identify? In INDIA where’s this test available? The test of HIV2 conformation test? Just how much is Aids 2 window period? please produce this correct answer

  145. Heath

    Why can’t Tourette syndrome be identified through laboratory tests?

  146. mavis24

    I had been identify with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder multiple of occasions however it just does not appear right. Okay, allow me to start right from the start after i was created i had been 3 several weeks early and knowning that came a brain bleed. I am okay now but doctors say i’ve some brain rewiring in addition, i act way more youthful i quickly am. (I am 15) but the truth is i am very wise in British, computer and science, (Not math) as well as after i get obsessive about something i discuss it consistently. I haven’t got excellent social abilities. Another factor is the fact that my British is very advance even if i had been more youthful. But even when I haven’t got Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder my mother will not remove time to obtain me look for other things. Does anybody have ideas? Any diagnoses on which it may be?

  147. mavis24

    If so, then what can they be identified with?

    What can their behavior end up like?

    Would the conscience deficit place them at and the higher chances for anything?

    Please answer everything.


  148. kamikami

    Only a simple question to determine what many people consider the way you identify the training disability of Add and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Will we identify it too easily? Could it be foolish to identify a youthful, immature child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or add? Thinking about age and already distractive habits. I had been identified with add. I do think i’ve it, i’ve the toughest time focusing on anything without having daydreaming, drawing, asking myself numerous questions. I recieve constantly sad or stressed and packed with anxiety and that i had a lot problematic learning encounters growing up. However which i take medicine i’m able to focus on what I am focusing on, i’m able to read without failing to remember the final two lines of the items someone said and I am in a position to maintain a positive attitude and obtain focusing on a particular task and follow it. it had been a significant wonderful change. But I am seeing increasing numbers of people prescribe youthful infants drugs and figuring out them despite the fact that they’re at age disobedience and distraction… i’m not sure. Exactly what does everybody else think?

  149. Smashing Pumpkins

    hi i had been identified 12 years back with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and aspergers due to my bad behavior temper etc 11 years on im 21 and dont think that i’ve any qualities that correspond using the condition(s) i must be examined again and also have this taken care of since i have met individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and aspergers but i’m nothing beats them wtf? how do you do this ? i’m within the united kingdom thanks

  150. Marshal

    I understand they are able to, but do cardiothoracic surgeons identify illnesses and problems? For your matter, inflict surgeons identify? When they don’t, will they talk with the individual after or before surgery?

    Simply to clarify, I meant would a cardiologist identify along with a CT surgeon treat.

  151. Flash Funk

    I’m 15. I had been lately identified with Polycystic ovary syndrome and that i wanted to understand if there’s anything I’m able to do or any particular factor I have to eat or do not eat that can help me reduce acne, hair on your face along with other signs and symptoms of Polycystic ovary syndrome? Many thanks.

  152. Samuro

    And who diagnoses it?What are the physical tests involved?

  153. nasty1

    ADD and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are generally very large problems, and also the amounts keep growing.. In my opinion many children get identified once they do not need it.. There just being kids, does anybody accept me? I dont think they ought to just get pills and obtain converted into zombies since they’re hyper. I had been hyper after i was more youthful..

  154. Jeanelle the Retard

    I am identified with Severe Depression, Bipolar Type II and Borderline Personality Disorder. I have read that the number of people may have multiple diagnoses however i had not heard about that lots of individuals with 3. Are you currently identified using more than one…..if that’s the case, what exactly are yours?

    Comebackkid – I believe otherwise along with you in a major way. Bipolar is bipolar. Obviously it takes the flipping between periods of mania and depression. You’ll want both parts to become Bipolar when you may remain in one for extended periods. Type II means your mania / depression is less extreme.

    This post is things i know from research on the internet at trustworthy sites like, but additionally from my awesome Psychiatrist , multiple researchers and practitioners.

    Sorry, but I am going to need to disregard the way to go with your fundamental errors within the definitions. I am not questioning your word on getting this stuff, just knowing about it of these.

  155. JimT

    Certainly one of my close friends continues to be lately identified as bipolar. I have seen the depression, but never the manic part that is included with it. In ways, I almost feel as she has been wrongly diagnosed. I understand that I am not really a physician, but I have found that bipolar has both extremes and not simply one. I am kind of just awaiting her snap (like a lack for much better words) eventually and switch to another extreme. I had been wishing that everyone could bring some insight in my experience about being bipolar. Most likely the manic part is one thing that others aren’t seeing? I am just really confused… and scared on her.

  156. Sir fliesalot

    I have to choose a disease/ current health problem that effects each one of these systems:

    excretory, blood circulation,muscular,skeletal,nervous, endocrine.

    and can you want let me know the web site you first got it from? thanks

  157. fattiemanny

    Okay, I’ve come across multiple psychiatrists and researchers, plus they can’t arrived at a contract on my small ‘diagnosis’ since i have remaining it such a long time to identify a potentially developmental disorder, in addition to my mood disorder. To date, fundamental essentials things which have been thrown about (I am 21):

    Bipolar – happen to be depressed for 8+ years, coupled with one potentially hypomanic episode

    Panic attacks – without doubt about that one, regarded as tied along with depression

    Asperger’s syndrome – I tick most boxes with this around the autism test, however, I still show some empathy and my doctors do not have sufficient ‘evidence’ from the childhood (my parents won’t be engaged) so that they can’t identify it

    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – Just like above, they require evidence, and attention problems weren’t severe enough to become acquired by instructors (never influenced my grades)

    I am presently visiting a counselor and am dealing with remedies employed for kids with Asperger’s or Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, however i weren’t spoke of any diagnoses. Do doctors prefer to not identify mood disorders and developmental disorders together (I’m receiving treatment for bipolar, however i never was told I’ve it).

  158. Alina Elliott

    I am a 27-years old lady identified in Marly 08 with kidney cell carcinoma stage 2. Left kidney & adrenal gland were removed. The tumor is 5.8 centimetres but limited towards the kidney. Tumor began to bleed and that is the way it is discovered. I’d a chest CAT Scan a week ago also it was normal (Thankfully).

    Can you really find when the tumor had spread just with the cat Scan which right after the surgery?

    What must i expect to any extent further?

    I’ll take part in a medical trial (Sutent), is that this helpful?

    Thanks for discussing your story. God bless

  159. morbiusdog

    THAT MALE IS My Buddy , HE NEEDS To Have It REMOVED, However The OTHER KIDNEYSHOWS A NICKLE SIZE GROWTH, And That He IS 6’4″ AND Weighs in at 475, It’s Frightening

  160. skillz

    Basically desired to research a specific strategy to cancer where would I am going? I have had cancer and required this factor also it reduced the tumor greatly, just how would I recieve testing done about this factor so others will benefit from this?

  161. slipknot0129

    Where could we meet?

    What size of the space would I want?

    How do i get loudspeakers?

  162. Mark M

    My mother was identified with kidney cell carcinoma today. She’s so scared in addition to my sister and that i. Her tumor is 4.2 centimetres in maximum diameter situated within the upper pole from the right kidney. There’s no proof of tumor extension in to the collecting system nor proof of vascular invasion. I am only 16 and that i have no clue what’s going on, can anybody let me know anything? Please? Also, your hopes are appreciated.

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