Malignant Kidney Cancer

My boyfriend recently had surgery in which they removed 95% of his tumor. They aren’t 100% sure what kind of cancer he has yet but the doctor believed it to be malignant rhabdoid kidney cancer. There’s 5% of his tumors left in his body but what I was wondering was if anyone has ever had or know someone to have any form of kidney cancer where more natural ways such as apple cider vinegar was used to slow the growth or cure them? I’ve been doing a lot of research because chemo apparently isn’t very affective for kidney cancer and my mom swears by apple cider vinegar after she had her tumors removed. If you have any information I would appreciate it. And I already know about radiation and chemo so please skip any details about those, I’m looking for different and more natural ways. Well, I have your answer right here. There are a few things you can add to any given treatment. I would not decline any treatment options in favor of natural but add the natural stuff to my daily regimen(I just went through that myself). Firstly, there is a seaweed supplement called Modifilan. It is made from a type of seaweed that is known to self destruct cancers. It does not hurt to give it a chance. Another one would be Marine Phytoplankton. That one contains ALL minerals and other trace elements the body needs to heal itself and function better. Next, add chlorella to the regimen. Chlorella(along with Milk Thistloe) will detoxify the blood and liver from chemicals, pesticides and other toxins. So will the seaweed supplement. If the blood gets detoxified the phytoplankton can carry oxygen much better through the blood. These supplements are also very helpful if the doctors call for chemo and radiation. . Good luck

  1. easton j

    I’m not from UK and I have interest to entry into British army. What are the conditions for entry into it? especially health conditions. Because I have a easy rhachioscoliosis and my bilirubin is over normal but I feel good and I don’t have any problem push up 130kg on bench press and also I run across the mountains.
    thanking you in anticipation.

  2. Splash Log Level 2 Again

    I would like a number grade for both low and high grades of sarcoma cancer.

  3. Hayden

    .25cm .43 cm 1.2cm 1.6cm 3.0cm 4.0cm 5.8cm
    What is the procedure if it is 2.0 or smaller?

  4. BRUTE

    My father is undergoing chemo for malignant melanoma that has spread to liver/lungs/kidneys. He has constantly nausea and vomits at the drop of a hat. How do I get some nutrition into him? What would help other than prescription meds which he is already on?

  5. wwwavid360gamercom

    Oen example I know of is heart cancer. That is a very rare cancer.

  6. Mc L

    In the past 2 years, my girlfriend has had kidney stones 3 times. Once she passed it, and twice they went in and busted them. After the last one, they sent a sample to the lab (common procedure, I’m guessing?) and something came back malignant. They said they’re thinking it’s just a fluke but they want to draw blood and double check everything. So my question is, is it really possible for a kidney stone to be malignant?

  7. Salam

    i have this bump in my stomach/leg area, like right where you bend your upper hurts when i press it and its been there for about a week? i know i should notify a doctor but are there cancer/tumor symptoms?

  8. clntvrrt

    My friend had leukemia, then last week, apparently she was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Is it possible that the cancer had spread?

  9. brincks26

    I am treating my wife with the help of an experienced Naturopath with mainly ‘wheat grass’ juce as main ingradient for last three months since she had been dignosed for the cancer. Though it has not spread anywhere in the body, it is quite under controll. I want to know is there other remedy which will add to fast recovery. We are working on the way shown by Ann Wigmore. Will anybody from this group will suggest any thing else from Wheat Grass therepy?

  10. kiltakblog

    I would like to hear from kidney cancer patients who have been on Nexavar. I would like to know how they are doing on the drug? I would like to hear from people who have come off the drug after becoming NED. Are they still NED or did cancer came back?

  11. Moore, Ron

    Hi, I’m wanting to join either the Royal air force as a helicopter pilot or a Regiment Gunner. I have already checked the main websites and talked directly to officers and training instructors. I’m wanting to know if a medical condition know as asthma would affect my entry into the RAF. According to the RAF website, you are all clear so long as you have not had asthma in the past 4-6 years. But when it comes to pilot training, then you will not be accepted because of asthma even if you have had it in the past, but not in 6 years. I have talked to officers, and they have said that “so long as you have not had a asthma attack in the past 6 years, you will be ok”. Can someone clear this up for me? Thank you

  12. Thomas A

    hi im doing a project for school and i want to be a surgeon when i get older. but i dont know all the different kinds. so if you know any will you let me know and tell me what they do?? ok thanks!

  13. uberfailz

    My D&C histopathological report showed CYTO GLANDULAR HYPERPLASIA and no evidence of malignancy.what is the meaning of the above and what is the symptoms and treatment. If left untreated will it turn malignant.

  14. Patrick

    I have a family member recently diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma (kidney cancer) stage 2. He lost his kidney as a result. Can he still join the military? or should he forget about joining the army? Which branch will take him? He’s bilingual (English-Arabic, most dialects of the Middle East). He has a post-college degree.
    What will the MEPS doctors say?

  15. henryshensbcglobalnet

    I’d like to know if there is a single, basic test that doctors start with to either diagnose an existing illness, or to indicate that there might be a problem with immunity or a malignant infectious disease.

  16. Gamer959

    It is not associated with any particular food, or eating or not eating. I will be feeling fine, then all the sudden the nausea starts in my stomach area.

  17. mal_functiongeo

    My mom just found out that she may have kidney cancer. They found a nodule in her kidney that is about 1 cm. The doctor has ordered a pet scan and maybe a biopsy. I wanted to know how common is this and is the prognosis good? Also they found another spot in her lungs also? Any answers are greatly appreciated. Thank you!
    The doctor seems to think that the two are related. She had a ct done last year and they were not there. She used to smoke(for almost twenty years) and she is very overweight.

  18. lcollier93sbcglobalnet

    Will it start once the cancer was discovered? Once they think cancer began growing? Whether it has metastasized from elsewhere, will the clock begin again again? My hubby learned he’d kidney cancer in 2007. He’d an entire nephrectomy in October. The physician told him the tumor had most likely been growing for 2 years before it was. Last September the kidney cancer spread towards the plural lining in the lung area. Now it’s spread to his lymph nodes. If he’s a 5 year expected rate of survival, when did the time start?

  19. kiltakblog

    Can an Eight years old toy dog breed? I’ve looked throughout with this anwser however i aren’t able to find one. Thanks ahead of time for the kind words which help.

    I’m not likely to spay her. I don’t breed and I don’t alter creatures. I actually do how ever not allow her to out alone she’s small. Things I must have requested was can she use to warmth? I wish to be prepared for a 43 year dog in warmth. Thanks everybody.

  20. friendly 4

    My mother is 72yo is on Cyclophosphamide has two remedies, and dexamethasone, she’s just emerge from hospital yesterday, she’d Diverticulitus an her whitened cell count is1.8

  21. toysruslover

    For around the this past year I’ve observed certainly one of my small unspayed female dogs breasts is bigger than her others, it feels normal she’s no health issues which is not tender. People I have requested say oh that’s just her muscle do you consider it’s anything to bother with? She’s five years old

  22. Roflcopter

    Ultra seem scan impresions are the following for any lady of 55 years old.

    Huge pelvis recurrent malignant mass with minimal ascites.

    Bilateral grade 3rd hyponephrosis.

    Liver secondaries.

    Can there be any expect this patient’s long-term survival?

    Do you know the options of cure or relief in allopathic in addition to alternative systems of medications?

    The individual has become vomitting exactly what goes within the stomach and getting intense discomfort behind and also at the stomach.

    In regards to with renal system left kidney has severe dilatation of pelvicalyceal.

    The individual already had sex gland and uterus removed surgically five years ago.

  23. jdfan

    it may be cancer of the skin, but i don’t know. She’s this bubble searching factor here her rear leg. It’s bloody but she functions enjoy it does not hurt her, she just swishes it together with her tail like it’s a fly. I have to now if this sounds like fatal. I’m getting a vet out soon, i have to be ready if i will lose my closest friend….

  24. Kaden

    I’ve smoked for 14 years, and also the last three years I’ve been coughing a great deal and also the mucus can there be however i cant appear to cough up, can someone let me know if this sounds like cancer or emphysema?

  25. shahrukh

    From massive doses within the 70′ and eighties there’s ben a stable decline how expensive is safe and productive to manage to patients, right? So if this sounds like the situation, like It is, unless of course you are able to proof otherwise, can there be any certainty today, that 6 doses are superior to 5? Can there be any record research which will confirm this? The reason behind this is that i’m not too sure someone needs to endure the discomfort and cruelty of 6 chemo remedies thinking about a brief history of the crude treatment.

  26. mrankinmatt

    yeah, just wondering what zodiac followers say about cancer. what sign does an individual who is cancer get together with? do cancer get on wtih other cancer?

  27. Smashing Pumpkins

    please let me know i am writing my book a magazine in regards to a girl with cancer

  28. Mackenzie P

    Exactly what is a kidney?

    What’s the purpose of a kidney?

    Where’s the kidney situated?

    What’s kidney cancer?

  29. Gamer959

    What can cause Breat Cancer? How will you prevent Cancer Of The Breast?

  30. Only Business

    What can cause cancer? a variety of cancer..what is the primary reason for cancer?

  31. balinderk2000

    I lately were built with a urine test to look into the uti. The physician found no infection but saw a little bit of deposits. I had been told I simply required to drink more water to purge out my renal system, and that i was known to urologist for any cystosopy. I am wondering if cancer cells would have proven in same urine sample they found the deposits in. Anybody know?

  32. whites are not the only racists

    A physician found malignant growths on my small father’s kidney and lymphnodes in scans and then required tissue samples. The biopsy results returned today also it works out he has neither kidney cancer nor lymphoma and they’re taking more samples to try and decipher it. What other kinds of cancer could this be? He’s NO outward signs and symptoms besides back pains (this is exactly why he went set for scans… he think it is a squeezed nerve). I understand that we’ll discover in the professionals within the next couple of days, however the waiting for now is wretched!

  33. Myles

    When it comes to shortening life time? Just curious.

  34. Oilers

    I’m carrying out a set of brain cancer and that i take some help. If u know anything interesting about brain cancer, please tell it in my experience. And when possible, please include ur references.

  35. Sergio

    what’s cancer?

    how can you get cancer of the skin?

    signs and symptoms?


  36. PoohBearPenguin

    how or which agent couses cancer of the breast

  37. Joe T

    Using radioactive 18F because the 2-Fluoro derivative of glucose enables cancer cells to become detected inside a PET scan because of greater use (transposrt) (elevated metabolic process) of glucose by cancer cells (versus. normal cells). How all of this? BE SPECIFIC.

    Help THANKS

  38. Benihana

    If each one of these cancer were advanced are they going to show on a ct scan or MRI? Or maybe propagates bone mets?

  39. Motordom

    visited a professional after several weeks of severe neck discomfort…as well as on the Mri it demonstrated a whitened lump on my small neck. The dr did not appear concerned coupled with me possess a ct scan. He stated it had been a benign hemangioma and absolutely nothing to bother with. This lump continues to be killing me, feeling enjoy it was twisting my neck, last evening I had been up till 7:30 am. I additionally developed chest discomfort..and discomfort within my left side, could that function as the spleen? I’m not sure what the issue is, and also the dr’s posess zero clue either…any ideas? Could this be cancer? Aren’t malignant growths not painful and benign ones painful? Whether it is not cancer…then what?? I’d lyme disease this past year but was treated…is it feasible I wasn’t on medication lengthy enough? The tick bite has become red-colored again…from this past year?? Or perhaps is this only a coincidence?

    I additionally have severe burning on my small left side, through the ribs..and just what I suppose may be the spleen looks enlarged. I’ve joint discomfort, and my back burns a lot which i thought I’d an electric heating pad on lol…my mother stated which means inflamation from the renal system??? Is that this cancer? Lyme disease? IDK

    I’d lyme disease this past year, but was treated. I’ve joint discomfort,and also the bite in which the tick bit turns red-colored on periodic days, however that was this past year? I’ve had some head aches and hearing problems…LYME DISEASE?

  40. rndmaktn

    how’s cancer triggered? HOW?

  41. Ryan Z

    i’ve lately been deionised with cervix Cancer can this cause bloodstream infections since i needed to visit hospital to have it treated and it was in foe per week would cancer cause this or something like that else.

  42. Ray D


  43. Taylor G

    why or how’s cancer created?

  44. Patrick

    Can someone let me know which month is dedicaed to which kind of cancer and also the hue of that ribbon for instance cancer of the breast may be the pink ribbon and whichever month.

  45. sam N

    I can just learn brain, lukemia, bone, skin, breast, colon, lung, and dental cancer. Are there more types? Any help could be appreciated. I have to perform a Biology project.

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