Renal Cell Carcinoma Stage 4

My dad is dying of Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC cancer). What is the approx. Amount of time until he passes? Nobody will tell me. Please help. It’s frusterating. . After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. A study in Turkey that used the 1997 AJCC staging system estimated the five year survival rate to be 90% for stage I, 51% for stage II, 22% for stage III and 4. 6% for stage IV. [38] The same study estimated the median survival time to be 7. 7 years for stage I, 5. 0 years for stage II, 3. 1 years for stage III and 1. 1 years for stage IV For those that have tumor recurrence after surgery, the prognosis is generally poor. Renal cell carcinoma does not generally respond to chemotherapy or radiation. I’mmunotherapy, which attempts to induce the body to attack the remaining cancer cells, has shown promise. Recent trials are testing newer agents, though the current complete remission rate with these approaches are still low, around 12-20% in most series. Most recently, treatment with tyrosine kinase inhibitors including nexavar, pazopanib, and rapamycin have shown promise in improving the prognosis for advanced RCC since 2004. SO WE can tell 1. 1 yrs but from 2004 life magnize in brazil there are references of PATIENTS WHO DID SURVIVE FOR 3 YRS AND also on website AN ACCOUNT OF A PATIENT Quote | Reply Hi Pieper I was dx with stage 4 kidney (clear cell) cancer in Jan 06, when left humorous bone broke due to a metastsis. I was 59 at the time. Kidney removed, arm repaired, radiation to arm. I had other mets to both lungs and to bones. One year on Nexavar. At end of year my mets were approximately same size as at the beginning. I have now been on Sutent for over 3 years and all of my mets are significantly smaller today than they were 4 years ago. The volume of my largest lung met is less than 1% of its original volume. Last CT was last Monday. Mets have remained about (within CT resolution limit) the same size for about 2 years. There is a chance that my mets have died. My oncologist and I are considering stopping the Sutent treatment in 4 months after next CT if there is no change. For me Sutent has been a life saver. Sutent has not worked as well for many other people and some people have bad side effects. However, it is the best available treatment. look whatever be the case it is how you look after him matters make him happy tell him stories even if lies to motivate him give him confidence i am here to pray for u

  1. Depressed RR217

    omg im sorry

  2. Andy Burbank

    OMG im so sorry good luck

  3. Mindy

    if he gets surgery then about 5 years but if he is already dying then I think you should say your goodbyes

    sorry by the wayy

  4. Bright Eyes Jackson

    As with any cancer, the prognosis is different for each person. Do a search for

    ‘Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma Prognosis’, or just ‘Renal Cell Carcinoma Survival Rates’ The first will give you a general idea of the cancers stage details and the latter will give you most likely a chart/ table that gives the % of people that survive x number of years/months. The Mayo Clinic site is often very good for that and very respected.

    You really should talk to your mom or family and tell them you NEED to know. It is possible THEY don’t even know yet, or they could be in denial or talking about it makes it seem too real to them. Everyone is different.

    I am so very sorry. I lost my mom to cancer 8 years ago. I miss her terribly.

  5. Dr Hank

    Tests revealed a bowel obstruction, and she underwent surgery the same day for a bowel obstruction. On assessment, she has NGT to left nare on LIWS with moderate amount of dark green drainage. C/O dyspagia due to tube in the throat. A/R pulses are equal but irregular at 98 BPM. Respirations even but rapid and shallow at 24. Denies SOB. Abd distended at 53cm. with a minute amount of soft brown stool in colostomy bag. Stoma is red and moist, peristoma is without redness, swelling or drainage. States, “that thing makes me gross.” Refuses to look at it. 10cm linear abdominal incision abdominal staples present, healing by 1st intention and edges well approximated without redness swelling or drainage. Clear, yellow urine in the bag. Right hand grip strong, left weak. Bil fingernail beds <3 secs. Bil temporal, carotid, brachial, radial DP and PT pulses 3+. Bil footstrenghts strong, toenail beds CRT's < 3 secs. Neg Homans sign. Normal SAline infusing to LAC at 125ml/hr, site intact without redness swelling or drainage. Daily weight 124lbs (admission 130lbs), height 5"6". NPO since admission. VS 140/84, 98, 24, 96, 99.6(T)
    AM labs:
    WBC 10.6
    RBC 3.8
    Hgb 9.8
    Hct 28
    Neut 85.8
    Lymph 6.4
    Prealbumin 11
    Albumin 2
    Glucose 70
    K+ 3.2
    Med/surgical history: HTN, Breast cancer with right mastectomy, CVA, hyperlipidemia, cholecystectomy, CAD, MI, Osteoarthritis. What would be the primary problem and what assessment data supports the problem? What would be the goal and nursing interventions for the problem?

  6. Milk84

    My dad is dying of Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC cancer). What is the approx. amount of time until he passes? Nobody will tell me. :( Please help.
    It’s frusterating! :(

  7. dealy

    Im just anxious to get my results. I had a nodular mass density about the size of a ping pong ball on my renal cortex. Please educate me. Every time I search nodular mass density renal cortex, the first thing I see is renal cell carcinoma. Help! im only 16 but do plan to be in the medical field one day!(:

  8. Dr Hank

    doctors says bilateral nephrectomy and life time dialysis is choice and my uncle refused their advice. any other option left for him? kindly tell me.

  9. Harry

    my mother has Renal cell Carcinoma in dec 2010 she had her left kidney removed with a 28 cm mass that was attached to the spleen and pancreas they removed the kidney the spleen and a piece of the pancreas. within 4 weeks of her surgery the cancer was back in the same i just need to know what to expect and what direction we should go in for treatment she has already been on 2 forms of chemo which made the new tumors smaller and now she is on a targeted chemo which she has had 4 treatment and it hasn’t done anything . i just need to know what to expect adn maybe what direction we should go in if any

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    renal cell carcinoma

  11. Gamer959 nana was diagnosed with renal cell kidney cancer about 6 months ago..the kidney got removed and it was also mentioned that there was a small dot on the lung but they didnt no what it was. since the operation to remove the kidney about 3 month ago she has felt 100% fit and healthy just as before she got the cancer. We all thought it was pretty much over with until today when she had a check up about the lung and several spots have been found (which was a suprise since she is feeling so good). When i read on the internet it would class it as stage 4 which is weird because she is fine and no doctors or any1 have mentioned that shes likely to die because on the internet it says 80%+ people die within 5 years once it spreads to another organ.

    would my nana still be in this group? Or would she have a much better chance since she is so healthy at the moment and the main tumor on the kidney is already gone?

    any help or thoughts are apreciated


  12. Xavier Hawthorne

    My husband has NSCLC Stage IV with mets to the brainm he is 52 yrs old. His chemo treatment is now Alimta. He has had 3 treatments of this chemo. With his first chemo (2 diff. drugs) he would eat, he actually gained weight, but now he refuses, saying he can’t eat this or doesn’t taste good. He has lost 20 lbs in 4 weeks. He just got out of the hospital last Wednesday. He was dehydrated, anemic, platelets got down to 18, they gave him platelets on Tues., his WBC got down to 725. For weeks he had only taken 3-4 bites of food a day and had quit taking in fluids except to swallow meds. The night we got home from hospital he ate some fries and 1/2 a burger and nothing since.

    He had a kidney removed last Nov. for a separate cancer (renal cell carcinoma, two weeks later he had full brain radiation, 14 treatments and 4 days later started back on chemo.

    If he continues not eating and drinking, he’ll be back in the hospital in a few days. He has been running a fever since we got home also and his platelet count was down from 36 on Wed. to 34 on Friday, but dr said just make sure he takes antibiotic.

    Please don’t think I am being rude, but I need answers from people who have actually been through this, the not eating/drinking/total fatigue or their caregivers. I have tried everything, offered him everything and anything he wanted to eat and he takes one bite and says he can’t eat. I’m desperate!!

    His last CT of lungs, MRI of brain 4 weeks ago were good results, but he is getting worse.. Please, any suggestions of food/fluid that may have tasted good to you, any help you can give I’d truly appreciate it….
    They have put him on Remeron, which is an anti-drepressant, but are using this to stimulate his appetite. He’s been on it for a week, but it’s not helping. He refuses Ensure, Gatorade, Instant Breakfast, etc.
    Sorry more questions, if dr would prescribe marijuana where do you get it? I mean do they have it at pharmacies?

  13. PillowMan1234

    what are the statistics for surviving cancer of the kidneys? like what percent survive and what percent don’t? thanks.

  14. white man

    My husband has NSCLC Stage IV with mets to the brainm he is 52 yrs old. His chemo treatment is now Alimta. He has had 3 treatments of this chemo. With his first chemo (2 diff. drugs) he would eat, he actually gained weight, but now he refuses, saying he can’t eat this or doesn’t taste good. He has lost 20 lbs in 4 weeks. He just got out of the hospital last Wednesday. He was dehydrated, anemic, platelets got down to 18, they gave him platelets on Tues., his WBC got down to 725. For weeks he had only taken 3-4 bites of food a day and had quit taking in fluids except to swallow meds. The night we got home from hospital he ate some fries and 1/2 a burger and nothing since.

    He had a kidney removed last Nov. for a separate cancer (renal cell carcinoma, two weeks later he had full brain radiation, 14 treatments and 4 days later started back on chemo.

    If he continues not eating and drinking, he’ll be back in the hospital in a few days. He has been running a fever since we got home also and his platelet count was down from 36 on Wed. to 34 on Friday, but dr said just make sure he takes antibiotic.

    Please don’t think I am being rude, but I need answers from people who have actually been through this, the not eating/drinking/total fatigue or their caregivers. I have tried everything, offered him everything and anything he wanted to eat and he takes one bite and says he can’t eat. I’m desperate!!

    His last CT of lungs, MRI of brain 4 weeks ago were good results, but he is getting worse.. Please, any suggestions of food/fluid that may have tasted good to you, any help you can give I’d truly appreciate it….

  15. PIE BOY

    My best friend has recently been diagnosed with Renal cell carcinoma. Early diagnosis suggest that the cancer has metastasized and spread to the lymph nodes, but has not spread to any other organs. I am interested to know if anyone knows whom are the worlds experts in renal cell carcinoma (RCC) (both medical and academic experts). Unfortunately we are British and so the only likelyhood of my friend getting the latest drugs is by partaking in a clinical trial (NICE, the body that regulates which drugs are purchased for UK NHS patients generally do not pay out for the latest expensive treatments) . I would like to know therefore is anybody reading this post who is involved in organising/running clinical trials for drugs to treat RCC who might be able to discuss further options. My friend shows otherwise no symptoms at all apart from once urinating blood. He is in otherwise good health and is aged 33.

  16. Goe122

    my best friend was diagnosis kidney cancer stage 4, whf is this stage4 mean?~ he’s going to die for sure?

  17. Dom L

    I had a overexposure to an xray machine that leaked radiation 38 years ago, the test was an xray to check if an stomach ulcer had healed. I now am experiencing late toxicities, ie. central nervous system malfunctions, one kidney removed due to renal cell carcinoma with scarring and fibrosis, liver toxicities. I have constant nausea. Any suggestions as what would help would be appreciated.

  18. Noe R

    My 54yo dad has renal cell carcinoma. He’s had his kidney removed (cancerous mass over 50% in 5/06 at stage 3) and his right shoulder replaced in 11/06 (from where cancer spread & broke bone) still has very minimal use of arm. Now the cancer has spread in his lung, around his liver & spleen and either effecting his pancreas or gall bladder. What quality of life will he have (he manages a goodyear store) and what is the typical life expectancy (only good know-but there is an average out there). Please only serious answers or similar experiences. Any referral sites out there would be appreciated.

  19. Ev dog

    in the United States or foreign countries?

  20. ericmreitz

    My dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma. He started a treatment this week. The treatment is call Torisel. I wonder if anyone has any experience in this drug. If it worked for your loved one and if there was any side effects and how long did it take to have the side effects.

  21. Victoria T

    what diseases can be cure with the help of stem cell reasearch??

  22. Krazy Bob

    Recently my dad had surgery for Rrenal cell carcinoma and one kidney is completely removed Tumor was 10 cm stage2 . Doctors said no further treatment is needed but keep on praying god to not get affected by cancer again and to get regular check up.

    He was 65 before surgery but after 3 week he came down to 62! he is worrying of it.
    My doubt is what are the precautions to take for this and what are the cares we should take in everything like food , environment, work etc.
    If you have any experience of this Please share it with me .

    Reply. Gods bless you.

  23. veemodz

    My 80 yr.old dad has stage 4 kidney disease.In Sept.his neurologist gave him aricept to take for his memory problems.He took 5 mg in Sept.and everything went well.In Oct.he was to start taking 10 mg but the first day he took it,it made him dizzy and his urine was bloody.He told the doctor and the doctor told him to go back to 5 mg a day.Now, it is causing his urine to be bloody.He had no blood in his urine yesterday, but he had it in his underwear.What would cause his underwear to be bloody?He did go golfing yesterday.He is going to the doctor on Monday.
    I think my dad might have kidney stones.I read where dehydration causes them and he is dehydrated.His doctor told him to drink water the last time he was in.But daddy hasn’t been doing that until recently.

  24. Jamal

    What are the most common types of it and what are the basic treatments that you have to go through?

  25. Dark_LovexXx

    September 2008 – 53 y/o male with no obvious health issues collapses from hypertension.
    October 2008 – found large tumor encased in left Kidney. Nephrectomy successful 3 days later. Biopsy confirmed Renal Cell Carcinoma, Stage 2.
    Scans clean until February 2010.
    February 2010 – Large tumor found in left lung.
    End of March, 2010 – Sleeve procedure used to remove half of the lung. Clean margins.
    Biopsy showed Renal Cell Carcinoma, Stage 4.
    December 2010 – Severe pneumonia. Hospitalized, and scans were performed showing no abnormalities.
    March 2011 – Scans show more than 10 tumors, all smaller than a BB in right lung. 6cm x 7cm tumor on Adrenal gland. No symptoms whatsoever. Has been on Sutent since April, 2010. Now changing to IV Torisel on the 25th. Has anyone taken this drug? Can anyone give me a prognosis on how long the patient has?

  26. Mark

    better treatment is surgery or chemoradiotherapy.this patient have mild cardiomegaly mild hypothyroidism mild renal dysfunction (creatinine=1.4)and hemiparalysis from childhood period due to polyomyelitis

  27. David

    My father has been diagnosed with this. We are very frightened.

  28. airdogspace2

    1. A possible treatment of acute renal failure is:
    A. Long-term dialysis
    B. There is no cure; it will become chronic.
    C. Short-term dialysis
    D. It is always fatal.

    2. The five-year survival rate for Adenocarcinoma of the kidney is:
    A. 25
    B. 50
    C. 75
    D. 90-100

    3. The most common neoplasm of the urinary tract is:
    A. Adenocarcinoma of the kidney.
    B. Transitional Cell Carcinoma.
    C. Basal Cell Carcinoma
    D. Malignant Melanoma

    4. What age group is most commonly affected by incontinence?
    A. Mid-30′s
    B. Mid-50′s
    C. Seniors
    D. Teenagers

    5.Which of the following is not a possible contributor of incontinence?
    A. Pregnancy
    B. Enlarged prostate
    C. Too much to eat
    D. Kidney stones

    6. Cystitis refers to:
    A. any infection of the urinary tract.
    B. infection of the urethra.
    C. kidney infection.
    D. bladder infection.

    7. A supplement that might be needed when taking diuretics is:
    A. iron.
    B. salt.
    C. potassium.
    D. calcium.

    8. Nocturia refers to:
    A. frequent urination.
    B. urination at night
    C. lack of urination.
    D. painful urination

  29. shahedC

    1) how to defferentiate bt spleen and kidney clinically?
    2) how to defferentiate right renal colic and acute appendicitis on examination?
    3) patient undergone major lapatomy.After a few days develop fever..what will you think of how will you manage?
    4)patient with renal cell carcinoma due for nephrectomy..investigations prior to nephrectomy and why?
    5) pt with trauma right side of body..what will you look for?in ward his bp drops and pulse increases what will you you?

  30. Erin

    Not tumors and it is just plain old cancer but we were wondering. One of my family members have had lesions on the spine, brain stem, kidneys, and one on the lung. They told him that he had weeks or years to live if he does radiation. b/c it was kidney cancer. I would like to know everything about this cancer. if you have information plz reply. PS- he is a crucial part of our family and we are serious to finding a way to help him to our abilities.

  31. kiltakblog

    My friend’s aunt was admitted into the hospital with a tumor on her kidney and as a side note, she had fluid on the lungs which was never explained how it got there nor was it biopsied..The cancerous tumor came out with the kidney and she was sent home to recuperate before starting chemo (in pill form). We heard today she’s back in hospital with fluid on her lung(s). A CT scan was done and small cancer cells were found either in the lung lining .She started chemo therapy today. A CT scan was done on her lungs when she originally went in and an irregularity was noticed on the lining but apparently no one thought it an issue and didn’t follow up. Another was not done when she left hospital two weeks ago . At what point does one get the prognosis and told what stage cancer the patient has? My personal opinion is to get another opinion and maybe another Oncologist as the doctor never explained how or why the fluid was in the lungs to start with, why no one followed up on an irregular CT, and now it’s cancerous? Call me crazy, but I’m tempted to call this incompetent!

  32. Patrick

    my uncle has stage 4 cancer n the brain, in the lungs, and in his bones. they discovered it just a few days ago and he always got checkups all the time. none of my family know how it is possible for this cancer to be so serious and severe but it just came out like that suddenly. its a 99 percent chance that he does have cancer but how can this be? they say its too bad to try to cure and too late but he always got checkups all the time and it was always clear until now. if he gets treatment will he still get a longer life span? will the treatment give him any side effects?? whats the best treatment?? chemo or radiation? thanks!!

  33. homerliveshere

    He had his kidney removed 8 years ago, he had RCC stage 2. He had follow ups that were all clean. Last year he had his prostate removed too. And a month ago, we found the recurency in his column and in his lungs. He is 69 years old.
    I am his son, and had my kydney removed last year with a RCC stage 1, I´ve had 2 ct scan since, and all are clean.

  34. Harry

    My mom was just diagnosed with Papillary Renal cell carcinoma. She has 4 tumors on the right kidney and 1 very large tumor in the kidney. Her kidney is now turned horizontal instead of lateral. After the biopsy results, the dr has decided to put her on Sutent to try to shrink the tumors so they can remove the kidney. The tumors are so large and wrapped around her artery and veins going in and out of the kidney that surgery isn’t an option right now. Does anyone know or have any experience with this situation and how good this drug is? I would appreciate any help as my mom is 72 and has a pacemaker for a-fib heart problems.

  35. skychi99

    My 8 year old pomeranian has recently been diagnosed with hypercalcemia. Is it possible he got this disease from eating a dead rat carcus that may have been previously poisoned??

  36. Cole

    My husband has been diagnosed with stage 4 renal cell carcinoma in his lungs.
    He is currently taking Sutent.
    I would like to know what to expect. Is he going to be cured? Is he going to die? How long does he have? How likely is this to spread to the brain? The liver? His bones?
    His oncologist has been very evasive and my husband does not want to know.
    Thank you

  37. Terrence

    If you have stage 4 with a aggresive cancer. can you come out of that?

  38. SKATEskum

    what does each grade mean

  39. ericmreitz

    I just learned my uncle had a MRI done because blood was coming out with his urine. They said “do not count cancer out” now he and I am worried about it. Just finished breast cancer treatment with my wife and know nothing about bladder cancer. Any help would be appreciated.

  40. Mistry

    I do because Bananas contain moderate amounts of vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese, potassium and may be associated with a reduced risk of colorectal cancer, breast cancer and renal cell carcinoma.

  41. ttocs

    i have had my kidney removed due to cancer and would like to speak to people in the same sitiation as me

  42. white man

    I am in remission with renal cell carcinoma and get CT scans of chest, abdomen and pelvis every six months. I also get annual mammogram. Would breast tumors show up on a chest CT scan? I don’t want to avoid mammograms, but it would be reassuring to me if I knew that every six months I was also getting a picture of the breasts.

  43. Lachlan

    Can anyone give me there experiences with the drug sutent? My grandfather (65) has RCC. First discovered a mass on his kidney which was removed. 1 year later we found two tumors in his brain, one being in the brainstem which is inoperable. At this time he was given radiation which did not shrink the tumors. They then began the sutent, which is supposed to have great success in killing the cancer cells…because chemo in not effective. And most recently we found several small tumors developing on his spine.

    I would like to hear your stories regarding this medication…whether it was effective or ineffective for you or a loved one. Thanks!

    And if you have time, please say a prayer for my Pap!

  44. zaclo

    I have read many things on this Disease of late but not quite the information –> as in personal accounts on when people are dealing with it on a day to day basis or may know someone that has it .. was surgical intervention needed or taken

  45. Rassling Fundamentals

    explanation of positive immunostain in bone marrow

  46. Bryan J

    my dad earlier was suffering from cystitis,urinary bladder’s thickness was almost 11 cm nd i guess the normal’s near 3-4….he started having medicines and the thickness gradually became normal…2 month before he had haematuria for which he consulted the doctor and took suggested medicines and it was fine….2 days back again haematuria started….along with blood clots….he got ivp[intravenous pyleogram] done …along with ultrasound ….reports suggests that he’s having a wart like outgrowth in the bladder which’s knwn as i wish to know what exactly papilloma is …and how dangerous it can be….i also wish to know the required tests to be done…..please help me gain info…..

  47. SteveO

    My sister has been doing this. She only eats in the morning ad se says it’s making her lose weight? Isn’t it bad?

  48. Lachlan

    I have had this all of my life but no-one really tells me in lay-mans terms what this means and how it will affect my life in the future.

  49. Marlon P

    here it my essay:
    Cancer in America

    What is something that is a leading cause of death in the United States? Cancer is. What is cancer? Cancer in the dictionary is described as any malignant growth or tumor caused by abnormal and uncontrolled cell division; it may spread to other parts of the body through the lymphatic. The things the dictionary doesn’t mention are what cancer does to people and what it does to their families. In the year 2007 alone cancer was the reason for 7.9 million deaths.
    Cancer is very complex. There are many different types of cancer. In fact there are over 200 different types of cancer a person could get, and 60 different organs in which cancer can grow. Cancer comes in stages 1, 2, 3, and 4. The doctors also grade you tumor from 1-4. Some cancer grows in a quick manner while others grow slowly. Some are easier to treat and others a hard to treat. Everything depends on which stage they find the cancer in, and if the cancer has spread.
    I know a thing or two about cancer because when I was 13 years old my dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer. It was a fast growing cancer called Renal Cell Carcinoma. He was in stage 4 of cancer and was told that the probability was he would pass away from it. For 7 hard weeks he slowly declined in health until his unfortunate passing. Renal Cell grows so fast that his grew from his kidney to his lungs, heart muscles, and brain in that short amount of time we knew he even had cancer. If he had a different type of cancer, it might not have grown so fast and they could have treated it properly and maybe even saved his life.
    Before my dad was diagnosed with cancer, he was a fun loving, active man. One of his favorite things was watching the Ohio State Buckeyes, it didn’t matter the sport but football was his favorite. He walked 8 miles a day as he worked for the United States Postal service as a mail carrier. I remember once right before we found out he was sick he said we took our dog to the vet. While we were sitting in the small quiet lobby, a UPS man walked in to deliver the package. My dad said “Trip him he is the enemy!” I laughed as he explained the competition between UPS and the USPS. Before he was sick he weight 180 and was always laughing and having a good time. He always wore his red Ohio State ball cap with a pair of jeans, and usually an Ohio State Shirt. At Thanksgiving, he would gobble and sound just like a turkey on our answering machine. Everyone would laugh so hard at him that it took about 5 times before you could actually hear the recording instead of our laughter. He was always making jokes and laughing. I still can hear it sometimes, and I remember his smile like I saw it yesterday. He wore glasses and he looked like a healthy 51 year old man. Then the cancer came and he lost a lot of stuff. He died at 120 something pounds, his hair turned all grey and a lot of it came out, and he lost getting to see his baby girl grow up and his future grandchildren. He wasn’t the same dad I knew for 13 years, but I will always remember the good times instead of how he was when he died.
    Cancer affects the people that have the cancer, and the people around them. Last December my mom’s 39 year old friend passed away from cancer. She had 2 kids, one 16 year old daughter and a 12 year old son. After she passed at 8 pm, her daughter lost her mind and went in to wake her up to take her to school. No 16 year old should have to go through that. Cancer is why my 4 year old nephew will never meet his grandpa, although I believe that they met before he was born. Cancer is also why my dad missed my high school graduation, my prom, my first day of work, and why I will have to ask someone else to walk me down the aisle when I get married. All the stuff that affects me also affected my dad as I know he would have wanted to see me do all of those things. It scared him and made him depressed. He said to my mom “Gloria, I don’t want to die.” I cannot imagine what he was going through but never let us see. My dad was courageous and tried to hide it from us so we wouldn’t be as upset. He told me that I was a kid and he wanted me to move on with my life and be happy and be a kid while I could. He didn’t know how hard that would be for me and to this day I still haven’t done it. He also said to me, “See how lucky I am.” When a St. Jude’s commercial came on with children that were dying of cancer. I didn’t know what to think of that statement, I was proud that he felt that way but so sad that he even had to think it at the same time. Cancer gives out heartbreak, much more than any 1 person should have to deal with in their life. Cancer shocks people and it also scares them. The one thing cancer can not do is take someone’s memories from them, which is stated in a saying I found after my dad died. The saying goes like this: “Cancer is so limited…It cannot cripple love, It cannot shatter hope, It cannot corrode faith, It cannot destroy peace, It cannot
    yea it took me 3 hours with looking everything up and stuff.

  50. Noe R

    My cousin who is 33 got diagnosed about a week ago and the cancer has spread to his pancreas and 2 tumors in his brain. Is it possible for him to be cured do u think and how long do most people live with this usually?

  51. mike s

    My mother in law has renal cell carcinoma. I am just interested in others who have either experienced this type of cancer or know someone who has. If you’re willing to share your experience, I would really appreciate it. :)
    She is maybe 10lbs overweight, never smoked, rarely drinks, exercises and eats pretty healthy. FYI.

  52. JackReynolds

    my step dad has some serious problems. First things first, he got a major tumour in his kidney 3 years ago and thats now removed. He also had Aortic valve surgery after the kidney operation. Now, in his only kidney he has left,he has Renal cell carcinoma. And apparently that got thru to his bones and now he has bone cancer. I dont want to see this guy die. at least not now. I smoke weed alot and its really hard to see doctors give him bullshit government drugs that “might” work and have only been tested on rats.I’m definatly a beliver of organic suppliments. Isnt their t.h.c products and treatments he can do to help his condition?
    sry about spelling mistakes (dont care)

  53. Duke

    i found out a year ago… my dad was diagnosed with RCC (renal cell carcinoma) stage 4… literally spread everywhere… a year ago the docs said he has 2 years to live.. its been a year so he has a year left to live!… since i found out ive cried really hard once.. which was the first time i found out! the last 2 or 3 CT scans have been showing that only his lung tumors have been stable so far! does this mean that he is going to live longer than a year? plus so far im ok with his illness i took it very very well… my dad is my hero he is what i look up to… and me and my mom were never close we barely have a relationship so it was always me and my dad! ofcourse im sad but does this mean im cold because im not so emotional about his condition?
    plus im usually very emotional :S

  54. Kevin

    I lost my 23 year old daughter, 13 months ago to this disease and there are things people should know about this disease that the doctors do not tell you especially your options. I am doing some research and need to know other peoples ups and downs with this disease.

  55. Rkmc

    My mother, 70, has metastasis of the Renal cell type and has affected 30% OF THE LEVER AS WELL NOW. THE DOCTORS HAVE STARTED ‘Shanferon’ injections and hope to shrink the tumor in 1 month or so.
    Does anyone know if Interferons work in such cases ?

  56. Muzahid

    My mom had stage 4 renal cell carcinoma in her left kidney and was removed along with the kidney. She then received radiation therapy in the left abdomen for 25 days and in the right abdomen for 3 days. Is it normal to give radiation to the cancer free kidney (right kidney for 3 days). She was later diagnosed with lymphoma in neck and got ascites, she died a month later.
    Hi Bill and ckm1956, thanks for your answers. She didn’t have any major symptom before surgery, she died 2 months after surgery. Could anyone please explain the reason for the sudden health deterioration. Could the cancer have seeded during the surgery?

  57. Rishi

    UCLA for renal cell carcinoma surgery? I need a doctor that is willing to decide at the time of surgery whether it is best for me to have a partial or radical of the kidney. I am a diabetic.

  58. Jeanelle the Retard

    My beloved brother (whom I was caring for ) was only 58 when he died of liver failure 2 mths ago. Now and at the same nursing home my Mother is taking therapy for her arm that just broke for no reason. They did a CAT scan and said they found cancer of the kidney (clear cell carcinoma) that had spread to the bone in arm. They called it mesatise (I think) They have told me there is no treatments they can do because of her age (84) but she sure doesn’t look like it or act like it before) and the fact that becasue it had already spread to the bone it was probably all over the body. I am there everyday no matter what just like I was with my brother. The past few days she has been seeing things , getting really nervous, does’nt know how to dial a phone no. (she was also diagnosised with mild demetia 4 yrs ago) she is getting to the point of not being able to even feed herself. I feel so useless and my question is how fast does this type travel, could it be in brain. why call in hospice now?

  59. Mackenzie P

    We found the cancer on a routing medical check up. There was no major symptom apart from the palpable mass. Her left kidney was removed surgically. After surgery, she developed lymphoma(in neck) in 30 days, ascites and pleural effusion in around 45 days, and died on the 68th day from the date of surgery. Did the cancer spread during the surgery?

  60. Caltel T

    How long can I expect this to last? Doctor states may have to go back in and tie off the leak site. Is it possible he nicked my kidney?

  61. United

    He had his first post op scan and now they have found something on his brain, not sure what it is will have pet scan today to determine. What are the chances that it has spread to his brain. If it has what are the options?

  62. Noe R

    How do you get RCC? What kind of treatment must you go through to give rid of it or make it go in submission? Any help, websites personal experience, it doesn’t matter. Any information is great. Thank you!

  63. Alina Elliott

    The biopsy report of lymph node shows “lymphoma caused probably by renal cell carcinoma”. Can the ‘probably’ factor be removed and can this be confirmed through some other tests?

  64. Squall Leonhart

    My mother was identified with kidney cell carcinoma a couple of days ago, she’s an 11.6 centimeter mass on her behalf left kidney. She was put in the hospital last week simply because they gave her morphine for discomfort, it dropped her bloodstream pressure extemely low. That’s whenever we discovered cancer had spread with other organs (liver,pancreas, lymph nodes and stomach) the doctors stated she’d only turn it into a couple of days to some month. That’s after i investigated this cancer center, her insurance continues to be approved and they would like to schedule her flight as soon as possible. Among the finest to understand if anybody available has already established great results with ctca? I’ve got a friend who complements her mother who had cancer of the breast metasis to her liver and bone who would go to ctca and she or he stated these were great. Could they be as wonderful as my buddies mother states?

    My mother can also be doing better now, she’s home in the hospital and she’s less days and she’s eating . My mother states she’s prepared to fight this.

  65. SteveO

    Diagnosis was kidney cell carcinoma. Right kidney was removed having a radical nephrectomy.

  66. JackReynolds

    I’ve got a member of the family that has been identified having a kidney cell carcinoma. There exists a nagging suspicion they have made the decision to not treat this cancer. I was relayed through the physician this is 100% curable having a partial nephrectomy (about six several weeks ago) however when we take it up, they awkwardly alter the subject. They’ve been slimming down quickly especially during the last month approximately, and I have quit on speaking for them regarding their health because its obvious in my experience they’ve quit.

    How lengthy can somebody survive with without treatment kidney cancer? This individual also offers had diabetes for more than ten years, is overweight and does not correctly eat or exercise. You want to learn about how lengthy we’ve playing them therefore we can enjoy a scenario along with a decision which i don’t believe I’ll ever comprehend the reasonings behind.

    No, it’s obvious they’ve quit. I accept this individual. And it is been known since their mate passed they took it to. My decision to create, no. But my company, yes, if affects my hubby and our kids directly, once we do accept and communicate with them every day, which is me which will finish up being careful of the person once the finish is near.

    Please, sensitive solutions only. I actually do possess a sick relative in the end. SMH…

    Wow. You individuals are really amazing. Will I worry about this individual, yes. Will I realise why they’re doing what they’re doing, no. I’ve attempted to assist, offering support, rides and associated these to visits. I’m sorry that my anger is finding as insensitivity, however, what she’s is curable and she or he has effectively lied to each single member of the family about what’s going on together with her health because she would like to die and does not want anybody to talk her from it. Her decision, yes. Must i enjoy it, no. You’ve someone you love do that after which come speak with me. I had been searching for a solution about how exactly much time me and the kids have remaining with this particular person, not really a lecture on whether my anger is justified or otherwise.

  67. Mark

    My mother was identified with stage 4 cancer in her own lung area, neck and brain. the doctors aren’t even sure which kind of cancer is within her lung area, they cannot id it. And so i am wondering if you will find any tests will be able to did to find out if i’ve a chance of having cancer too… i’ve got a daughter too.

  68. Daniel

    The very first time, today, she’d dark urine.

  69. Gage

    Peroxide (H202) Food-grade 35% .. an individual I understand includes a Friend who’s a Naturopath and recommended using this it is available in a powder form and is diluted with water.. as a substitute strategy to Kidney cell carcinoma (Kidney Cancer ) while the kidney in traditional medicine must/ would be removed.

  70. JDOGG1122

    e.g. ectopic adrenal rests, intrarenal Wolffian rests

    I am carrying out a paper on kidney cell carcinoma and also the term keeps appearing, I’ve no clue what it really means.

  71. Harry

    I wish to know








    Every Color! exactly what do they are a symbol of?

  72. kass9191

    .25cm .43 centimetres 1.2cm 1.6cm 3.0cm 4.0cm 5.8cm

    What’s the procedure if it’s 2. or more compact?

  73. Praveen

    My mother is 41 on and on through strategy to Stage 4 Kidney Cell Carcinoma. We are on the 3rd treatment and Let me get details about the best place to treat kidney cancer along with the best doctors to determine for RCC. Please react to this for those who have any info/feedback.

    We’re from Michigan. My mother’s cancer is stage 4 and it has spread towards the lung area (yet another compared to other) along with a little within the abdomen. She’s attempted a couple of different remedies.. (She’d a nephrectomy done) 1. Cryotherapy around the lung area where cancer had spread 2. Sutent 3. IL-2 Remedies. Now she’s dealing with a kind of chemo. known as Torisol (sp?). I am just attempting to perform a little research just in case (God forbid) laser hair removal, such as the past ones, doesn’t provide us with any improvements.

  74. MAK & CHEESE

    Hi! My mother is getting surgery in a few days for any tumor they available on her kidney and therefore are 80% sure it’s kidney cell carcinoma. I’ve been reading through alot on the web ( I understand I prob should not be however i cant help myself) and i’m scared it has spread towards the kidney sinus. At 1.4cm by 1.1 centimetres is it feasible that could have spread??? Thanks!

  75. Gundown64

    My mother is suspose to begin using the cancer drug Sutent and I’m wondering if anybody are conscious of any body by using this as a kind of cancer strategy to kidney cell carcinoma. If that’s the case how have your/their experience about this medication been? Any Advice?

  76. Jeanelle the Retard

    My hubby is presently within the Janet Israel Deaconess Mediterranean Ctr in Boston getting his second week of Interleukin 2. His right kidney was removed 6/5 after getting hematuria on 5/15 and being identified within 24 hours. He’d not one other signs and symptoms. He just switched 50. You will find small growths within the lung area along with a really small one out of muscle mattress from the removed kidney (that they either did not catch or see, or subsequently put their hands up, we do not know which). There exists a 7 years old boy and I have to know all I’m able to in my boy and myself, our future like a family, etc. Any information could be greatly appreciated. We met a guy with similar disease who’s 6 years from his surgery. It provided some hope however i realize that everybody differs. Thanks.

  77. Eric

    My pal has stage four cancer, how lengthy have you got live?

    My pal has stage four cercoma cancer in her own kidney’s, in her own liver, lung area, and today her brain, how lengthy does she need to live?

  78. Sergio

    Well, to begin them back my mother has cancer. It’s stable but it is frightening knowing my mother resides with this particular disease. My whole family always discusses me. They are saying I believe In my opinion I am more superior then them, that is true. I suppose it is something I developed in a youthful age since i was thought in a different way. I stick out inside my school. Since I had been little, I had been made fun of for that dumbest small things. I am very socially awkward and probably always will be. Don’t misunderstand me, I’ve buddies. It is simply the entire first impression factor. My sister thinks I’ll finish as much as nothing,. Alone I’m able to rely on is my father though he thinks I’ve a lot of problems too. He’s encouraging but he’s a existence of their own. So what can I actually do to balance all this? Sorry for those this writing. I am 14 incidentally

    I’d rather not kill myself just just in case tour considering it. I’ve not rested by 50 percent days. I’m not sure why. I actually want to sleep.

  79. Adam

    Today makes my 3rd day’s working out and going on a diet. After I exercise, I jog 20-half an hour on the treadmill after which walk 1-2 miles around a track. I weigh 210 and i’m 5’11″. Let me lose 40-50 pounds. I had been just wondering just how much weight would I probably lose basically ongoing exercising each day until May? (May is 5 several weeks from now) Please no rude or bothering comments.

  80. Cpt Excelsior

    my pal has obvious cell carcinoma also it already spread towards the sex gland , kidney area and bladder

  81. John

    obvious cell kidney carcinoma 7.5 cmG2 pT3aNxMx Margins uninvolved nearest radial margin .3 centimetres lymphovascular invasion present.

  82. Mike

    Would like to determine if the defense mechanisms is capeable of the.

  83. simply complicated

    My mother is fighting kidney cell carcinoma, a kind of kidney cancer. Does anybody are conscious of any organic supplements that are recognized to help whatsoever with kidney cancer or simply cancer generally? Traditional remedies don’t appear to become working well for all of us and we are considering a far more holistic/organic approach. Thank you for any feedback/info.

  84. baldy eire

    I’ve been fighting stage three Kidney Cell Carcinoma and lately started Chemo. The vomiting and nausea gets worse. I’m taking Zofran in conjunction with Decadron with no signifigant change. Any suggestions?

  85. Rassling Fundamentals

    Will it start once the cancer was discovered? Once they think cancer began growing? Whether it has metastasized from elsewhere, will the clock begin again again? My hubby learned he’d kidney cancer in 2007. He’d an entire nephrectomy in October. The physician told him the tumor had most likely been growing for 2 years before it was. Last September the kidney cancer spread towards the plural lining in the lung area. Now it’s spread to his lymph nodes. If he’s a 5 year expected rate of survival, when did the time start?

  86. xLittle21Yaox

    Kidney Cell Carcinoma – Kidney Cancer and

    Thyroid Over active – Hyperthyroidism

    Can there be any outcomes of both of these illnesses


    Other info: I’ve also were built with a kidney removed due Kidney cell carcinoma and lately developed an abcess which was caught early and also the wound has become being take care of being an open wound and can eventually closed by itself. I’ve heard the South Beach is nice, and thus is Sugar Busters, is really as well. However, I would like something which will not destroy my remaining kideny too.

  88. brincks26

    No, this is not and so i don’t accidentally ‘overdose’ I am being seriously interested in this. I’m so done.

  89. Mike

    I’m searching for info on kidney conrtical growths and also the complications they might cause.

  90. airdogspace2

    My dad takes takes the drug for kidney cell carcinoma (RCC) which has spread into his lung area. I’ve done the study and understand all the risks, unwanted effects and possible final results, Among the finest to understand if anybody has already established success with this particular drug personally. I understand cancer is unpredictable, and everybody responds to drugs diversely, I am just trying to puzzle out what real people are saying, not the doctors.

  91. Rassling Fundamentals

    I’ve got a member of the family lately identified with Kidney Cell Carcinoma (kidney cancer) stage 2. He lost his kidney consequently. Can he still join the military? or should he ignore joining the military? Which branch will require him? He’s bilingual (British-Arabic, most dialects from the Middle East). He’s a publish-degree.

    What’s going to the MEPS doctors say?

  92. Alun J

    Like, it spread already, towards the lung area and liver. Sorry basically got anything wrong, like something similar to this can’t happen. even when my mother is really a nurse I’m not sure greatly about this kind of stuff. What’s the least time they might live and also the longest? what’s the hardest cancer you can die from?

    P.S. I haven’t got kidney cancer. It’s research and that i cannot find anything on the internet about how exactly lengthy and just how short someone can accept terminal kidney cancer.

  93. Courtney

    My ultrasound report had these extra particulars. There’s an issue of calcification within the kidney cyst wall. Calcified kidney cyst walls possess a greater incidence of cystic kidney cell carcinoma. CT is suggested for more evaluation. Does anybody determine if what this means is i possibly have cancer. I’m scared from my thoughts. Cant eat or sleep awaiting my cat scan.

  94. Jack Bauer

    I am attempting to understand my fathers reason for dying his dying cert. states -kidney cell carcinoma-extensive metastases-chronic lymphocytic leukemia is that this 3 kinds of cancer?which came first?will it run in the household?

  95. Dr Hank

    Where could we meet?

    What size of the space would I want?

    How do i get loudspeakers?

  96. Boo Cookie

    My hubby has already established kidney cancer since 2008. It’s spread towards the plueral lining and also to some lymph nodes. Lucrative comes with an open sore that won’t heal. I’m wondering if it’s feasible for this to become a lot of kidney cancer or even another cancer?

  97. Brody S

    My Grand daddy was identified with stage 4 kidney cell carcinoma cancer in This summer. It had been present in his Renal system and previously couple of several weeks it’s gone to live in his lung area and brain. He appeared fine two days ago but It’s been an immediate decline. He can’t be left alone and it is not able to complete the straightforward tasks he could two days ago. Has anybody heard about a return from something as severe because this?

    Or does anybody have suggestions about keeping them comfortable apart from praying for any miracle?

  98. johnkaiser 22

    i received a traffic ticket in condition of CT and i’m from Atlanta, GA, i’m for a business travel, and that i was stopped without car seatbelt, the condition police explained my license was for motorcycle only, but that’s not the case, because i don’t even understand how to ride a motorbike plus i’ve had this license past 24 months and i’ve been stopped about 3 occasions, without any problems. i submitted my form and that i plead not liable, because that’s just crazy. but my real question is where will i call to obtain the court date faster. i am talking about as with in a few days approximately.

    Thanks ahead of time

  99. Mathew

    I am seeing a specialist now for getting tremors. I began getting bad head aches (in and off), my mind feels strange sometimes, and my neck sometimes will get stiff/affects. I have were built with a mind CT scan previously, only for mind discomfort, (it disappeared also it wasn’t such as this) however this physician is another. What’s the probability of me obtaining a mind CT scan? Could this be serious?

  100. Jonny

    I’d a CT scan for repeated abnormal urinary system cultures on 11-13-2008. The scan demonstrated which i have kidney gemstones (small) and I’ve been consuming two to three qts. water each day plus cranberry juice. I’m unwilling to have a different one done unless of course sufficient time has lapsed. Does anybody have info on safe times between scans.

  101. Duke

    I’m 23 and i’ve had 2 CT scans of my mind, due to head, and a sense of discomfort within my mind previously year . 5. Now im concerned about the harm which i have triggered to my self, due to rays. Must i be worrieddd???

  102. PoohBearPenguin

    May be the Ct used under normal conditions adequate image to identify non cancer problems?

  103. The Inc

    I purchased a Mac laptop from Apple last Saturday, also it required five days to obtain from CA to CT. Do you consider my computer will arrive today?

  104. therundown2k3

    I may need to obtain a CT scan of my feet later today and I’m wondering just how much i ought to count on paying up front. I will a physician in Houston, Texas and i’m included in Aetna

  105. homerliveshere

    I have had an ultrasound already however I am getting a CT scan. It’s from the abdomin and pelvis for many abdominal discomfort I have been getting.

  106. rashest_hippo

    Ive had routine CT’s with contrast and without, for kidney gemstones, however they would like to send me for any CT urogram….what’s the difference?

  107. David

    If he resides in CT however the earnings was gained in Veterans administration, which condition taxes does he owe? (or that will provide him his refund) Veterans administration or CT?

  108. Mackenzie P

    Can be done the CT is showing only the scars from my past inactive TB and it is an error concerning the possible cancerous nodules within the thorax?

  109. floydian8717


  110. Yoshi

    I short can ovarian cancer be tetected around the CT scan and ultrasound? I heard it’s difficult to identify. Will it show up a cyst? Becasue I’ve unulual fluid within my right ovarie, and requires further tests. Now Among the finest to understand can growths show on the scan that may be cancer? They stated a tiny bit of non specific free fluid was observed in the Pouch of Douglas. So my right overie is larger than my left one. Help me here. I’ve a scheduled appointment to return to the doctors on Thursday in a few days, along with a gyni appointment the following month. I’ve PMT cramps everyday, and heartburn, and bloated so bad, and back discomfort. So might be these scans reliable to get ovarian cancer? Otherwise would they only be there some abnormality just like a cyst?

  111. timq3dimensionscom

    if multiple ct scan with and without contrast return normal

    does which means that its fine within the mind

    or we want mri

    i just read brain tumor leading to signs and symptoms is going to be proven in ct

  112. Noe R

    I have were built with a CT scan searching for indications of Ms after numerous signs and symptoms.

    Could it be standard to consider scans, then use dye and do another group of scans, or may this be a sign that something looks questionable plus they wanted a clearer image?

  113. Tyler H

    I must look for a class that possibly finishes prior to the finish of the month of january, but when i does not prior to the summer time starts. It should be in CT. Help and then leave a hyperlink to some not-so-confusing site or something like that?

  114. skillz

    I’ve a heightened Lipase test for pancreatitis, but my CT scan outcome was normal from the pancreas. What can cause elevated lipase? What illnesses cause elevated lipase?

  115. Matthew David

    I am a Senior in Senior High School and I am searching for some community service occasions in CT will be able to take part in. I am most thinking about Habitat for Humanity projects, Red-colored Mix bloodstream drives, cancer walks for example Relay for Existence, etc. If anybody knows of some upcomming local occasions such as these, or anything whatsoever, please tell me. I am attempting to accumulate as numerous community service hrs when i can. thanks :)

  116. kerrin marz

    Hi, I’m two decades old and also, since the month of january I’ve had horrible neck discomfort and head aches. In march I finally went and also got I CT scan and everything returned normal. I understand that MRIs are among the best imaging test, but how about CT scans? My head aches have been feeling relaxed a bit and they’re less frequent, but Im still worried. Could a Ct scan miss a brain tumor?

  117. Nick

    What is the reason apart from the issues with CT sensitivity?

    This can be a homework problem, and I must develop 2 explanations why a CT acquired on day 3 was normal. One which I am likely to me is due to the reduced sensitivity of CT, however i can’t think about one more reason. Can anybody assist me to? Please!

    I understand the solutions that I have become, however they don’t exactly answer my question. Can there be anybody available who are able to assist me to? Please!

  118. Mak Sultan

    I have had an abdominal CT scan (due to my constant constipation), but I have heard that CT enterography is really a specific study of the little intestine. Could it be much better? Will the abdominal CT scan show the little intestine whatsoever? Will it find growths? Or should i have to perform a CT enterography aswell to be certain?

  119. Roflcopter

    Recently I’ve been feeling pretty ill, and never inside a normal way. I’ve been towards the physician, bloodstream tests and urine tests returned completely normal. The sensation is honestly difficult to describe, and it is nothing I’ve ever felt within my entire existence. I’ve got a bad feeling something is seriously wrong, and they’d find SOMETHING basically were to possess a full CT scan. Insurance most likely wouldn’t cover a preventative–or perhaps in my situation strong suspicion–full CT scan–wouldn’t it? Any recommendations or ideas?

  120. Blake

    When the CT scan produces X-sun rays, how come there different shades within the image since X-ray can penetrate through everything expect bone? Why is not the CT scan another X-ray machine? What sets them apart regarding their energy methods.

  121. diggn4richez

    I’ve had two abdomial CT’s both demonstrated which i have inflamed lymph nodes within my lower abdomen. The doctors wish to accomplish an ultrasound. All STD’s happen to be eliminated. What can it be? Or what could they aspire to get in the ultrasound?

  122. jordenkotor

    I simply discovered I am pregnant and that i were built with a CT of my head on Wednesday. I’d taken getting pregnant test the Sunday before simply to make certain also it was negative. I wasn’t due for any period until that Wednesday so at that time I wasn’t late, I believed I wasn’t pregnant once they requested. Well, I required a different one today also it was positive. I am calling to plan a Doctor appointment tomorrow but I am type of freaked out.

  123. Jeffery Carlson

    I’ve got a friend who’s getting some problems in her own kidney she was advised to perform a CT scan or perhaps a MRI to check on what the issue is. I’d much like to be aware what the main difference one of the two is and that is appropriate imaging device with this situation?

  124. timq3dimensionscom

    My physician purchased a neck ct scan due to some enlarged lymph nodes on my small neck which have remained enlarged for around 5 several weeks now. He stated when he would guess, they are not anything to bother with, but he did order a neck ct scan. Most likely more to place my thoughts comfortable than anything although he stated the only definite method to determine if they are harmless without a doubt would be to biopsy them. I needed to discover just how much the scan would cost before continuing with it, and they’re expensive allow me to say. So I am wondering just what a ct scan will easily notice the physician he can’t just feel through my skin. I figured I just read that they’re designed to have the ability to measure just how large they’re which will easily notice the physician if they’re really enlarged. But in my experience, I do not realise why you cannot tell already simply by feeling them with the skin. I will tell that certain is about 1 centimetres. And being that they are so costly, I do not realise why it can’t be preferable to visit straight for that biopsy to place everything to relaxation without investing everything money for additional uncertainty. Unless of course a ct scan will easily notice a physician much more about it than simply size.

    The physician agreed they feel enlarged. It isn’t like normal lymph nodes that appear when you are getting sick, feel sore, after which disappear after you are done being sick. These turned up from no where, don’t hurt, and also have been enlarged for nearly six months.

  125. Travoiz

    my sister is just 17 and you want to visit an 18+ club within the Hartford CT area. what are the good clubs available that will not card us and can let’s in no matter her age as lengthy as she LOOKS older?

  126. brincks26

    I am not confident that that’s the apropriate title, I believe that it is a CT Technologist.

    What’s their average salary?

    What’s their job outlook like?

    How can they advance within their job?

  127. white man

    Not really a Down’s person with Alzheimers. A youthful otherwise healthy Down’s person CT brain scan in comparison to some normal person. Could they be different?

  128. Hotshot t

    I understand that CT lawyers have lots of expenses which might be why they can’t pay their legal secretaries high salaries. Anybody be aware of break lower of the? (i.e. Malpractice insurance, electricity, unemployment, worker’s comp, etc??)

    I understand that they need to pay this stuff but exactly what is a ball game introduction to everything?

  129. ScRSC

    I am 26, coupled with a CT scan a week ago. I have been reading through about CT scans and all sorts of their radiation the past few days. How worried must i be?

    I have had two CT scans inside a year and perhaps one years back, 3 MRIs, three or four ultrasounds and various X-sun rays. My grandmother died of bone cancer from radiation from X-sun rays.

    The MRIs, ultrasounds and X-sun rays happen to be disseminate over years.

  130. stealspartansbcglobalnet

    If you are 16 in CT do you want a piece permit and when where will i acquire one since school has ended?

  131. Mak Sultan

    Okay, please perfect solution this if guess what happens you are speaking about! I have been searching other the CT department of revenue website to obtain the response to this with no luck, here it is going:

    My spouse and i wish to file collectively on the federal taxes but individually on the condition taxes. Both of us are citizens of CT and have only labored in CT for that year of 2011. Is that this permitted within the condition of CT? Thanks for your help men!

  132. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused

    Would a CT scan pick on the beginning of a brain tumor for instance whether it was coming in one area of the body to another when the CT scan is obvious how likely one thing something is wrong?

  133. Echo

    If you are using a noncontrast CT scan, the CT scan can look regular since the brain structures without or with bloodstream all look exactly the same. So how does one have the ability to know if its ischemic or hemorrhagic in character?

  134. evil chevy

    My seventh month old boy and my girlfriend and I wish to transfer to a 1 bed room apartment could it be legal in CT. Two sleeping rooms tend to be more costly and my boy sleeps in the crib within our room anyway.

  135. Erfan

    I in addition have a 1 ct gemstone 10 kt white gold or platinum heart necklace, along with a 10 kt white gold or platinum and gemstone flake necklace.. any idea the costs taken care of there within the colonial area?

  136. fattiemanny

    And So I had my first CT scan today and it wasn’t fun. It had been for that abdominal/pelvic area so that they did contrast dye with the IV, helped me drink a contrast liquid, and did an enema too. Since the enema I have been getting a lot of abdominal cramps and also the urge to make use of the restroom (to visit #2). I am consuming more liquids to purge it but my stomach still keeps cramps w/out getting anything being released. Any suggestions?

  137. josh12rox

    I wish to understand what the littlest defect a specific CT system is capable of doing imaging, for instance a little hole inside a phantom.

    When I comprehend it, the spatial resolution of the CT product is the littlest separation where two points could be distinguished separate organizations. Therefore as lengthy because the spatial resolution is say a purchase less than the diameter from the hole i quickly think I ought to have the ability to visit a fair representation from the hole. From what I have browse the spatial resolution of the CT product is determined in the modulation transfer function (MTF). I do not observe how, when the MTF graph continues to be created (and that i presume there’s software which could do that?), read the spatial resolution from this? I was expecting you’d just return as distance x?

    I’ve got a reasonable but in no way complete knowledge of what’s happening here and then any further explanation could be greatly appreciated. Ultimately I wish to know how do i evaluate exactly what the littlest hole I possibly could aspire to see is. I’d have an interest to understand too the way the spatial resolution pertains to the pixel size within the scan image.

  138. Heath

    I’d a ct scan yesterday. It demonstrated several “densities” in kidney and ovary. Exactly what does that mean?

  139. The Dark Knight

    I’ve got a bony growth under my gum above my teeth, after you have a CT scan, the physician stated he could not see anything, as though there is nothing there when clearly there’s because the growth is seen using the human eye alone. What would it often be in order to not show on a CT scan?

  140. x_blind_x_gamer_x

    My physician authored a purchase that i can possess a thin slice ct scan and that i only agreed to be wondering if there’s a noticeable difference between the 2. I’ve been attempting to look stuff on it and should not find anything. Would a skinny slice ct scan become more costly. I’ve insurance but haven’t met my deductible and can owe a great deal for this.

  141. Harriet W

    I’d a MRI done of my brain and was known as soon after since the radiologist felt which i needed a CT scan because of possible artifact. I’d a CT scan done within 24 hours and based on the CT scan I possibly could either have infection, inflammation,or even an artifact. I haven’t got any implants whatsoever or metal within my body anywhere. Must I worry?

  142. United

    I must begin a Christmas tree farm registered with CT Agriculture. Where will i start?

  143. SKATEskum

    I requested an early on question about navy cryptology generally. Many people requested what CT rating i had been speaking about. I’d no clue what it was. What exactly is really a CT rating?

  144. superdork

    Dr purchased a ct scan and I am nervous I’m not sure what to anticipate.

    Besides cancer what it’s mainly accustomed to direct.

  145. balinderk2000

    Just thinking about what conditions might cause inflammation within the terminal ileum that will show on abdominal CT with contrast? Little else noted around the CT.

  146. Matthew

    I’m driving from Boston, MA to Langhorne, PA tomorrow. I’m going to be preventing in Stratford, CT in route for any couple of hrs. Let me have a route that eliminates New You are able to City and also the George Washington Bridge. I believed of using the Tapan Zee Bridge. Any information on a great route? My goal would be to avoid high-traffic and to possess a generally enjoyable drive. Thanks!

  147. whitesoxfan2347

    I lately were built with a CT scan (head aches) and my specialist stated I’ve 2 small benign meningiomas within my right frontal lobe. Just how can he look just in the scan and tell they’re benign without running any type of tests? Is the fact that possible?

  148. Jairo

    I am talking about ppl from outdoors the tri-condition have Ny, Ct, and Nj and perhaps Mass and RI. I have met a lot of ppl in the West coast and Area which have explained CT is conservative after i know it isn’t. The southwest is virtually NY and also the northeast is about Boston. You will find a lot of old money, country club republicans, but liberals beat them out easily.

  149. Samuro

    Just how much should i purchase a personal CT scan from the abdomen with iv contrast. I’d rather not wait and I’d rather not visit India! I would like it reported with a qualified radiologist with indemnity insurance not by a few Eastern European cowboy.

  150. white man

    Is really a cat scan just like a CT scan?

    What exactly are they employed for? How about MRI?

  151. Jamal

    I acquired a mind CT at 20 (am presently 21 years old female). What exactly are my perils of developing cancer out of this?

  152. Jeracoo L

    ok here goes. I’d a CT scan recently because of an autumn. It returned obvious. I’ve got a anxiety about brain aneurysums. Why I’ve no clue!! Ive been getting pressure head aches all week. I’ve got a 15 week old boy, and don’t get much sleep. But for whatever reason my anxiety makes me think I’ve an unruptured anerysum or something like that. Shall We Be Held just being paranoid since i were built with a obvious CT scan? Help!

  153. apleaforbrandon

    I’m 18 years of age. I’ve heart disease since birth. I’m presently attending a children hospital. They’ve request me to choose a scheduled appointment for any CT scan to check out me. I’m really scared and cant sleep at nights. What shall I expect and just what may happen? BTW what’s this injection you may have to possess, do a person always has it?, will it hurt? Help me?


  154. NC Baller

    My grandfather, 83, has stage 4 kidney cell carcinoma. Cancer has spread to his lung area (several growths on lung area), bladder, gallbladder, and also the physician stated he could feel growths throughout. Among the finest an authentic outlook for his existence expectancy. He’ll be receiving immunotherapy inside a couple of days but his general practice physician appeared to consider he’d days to some couple of several weeks to reside. His oncologist did not provide him a time period. Among the finest to be aware what he’s searching at. He already is getting trouble breathing.

  155. kamikami

    Determine CT for every circuit of Figure 10-33

    please show the way you got the solutions.

  156. Michael

    My physician wants me to choose another CT scan. I’d one out of Januray and something in April. The outcomes from the April scan don’t match the written are convinced that supported it. What is your opinion? 3 CT in 9 several weeks?

  157. Matt

    can one place a FMF pipe on my small 1972 yamaha ct 175

  158. kevindiking67verizonnet

    are you able to please let me know concerning the summation CT. what’s its use? The way it works? do you know the specs for your?

  159. sean

    Lately were built with a ct scan (using the blue die). Just before i ‘ a Mri(mind) but know one explained what happening. Was known for that ct scan through the by the pack leader or persons who did the Mri. Got to return to the specialist in a few days for any follow-up, (he was the one who who put me forward for that Mri). Worried concerning the outcome.

  160. Michael K


    I required a orbit CT scan today (round the eye), can there be risk associated with CT scan? I’d just like a lead protective factor from my waist to my knees, would rays cost any damage? what’s the radiation dose exactly? any side-effect out of this? thanks

  161. Larry R

    how accurate is unenhanced ct scan from the mind at discovering brain growths

    and if they are doing find something can they do another scan with contrast (in addition, i worry this is double the amount radiation)

  162. Noe R

    I want a listing from the schools like platt where you need to apply and the like. Ideally when they assist you to enter in the medical or police force fields. They ought to be in CT and also have transportation like platt, where one can like any place in the condition but still have the ability to have a bus there. High schools only, ten points for the best answer.

  163. sick_mick_101

    After having suffered severe tummy pains i’ve been shcheduled directly into have first a CT scan of my abdomen having a contrast injection……later on that day I’m because of possess a CT scan of my pelvis. What could they find?? I know that it may get appendicitis etc.. but what is the scan of my pelvis show?? I have a barium enema two days later.

  164. dubmecrazy3

    in which the salat for Eid has been held on Tuesday, sept 30. Moon sighting is proven in Saudi Arabia and i’m going through that. I understand where other Muslims are gathering in bridgeport, CT nevertheless its like 40 mins from here.

  165. Daniel

    Ok. I curently have an MRI on Friday in my lower back, SI joints, and thoracic region. I’ve scoliosis, DDD, Anklio Spondiolosis, Disc Bumps and squeezed nerves. I’m also getting SEVERE discomfort within my sternum and ribs. My physician required an xray and mentioned it did not show a fracture in ribs and stated maybe its my posture. I’m now feeling like my chest generally is being crushed. I’ve been in heartfailure before and know it is not it. So, I will call my physician tomorrow and ask for to obtain a better scan on my small ribs and sternum to rule anything major out. Is it more beneficial with an MRI or perhaps a CT if this involves your ribs as well as your sternum? I must take action while I get my other scans done. (even when I must obtain the MRIS first in my back along with a CT or MRI next for that ribs/sternum.

    Some help from somebody that knows what’s best for your area could be great. Thanks

  166. Disrae

    I simply discovered this programe known as “ct-50 review” that is allegedly getting hugely popular ct-50 workout and that i observed the 1000′s of reviews that are positive on their own site!!!!

    Their video is extremely appealing and appears very promising also it can be downloaded using their site in $47….

    You believe I ought to go for this??? Or perhaps is it simply another scam???? embarassed

    Need urgent help!!

  167. everydayGuitarist

    ive had 2 ct scans around the brain. one brain MRI. 1 ct scan from the abdomen and pelvis. AND nuclear medicine scan on my small thyroid. can i get cancer eventually? how likely could it be? my mental abilities are healthy, the only real factor that turned up would be a dermoid cyst on my small left ovary.

    i understand thats lots of radiation but among the finest to be aware what my odds are in developing cancer later in existence. nobody within my family members have ever endured cancer either.

    yeah i visited the ER two times since i felt tinglyness/lightheadedness within my mind and every time they did a CT scan around the brain. i fianlly visited my doctor and that he helped me obtain a mri. nothing was wrong with my brain and also the strange feeling is finished now however im just concerned about all of the radiation ive been uncovered to.

    ok last one and im only two decades old.

  168. sean

    I had been within the ER for stomach issues, they did getting pregnant test that was negative. I’d a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis also it works out I was basically pregnant, could have been 2 days at that time (or 4 days from first day’s last period). I’m soo scared.

  169. krow147

    Can CT Scan cause cancer later on?

    I’m considering doing ct scan of my mind…but my physician explained it is not good and may cause cancer later on…

    Could it be true?

    What is a great option to do for mind scan?

    I’ve been getting head aches alot and i wish to perform a test

  170. Hannah

    I’m 18 years of age. I’ve had heart disease since birth. I attened a children’s hospital and they’ve requested me to visit and also have a CT scan. I’m really scared since i have no idea what to anticipate. I’m needing to go 30 minutes before to possess Ametop cream on the same is true which means that i wont have the needle if this gets into. Exactly what do I expect? How lengthy will the scan take?



  171. lucasg615

    were built with a brain CT scan completed in the ER last friday because of some head aches I seemed to be getting, together with some bloodwork. I obviously over-blown myself up for something sinister just like a brain tumor or aneurysm, something from the like, and so i was surprised once the Doc arrived and stated my tests were normal. Now, maybe I am worrying just a little, he appeared so certain that nothing was wrong with my brain, however I am still worried. I understand they use contrast for that CT scan in certain situations, however they did not produce a CT with contrast. Now, I am curious about the validity of my results….if contrast will make things much clearer, why wouldn’t they will use it when they carried out this test? Maybe I ought to stay from the internet…Thanks ahead of time!

  172. Phillip123

    I have been getting bad lower abdominal problems together with bloodstream, etc. They stated my CT returned ok. Does which means that I’m able to eliminate cancer?

  173. Jonny

    After I was seven i required a CT scan. So, yeah. Lol, i dont really remember it, my father just explained yesterday. My parents most likely didnt let me know wat these were doing.

    If you are interested on why:

    Well, i’d hearing problems and there have been 3 possible reasons. A damaged eardrum, a problem using the hammer, or something like that wrong with my auditory nerve.

    So, they used a torch, and my eardrum was fine.

    Then they required the scan. It works out my auditory nerve wasn’t full-grown.

    So, today, im putting on assistive hearing devices and stuff. since i consider it did they need to understand what triggered it? anyways, i simply desired to know the unwanted effects, if you will find any :P. thx.

    If you’re able to, plz show me. It’s almost been a yr since i have been putting on assistive hearing devices. Becasue it is my auditory nerve, completely within the back which has a problem, wouldn’t magnified sounds in the assistive hearing device be harmful to my eardrum or something like that?

  174. hank baseballs

    I’ve inflamed lymph nodes which have been there in excess of 6mos. My loved ones DR. really wants to do an ultrasound on my small neck but my Ing really wants to perform a CT with contrast. Which are the best at identifying why my nodes are inflamed? Any encounters with either of those? What is the reason one is preferable to another. Thank you for any info. Can’t really find anything online.

  175. kiltakblog

    You want to know what’s the CT Scan use for…

  176. Armas

    Hello, I am tired of visiting the paperwork about my persistent sinus problems and that i dont believe anti-biotics work and have labored beside me. I are afflicted by anxiety and all sorts of these sinus problems make me very anxious and frightened of various things i.e infection distributing to brain and such things as that. I understand there’s something up and Im tired of going paperwork to allow them to say ‘take these and return inside a couple of weeks’ I have been worrying of those trouble for more than a year. So anyway just how much is really a private ct scan or sinus scan or whatever as I wish to understand what the issue is and when it might spread to brain etc. Thanks

  177. Kaylla

    I’ve been getting awful headache within the last three days, with no over-the-counter meds are helping.So im visiting the Drs tomorrow and im confident she’ll desire a Ct scan or Mri done one me,I’ve had a Ct scan before although not an Mri.I heard the MRI takes alot longer and you are entire body is within.I’m just a little concerned about that.Are you aware the things they prefer doing for head aches? Ct scan or MRI?

    I am not really claustrophobic basically know i’m able to get free from somewhere however i do not have stress attacks.

    Sorry Will have stress attacks.

  178. Caltel T

    Exactly what is a CT Scan?? I kno it is a x-ray of the nose but can there be other things that occurs??

  179. norrin_shadowwolf

    I’m curious about the typical price of a CT Scan? My home is an expensive area of the US… near Aspen, CO…. any ideas?

    Thanks, Lissacal ! I’ve already had the process done on my small abdomen. You gave some good information however!

  180. SteveO

    than 6 centimetres and it has not spread with other organs?

  181. Alina Elliott

    Once you pass the ARRT and be licensed like a Radiologic Tech, how lengthy may be the at work practicing CT or MRI? Can working out be carried out a couple of several weeks?

  182. Gamer959

    I am going to have my first and most likely only CT scan and someone pointed out in my experience that it may improve your possibility of getting cancer by like 5 occasions. Is the fact that true?

    I am not receiving a complete body scan. I believe the physician noted around the sheet “CT mind with contrast (Whatever which means)” since i possess some head aches.

    Does which means that I will not be uncovered to that particular much radiation like only my mind goes inside or does my system still walk inside and obtain uncovered? That guy also stated it’ll kill your sperm and switch you impotent. This men a genuine jerk.

    Must I request to have an MRI rather?

  183. Tyler H

    I’m meeting with for income in CT. Basically have it, my spouse works in Manhattan. I’m wondering what taxes we may pay when we resided in New You are able to City, Nj, or CT.

  184. andresumoza

    My spouse had CT Scan radiation exposure on her behalf abdomen at 3 1/2 days pregnant not understanding she was pregnant on her hernia.

  185. borabora5524

    I have to repair my roof however i can not afford to pay for entirely unless of course monthly obligations..Im on dissability and my earnings is low…Anybody knows of the company (roof) that may assist me to…My home is Waterbury Ct….Thanks

  186. Ray D

    Want to determine if the doses of radiation in various kinds of CT Scans for instance, an CT Angiogram, CT Mind Scan, CT Pelvic scan differ much? Or could they be all virtually exactly the same.

    Also if they’re round the same level? how can CT’s match up against the amount of radiation inside a normal chest xray along with a VQ Ventilation Perfusion Scan?

  187. diggn4richez

    what’s the distinction between a ct scan along with a mri in line with the images,how can we differentiate it on searching in an image

  188. friendly 4

    I’d a CT scan on Friday, because of a serious headache that’s been happening for any month, within the right side of my mind, today I awoke also it had become much worse, I skipped school due to it.

    Now i’m feeling pressure throughout my mind.

    I’m 13 and wondering why the physician purchased the CT scan, I am talking about, everybody has sooner or later head aches.

    Would the CT scan come early if something was abnormal?

    just wondering.


  189. Zack Faria

    I am 17. My specialist has me on three medicines (Maxalt, Indomethacin, & Verapamil) & has me obtaining a CT Scan since i have bad head aches. I am really concern about it because everybody states it’ll produce cancer.. Is that this true? What must i think? Etc. /:

  190. Terrence

    I am getting into September and want a limousine for 11 people. I am considering a stretch vehicle. Regrettably, very few limo services offering the kind of vehicle I want, service the brand new Haven, Ct position for wedding ceremonies. Does anybody are conscious of any limo service in CT which will take my money and drive me around for six hrs????? Help!!! I am obtaining a headache. . . .

  191. Kobe

    I’d a facial ct scan at 12 days of being pregnant. I have been reading through alot, but everything appears like one extreme or another. Must I worry? Help.

  192. whites are not the only racists

    I simply were built with a mind CT scan done.

    Exactly what do these tests search for or indicate?

  193. Matthew

    A Couple Of years back, I’d a complete body CT scan and bone scan – because of being identified with Cancer Of The Breast.

    They provided me drink an enormous jug of obvious awful liquid. I do not remember being injected using the burning iodine.

    Following the CT scan was over, the stuff I drank helped me really sick, diahhrea all day long & evening – along with a burning throat from consuming the liquid that survived three days. I came lower having a cold because my system am depleted in the awful drink.

    I have to get another CT scan. I’d rather not drink the liquid again because I’d rather not be that sick again.

    My physician didn’t wish to accomplish it with no Contrast materials. She stated they cannot see anything with no Contrast materials.

    I do not mind being injected with something if necessary.

    Exist other contrasting materials they are able to use?

    Why not a CT scan without contrasting materials ?

    They’re checking my body system for growths, so thats what they desire to search for. Will the Contrast drink really really make a difference?

  194. Xedo

    So what can the CT reveal that the MRI can’t. Particularly illnesses trauma ect

    Sorry. So what can a CT reveal that an MRI can’t and the other way around

  195. NC Baller

    if searching for cancer or enlarged lymph nodes is really a ct scan really necessary or will a normal x ray do?

    the physician was feeling throughout my neck and that he thought a lymph node was suspect, so he desired to perform a ct scan, i’ve no issues with my lung area, so i’m wondering wouldn’t a x ray have acquired whatever he was searching for rather than a ct, i am speculating he was searching for cancer(lymphoma)

  196. Dr Dorian

    I needed to possess a ct scan for any horrible headache today and i’m 18 days pregnant will my baby be ok do you know the risks

    my doc understood I had been pregnant and my doctor was informed Im 18 days and merely want tto know if it’s safe and just what the results might be

  197. Sir fliesalot

    What would be the price of a 64 slice CT Scan in India? Also, so how exactly does it match up against an Angiogram?

    I’m requesting a 64 slice CT Scan price of checking heart!

  198. SteveO

    Hi, My husband and i’ll be traveling from CT to Montreal and also stop some place over evening prior to getting to Montreal and more where else in route back. Any suggestions of places we are able to stop on the way?

  199. uberfailz

    Do you know the signs and symptoms that warrants CT scan from the mind.

  200. SKATEskum

    and so i visited the dr and she or he stated which i require a ct scan to discover if i have were built with a stroke or likely to get one or maybe it is a brain aneurisms.[ shows me to visit the dr's. ' ' ] so i am kinda wounder ing what must i anticipate.

  201. JDOGG1122

    I have to choose a disease/ current health problem that effects each one of these systems:

    excretory, blood circulation,muscular,skeletal,nervous, endocrine.

    and can you want let me know the web site you first got it from? thanks

  202. x_blind_x_gamer_x

    I am a 27-years old lady identified in Marly 08 with kidney cell carcinoma stage 2. Left kidney & adrenal gland were removed. The tumor is 5.8 centimetres but limited towards the kidney. Tumor began to bleed and that is the way it is discovered. I’d a chest CAT Scan a week ago also it was normal (Thankfully).

    Can you really find when the tumor had spread just with the cat Scan which right after the surgery?

    What must i expect to any extent further?

    I’ll take part in a medical trial (Sutent), is that this helpful?

    Thanks for discussing your story. God bless

  203. PolishPokeyPimp

    Do you know the likelihood of Kidney Cell returning following a partial nepherectomy with no CHEMO????

    To include more detail towards the Kidney Cell. I’m presuming it’s a stage one. These were unsure at what it really was because of the truth that it had been found as i was 4 several weeks pregnant. It had bending it’s size every 2 several weeks which confused the doctors in thinking it had been a fatty benign tumor. It had been not far from metastasizing towards the lymph nodes once they were finally in a position to take it off at Cleveland Clinic. I really hope this can help. Appreciate the data, this can be a frightening factor to consider thinking about this particular cancer is asymptomatic


    My mother was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma today. She is so scared as well as my sister and I. Her tumor is 4.2 cm in maximum diameter located in the upper pole of the right kidney. There is no evidence of tumor extension into the collecting system nor evidence of vascular invasion. I’m only 16 and I have no idea what is going on, can anyone tell me anything? Please? Also, your prayers are appreciated.

  205. dealy

    Radiotherapy was handed to her right kidney throughout the final five days. Is that this normal?

  206. Dom L

    the only issue i’ve is reoccurring uti’s and that i were built with a ct done plus they stated there is some density on my small left kidney. i requested my urologist whether it was cancer he checked out me like i had been crazy and stated don’t be concerned if u had cancer u will be the first to kno. I am 21 and will always be pretty healthy apart from me fretting about everything. he stated he wants me to possess a ultra seem now. i requested why and it is only for routine. but wouldn’t they’ve done that to begin with then your ct idk. also, he stated he will not concerned about the ct and that he requested if i’ve ever had surgery on my small kidney that we haven’t. and so i am worried i’ve cancer exactly what do y’all think??

  207. kamikami

    Hi all, my mother (86) has lately been identified with Kidney cell carcinoma with mets towards the lung area and perhaps elsewhere, she also offers Alzhiemers A biopsy is not done because they feel it will likely be too distressing on her, so consequently my sister and that i have no concept of what to anticipate within the coming several weeks, we all do know it won’t be years.

    If there’s anybody that has any understanding of the condition, and mums existence expectancy we’d be thankful should you could reply. Thank you for reading through

    She isn’t receiving any medication, aside from co codomol if needed. She does not seem to be in an excessive amount of discomfort aside from breathlessness from time to time, however the Alzhiemers appears to possess got worse within the last 5 days, most likely because of the very fact she’s in hospital and never doing anything for herself

  208. ibjammin44

    if a person kidney has lost 50% function and yet another you have too but it is cancerous, plus they take away the cancerous one, how good are you going to use the main one they left in? If you are 66, obese, anemic and diabetic? Can u live an ordinary existence for, say, 10 years?

  209. Big Banger

    you are able to produce a typical during the last 5years

  210. kass9191

    I could not catch the term, it had been large word.

    He stated someting casaroma????

  211. homerliveshere

    THAT MALE IS My Buddy , HE NEEDS To Have It REMOVED, However The OTHER KIDNEYSHOWS A NICKLE SIZE GROWTH, And That He IS 6’4″ AND Weighs in at 475, It’s Frightening

  212. Eric

    My friend’s mother has become struggling with nasal squamous carcinoma. i must determine if it’s existence threatening what is actually the easiest method to cure it. thank’s men

  213. Gage

    They got his kidney and also the tumore and a few of the surrounding tissue. Then they declared him cancer free. However we observed he wasn’t attaining strngth or getting much better therefore we returned towards the hospital. The doctors did a bone scan and saw it had spread to his bones. (pelvic,shoulder and spine) Additionally they saw it had spread just a little to his lung area. They’re giving him calcium infusions to assist with discomfort and they’re beginning him on treatment to assist maintain his cancer. I had been just wondering if anybody has any understanding on this kind of cancer. How lengthy don’t be surprised to possess him here around etc.Thanks a lot!

  214. whites are not the only racists

    Presuming cancer is incorporated in the renal system and lung area? The individual is 89 years of age but otherwise in good condition.

  215. United

    Wouldn’t it cause Eg: Hair Thinning , coarseness of Hair , unwavering warmth through body lethargic. weight reduction,

    also the other organs from the body will it spread to although merely a small


    I don’t have fat loss problem whatsoever my weight was steady at 62 kilos for almost last ten years and now i’m 53 kilos just before the heaviest i’d ever considered was 66 kilos however i was coping with a family member and participated in things i wouldn’t have not otherwise eaten. I had been 48 kilos almost two decades back however this was due toDental related problems

  216. Death Knight

    why shall we be held so nervous could it be normal to become so nervous i possibly could cry at a small amount of a hat. i’m just recuperating from getting my kidney removed however the dr stated they were given all of the cancer and never fear but it’s so difficult

  217. SKATEskum

    If a person was identified with stage 1 RCC coupled with partial nephrectomy surgery? Can there be any extra treatment further?

  218. Praveen

    I had been getting kidney cell carcinoma and undervent for nephroctomy around 6 several weeks back. Kemotherapy will probably be compleeted(Interon A injuction) I’ve just one Kidny now and it is there any opportunity for further tumer around the live kidny?

  219. uberfailz

    My Father age 65 was diogonized with kidney cell carcinoma this past year by 11cm tumor in Right kidney. His right kidney was removed and today she got RCC in left kidney with 3.4cm tumor in mid/lowerpole. We felt really shocked of the. Doctors recommended for surgery, but we scared he might have to go for dialysis/transplant hereafter. Among the medical oncologist recommended specific therapy by Votrient 2 occasions each day (cost Rs.28000). We’re feeling better he steered clear of from surgery now, However I am tiny bit feel dangerous that whether or not this works or otherwise.

    My real question is How effective is going to be laser hair removal for him hence it’s in 1sr stage only.

    are you able to help how to proceed?……………….i really like my dad

  220. sarah w

    Basically desired to research a specific strategy to cancer where would I am going? I have had cancer and required this factor also it reduced the tumor greatly, just how would I recieve testing done about this factor so others will benefit from this?

  221. vanvark83

    my mother hass this god awful factor and almost towards the finish. do you know the final stuff that may happen to her. i promise i will not tell my brothers and sisters…….

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