Benign Tumor In Kidney

Way back in May I became recognized as obtaining elimination cancer malignancy that had been unintentionally found using a CT scan for something more important. I had created my perfect renal eliminated in April and am restorative healing fine even so the have a look at also acquired a cancer for the left facet of my thyroid which is the measurements golf balls, which i’ve lately obtained biopsied and was instructed it truly is noncancerous. A doctor is hesitant to erase it because states it’s not producing me any injury even though I am getting problems during my abs and about the outside my hip and legs, which has been received for some time. From accomplishing analysis on the web and being aware of other folks with hypothyroid tumours, this can be a aspect have an affect on while the medical professional states that it isn’t. Also I know a female who has been said cancer was cancerous in case that it was taken off, it ended up being malignant. I am now uneasy which the similar can be legitimate in my situation since the last cancer malignancy was simply selected by mistake since the CT scan was completed in order to advice about the aches and pains around my abdominal and legs, that i am continue to suffering from. Can any one please help me using this type of issue. I was so glad to discover this — Really improbable..

  1. Jasmine

    If it is a benign tumor they haven’t created a blunder and can be eventually left but must be examined regularly as they possibly finally switch dangerous, for your calf pain it is usually cause due to the thyroid as being the hypothyroid influences the whole body as well as the the body’s hormones for example which often can cause pain within your lower calf. I have got underactive thyroid and carry prescription medication i have discomfort decrease my kept stylish and leg but I suspected it absolutely was because of being 56 yr old or sciatic sensors?. Like i said previously a cancerous tumour becomes dangerous over the years after i a close friend who had a civilized tumour powering a persons vision for 10 years and it also have turn out to be malignant, All The Best !

  2. Rachel Masterson

    It wouldn’t be looked at as everything without a biopsy.

  3. Mandy Johnson

    My Dear Jacquiline. Be the disadvantage in healthcare research currently. Benign or Malignant? Thatrrrs the real question. I have understand your indications and surely that you’ll be owning much more issues than your doctors think. Most cancers is of this particular entire Lymphatic System, From uppr thight, lower legs, abdomen, soul, lung area, hard working liver, filtering organs, thyroid, from crotch to upper face and head, from within adjustable rate mortgage to arm blood vessels.

    What medical appliances are there presently to offer you a total photograph of what is hapenning on the inside of you? Nothing. ! Except for The Gabriel Image resolution Procedure, Photo Cancers Of The Breast Detectors Method that may offer you and your medics some idea of methods far any problem has propagate.

    This is usually a distinctive Photo program in action and that i have uploaded a handful of looked into my own as regards to Breat Cancer. There’s a video clip for you pipe. Consider it, tune in to their speech entire, and then suggest up your personal mind what you’d like to do up coming. May be their procedure will toss extra light with your problem

    Follow this link.

  4. Sir fliesalot

    The causes of constant bleeding with urine? And just how do one-stop it? It’s not due to birthcontrol pills or similar..It’s been for many several weeks.

    It’s not periods! It’s bleeding constantly, and periods appear and disappear normally additionally.

  5. Xbox360king

    Does it cause cancer?

    What are my chances since ive left it for years and breathed it in and its never given me any problems other than it looks aesthetically unpleasing.

    Should I get tested for lung cancer?

  6. Heath

    An Osteoid Osteoma is basically a benign bone tumor yet causes tremendous pain due to inflammation. One of the means of removing this tumor is through Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA). Basically this bone tumor is cooked off the bone using radio frequency. My question is where does the bits of the bone go? I would assume that it is excreted through the urine, but I am not sure. If this is true, could the bits of bone (though microscopic) going through the kidneys cause kidney stones?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  7. xiM Clutch

    Can they tell by the type of cell that it is or do they need to find the primary cancer site first? And how do they do that? If they have some way of scanning the entire body for cancer, why can’t patients have that done ahead of time to ease their minds about cancer? (Or is the cost prohibitive for that kind of thing?)

  8. wwwavid360gamercom

    Also is it possible to be diagnosed bening tumor then later possibly cancer, anyone get wrong diagnosis?

  9. lcollier93sbcglobalnet

    She is scared to death when she saw it yesterday. She just got well from heavy fever. Is this something she should worry about? What could it be? My friend is very hardworking.
    Is this an indication of kidney problem?

  10. apleaforbrandon

    it is on my left kidney and 8cm in size. Does this need to be removed or not. What causes this?

  11. Andre

    I’m duing a research paper on surgery differences between “want” and “need” and where transgendered people fall in category and all I need now is the guidelines for needing a surgery in general. Ex. Car Accident, Falling, breaking something, etc… Please help me. Thank you.

  12. LN13

    For the longest time I’ve believed sugary drinks to be a huge cause of kidney stones, yet after comparing soft-drinks of low sugar to their original counterparts, I’ve found they all contain phosphorous, sodium, and in some cases glucuronolactone. Having never had one nor received an explanation of how one would be formed by a doctor, my only way to find a reliable answer is by asking the Yahoo community.

  13. Arminator

    my boyfriend’s nephew (only 3 years old) fell off the stairs and rushed to the emergency room.
    It’s been 3 days now, and all he can do is open his eyes. The doctors haven’t done an operation for his nephew yet.
    I don’t want to ask him cause i know he is going through a hard time right now.

  14. dealy

    I might have to go on it and i don’t want that to happen.
    Please help me….
    Any answers?

  15. Xbox Gamer

    Also how does my cancer rising effect my sun, which is in aquarius and moon- sagittarius.
    What sort of a person do these planet positions make me?

  16. Shay H

    I’ve had microscopic blood in urine for 4 months now. I remember having it when I was a kid once. I never have symptoms. I’m 29. My Fish/Cytology came back negative. I get a cystoscopy done Monday. Scared outta my mind they will find tumors.

    Is it possible to have this microscopic blood for no reasons? I do not have any infections.. so now my mind only thinks of very serious conditions.

  17. Jonny

    I discovered today I’ve an ovarian cysts my physician explained. Does cyst mean tumor will a cyst could they be benign and malignant like growths? I additionally discovered I might have IBS with constipation and I’ve got a kidney stone within my right kidney. Please answer these questions only when guess what happens you’re speaking about.

  18. nmlpc

    What major discoveries are there and just how lots of people survive cancer? How lengthy until a remedy?

  19. louisewoods1984

    My buddies husband is it tomorrow and they’re not 100% sure what it really exactly is.

  20. tefa_96

    I have heard how individuals have had seizures but aren’t always epileptic. Some comes from drugs/medicines, & I additionally hear how stress can trigger them back, too. What exactly are some other reasons?

  21. NC Baller

    I simply learned my uncle were built with a MRI done because bloodstream was being released together with his urine. They stated “don’t count cancer out” now we am concerned about it. Just finished cancer of the breast treatment with my spouse and have no knowledge about bladder cancer. Any help could be appreciated.

  22. Kristian

    on my small left kidney. The physician stated that it’ll begin to shrink. It’s been 30 days now and that i can seem to be similar to movement on my small kidney everday. Is this the diminishing that triggers these feelings or what else can it be?

    Thank you

  23. balinderk2000

    In September I had been identified as getting kidney cancer which was accidentally acquired with a CT scan for another thing. I’d my right kidney removed in October and am healing fine however the scan also acquired a tumor around the left side of my thyroid that’s how big a basketball, which i’ve lately had biopsied and was told it’s benign. The physician is unwilling to take it off because he states it is not leading to me any harm although I get pains within my stomach and lower the outdoors of my legs, which i’ve had for some time. From doing research around the internet and knowing others with thyroid tumours, this may be a side affect even though the physician states it is not. In Addition, I know a lady who had been informed her tumor was benign however when it had been removed, it switched to be cancerous. I’m now worried the same might be true for me personally because the last cancer was just acquired accidentally because the CT scan ended to discover concerning the pains within my stomach and legs, that we am still struggling with. Can anybody help me with this particular matter?

  24. ibjammin44

    I’ve got a kidney tumor, and at this time the doctors havent explained anything apart from that it benign. I am only 16, and that i shouldn’t worry anybody. I do not think i’ve got a problem not speaking to anybody, and it is not likely to kill me. Its curable. However i dont want my buddies to feel tricked after i return to college having a scar after they operate.

    Must i tell anybody?

    And, how does one feel in case your closest friend didnt let you know?

  25. Taylor G

    My sister once had cancer of the breast but is healed. A tumor made an appearance by her back also it reduced, it broke her rib though (either her rib or something like that else she cannot move her body or it affects)

  26. xLittle21Yaox

    i’ve this bump within my stomach/leg area, like exactly where you bend your upper affects after i press it and it is had the experience for around per week? i understand i ought to inform a physician but they are there cancer/tumor signs and symptoms?

  27. Lasagna delivery guy

    Mine is all about 140/85.

    I am a 17 years old boy.

    I am visiting the physician tomorrow. What will happen? What is wrong beside me? What is the WORST possible factor that could be?

    Any advice?


  28. Ev dog

    My hubby thought he’d a kidney stone using the typical signs and symptoms of back discomfort, flank discomfort and discomfort stretching to his groin. Visited the Dr. Xray revealed a 16mmx8mm area right kidney, he ended up being sent for any CT from the pelvis and abdomen that demonstrated it was not really a kidney stone rather it had been full of around the right adrenal gland measureing 3.6cm. He ended up being sent for any MRI that demonstrated a 4 centimetres mass and mention the inability to eliminate hyperfunctioning adenoma or Pheochromacytoma. Any advice.

  29. kewlflame14

    i’ve 6 small size lipomas within my hands.i wish to be aware of causes and remedies for this.

  30. kewlflame14

    My boy has all of the signs and symptoms of adrenal exhaustion. So what can he take for this to assist him feel good?

  31. friendly 4

    What are the physical issues? apart from discomfort? that may have lasting effects? Used to do learn about one solder that returned from iraq having a destroyed bladder because she needed to hold her urine for sometimes 18 hrs at any given time. Not she’s partly incontinent. Can this really happen?

  32. MAK & CHEESE

    on my small kidney coupled with embolization carried out. How sure are doctors to identity an angiomyolipoma from something malignant?


  33. D3ZZY

    I published a few pre-determined questions tonight with the fact that amongst other things I can not completely empty by bladder and I am at the stage where even my skin gets kinda orangish within my facial skin! Used to do the study (since i have can’t enter into visit a doc up until the mornin) and all sorts of my signs and symptoms fall together under that one category. Has anybody ever endured this? Could it be something serious? Now I am sick with discomfort and worried!

  34. Lachlan

    What procedure is performed to ascertain if a tumor is malignant? Is a straightforward MRI enough to create that conclusion?

  35. Zanto

    And is another hard or soft mass cancer?

  36. borabora5524

    so I have been coping with this forever :/ I’m wondering if you will find any methods to coping with it? yesterday I almost given out and my arms were really cold, what are the ways I’m able to do my bloodstream test without feeling by doing this? thanks

  37. Sergio

    Other smart the kitty appears fine. The main problem has become i can not possess the cat within the bed room or family room while he now keeps creating a mess all over the place while he cant arrive at the cat cat litter box quick enough. I’ve needed to confine him towards the room in which the the kitty cat litter box is.

    He’s consuming more water.

  38. Jesse

    My stomach is extremely slow to empty and I must take lots of laxatives to help keep things moving lower there. Can there be anything bad about carrying this out? If anybody knows or has got the same issue I would like to know what you think.

  39. thinkthought

    We first got it checked and it is malignant. Meaning, it isn’t benign… He’s been with them for many likely within month which is still really small. It’s near his leg on his side, therefore it is not near an especially vital area, so that’s good. He’s youthful and healthy. Also, a family member is really a vet and it has connections to very capable surgeons. We have got a scheduled appointment for him in 72 hours however the surgery has not been scheduled. How worried must i be?

  40. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    My eyes will always be puffy. . . . like there’s puffyness under my eyes. Like bags…but i am not quite sure what its from or what it really even is. It stays out a great deal after i smile and it is annoying. How can you eliminate the puffyness beneath your eyes?

  41. Melanie

    I’m 17 and that i have under eye circles, stains around the inner corner of my eyes and apparent lines above my cheekbones, personally i think that my face is becoming limpy! have u have you been through this? how must i improve my situations? can insomnia result in this type of condition?


  42. Jeanelle the Retard

    Doxazonsin Mesylate tabs for the following 2 days.Is that this for kidney gemstones or cancer or what is the issue?The urologist did not say.

  43. alberto s

    I’ve battled with spine trouble for more than a year, hernated dvds, desciated dvds, arterschlerosis, joint disease.

    My nerves have most likely been broken a lot which i have very weak bowel signals saying it’s time to go.

    However, Phillips Milk of Magnesia cleans me out every couple of days.

  44. Gage

    What is leading to the unnecessary calcium?

  45. Lasagna delivery guy

    Exactly what is a kidney?

    What’s the purpose of a kidney?

    Where’s the kidney situated?

    What’s kidney cancer?

  46. sick_mick_101

    i lately had a surgical procedure for benign growths on a single of my renal system. the past few occasions i have visited my primary care physician he makes use of one hands and whacks up and lower my spine on my small mid to back. performs this show if you will find difficulties with the renal system or something like that?

    oh wow you’re so seriously funny! does anybody come with an answer that is not on the sixth grade boy’s level?

  47. Coffee t

    I’ve such as the WORST circles under my eyes. They are not puffy, however i also have under eye circles? Any constitute tips or items you suggest??

  48. Nathan B

    Dr purchased a ct scan and I am nervous I’m not sure what to anticipate.

    Besides cancer what it’s mainly accustomed to direct.

  49. Flash Funk

    I’m a 19 years old male, after getting sexual intercourse i awaken the following morning to locate small quantities of bloodstream on my small boxers. What could this be? Its originating from my penis. And it is not from my girlfriend. Any help?

  50. Andres C

    So lately, each time I awaken each morning, I recieve an unpleasant lower abdominal discomfort. It’s sometimes here real quick. But mostly whenever I am going to make use of the bathroom it affects so bad! Like if i am beginning my period despite the fact that I simply departed it a couple of days ago. It’s major cramps after i make use of the bathroom, or whenever I sit lower. Must I worry? What could it may be? What is the cure? Must I visit the physician? HELP!

    Oh, and i am 16 years old.

  51. Praveen

    I’ve got a friend who’s getting some problems in her own kidney she was advised to perform a CT scan or perhaps a MRI to check on what the issue is. I’d much like to be aware what the main difference one of the two is and that is appropriate imaging device with this situation?

  52. Jonathan

    I’m a 33 year-old married lady with 2 kids aged 6 and 5 yrs, both of them are caesarean sections.Throughout my second pregnancy i had been identified with Mitral Valve Prolapse and 16 several weeks back throughout a regular health check physician stated i’d something known as ANGIMYOLIPOMA from the right kidney, a little growth. I’m a healthy person otherwise, i have no kidney symtoms .iam told this can be a unusual condition, although not sure whether it’s a benign /malignant condition.i seriously request the Urologists to discuss my problem, the therapy methods, prognosis etc. a large thanq to any or all.

  53. Jack Bauer

    Mine is on my small kidney. No discomfort, no growth, therefore we watch it. Has anybody had one removed? What exactly are my risks for not doing anything except monitoring it?

  54. Splash Log Level 2 Again

    of any sort but they are there also ones which go undected for any lengthy amounts of time and finish up being teminal resulting in an exciting to early dying simply because they were incureable websites and kinds and names of those ailments could be great together with what you know 10 points to find the best and many complete answer and if you found you had been a termal situation how would you react using the relaxation of the existence

  55. liza

    incidental finding with an MRI demonstrated Multiloculated cystic structure of unknown eitology inside the left kidney hilar region. could this be malignant?

  56. Jermaine J

    understand from physician after CT-scan,its stated kidney tumours.(first=2cm second=4cm) within the right, the physician cant indentified it’s positive (not danger) or negative (harmful) tumours.i used to be told to become removed.i must request can there be any medication or prescription for that initial phase so as the development not growing or distributing with other place.

    Another real question is, there’s 5mm stone within the left kidney.It’s harmful to health?before that, have been done a surgery 2 yrs ago of lasering the 2cm stone within the same kidney.

  57. skychi99

    Has anybody had kidney growths or Adrenal gland growths? Could they be reason to be concerned?

    My physician stated we’d do another CT scan next Spring to determine contrary had grown…

  58. Nick

    Exactly what does it do? so how exactly does it come? why??

  59. ericmreitz

    okay the tumor isn’t cancerous from things i heard that is im speculating, a very positive thing. and i believe the term for this is benign? i am not sure though. She’s setting it up removed which i’ve a couple of questions regarding. also apparently it is the greatest tumor the doctors have seen which does not seem excellent. Apparently they will try inject an incentive which can make it shrink and go.. (something of that nature i am not sure) but when that does not work then they need to take away the whole kidney! :( among the finest to understand…

    can there be any chance my mother wont allow it to be? i am really scared since i have no idea what is going to take place.. for those who have been with them completed to you or know anything about this then please let me know anything…

    thankyou a lot for anybody who clarified this

  60. gail C

    hello my mother has already established ongoing discomfort in her own renal system so she’d an ultra seem and also the doctors found a B line tumor so she’d an additional CT scan however the scan arrived on the scene obvious..however i am still confused and concerned about things i must do next? and what’s a b – line tumor? serious solutions only please!

  61. Coffee t

    well, iv had an u ltra seem scan done a couple of week ago for upper right i’d an ultra seem can a couple of days back for upper right abdomenal discomfort, and whilse my gallbladder etc was obvious, they found i’ve got a small tumor within my kidney.

    they described it most likely benign, and im to become refered for any CT scan along with a urology appointment. iv not got to start dating ? for that scan yet but seeing the urologist inside a couple of days. so what can i expect to say of it? does it have to be removed? must it develop first? can they just neglected?

    i actually do ometies get discomfort within my kidnies although not frequently. i cant use whatever bloodstream within my urine ut it’s definatly become more powerful in the last 6 several weeks approximately.

    anybody got any ideas?

  62. TommyKay

    I have to repair my roof however i can not afford to pay for entirely unless of course monthly obligations..Im on dissability and my earnings is low…Anybody knows of the company (roof) that may assist me to…My home is Waterbury Ct….Thanks

  63. Jack Bauer

    Happen to be identified having a tumor on my small spleen. Seeing an onocologist in a few days. Has anybody heard about a spleen tumor, appears to become rare.

  64. gail C

    My sister, who’s 55, was identified with ganglioneuroma. It had been referred to like a web-like benign tumor distributing throughout her abdomen. The doctors informed her they cannot operate since it has spread to her renal system, liver, and stomach. Chemo or radiation will not work since it is not cancerous. They informed her that as this disease is really rare, they do not know just how much longer she’ll live. They estimate the tumor keeps growing for a price of half one pound each day. She’s around the maximum strength of morphine recommended for any day, discoveries (30 mgs morphine) every hour, and anti-depressants. She will only walk using a master or any other person, otherwise, she’s motorized wheel chair-bound. She’d signs and symptoms 24 months ago, but was told she’d a vitamin D deficiency. Us frantically needs help locating a hospital or clinic or physician who are able to treat her. She was offered a second opinion, but she needs to wait another 2 more several weeks to have it, and, sadly, time is simply this is not on her side and that we have no idea if she’ll have the ability to allow it to be then. ANY solutions or suggestions or ANYTHING is greatly appreciated. We’re so lost and that we don’t wish to watch her undergo that much discomfort and suffering every single day.

  65. Praveen

    my boy who’s 27 continues to be told he’s high bloodstream pressure which is unusual for his age. The physician has stated he really wants to take bloodstream for test for adrenal cancer or kidney problems. He happens to be healthy and fit thus far.

    Can anybody shed any light about this for me personally?

    (I am a very worried mother)

  66. Joe T

    My hubby just were built with a CT scan for any solid (not fluid-filled) mass in the left kidney. We wont possess the recent results for a couple of days and everything I have read states 90% of solid public in renal system are cancer. Anybody have knowledge about this where it’s not cancer? I am afraid!


    exactly what does this suggest

  68. shahedC

    So how exactly does cancer kill someone? How about benign? Why does not that kill, like growths on dogs are often benign?

  69. Kristian

    Just yesterday The trainer told us i did not have a kind of cancer known as sarcoma they thought I might have experienced. they stated I’d something known as a solitary ” floating ” fibrous tumor ( HaemangioEndotheliomma) I’d a biopsy and everything… however the lump being about how big a tangerine apparently just around the lower right flank on my small back near well from my kidney, in order to feel it and it is kinda visible. I recieve really sharp pains from this. Even if I am just waiting in one place or sitting, or laying lower still. I’m because of have it surgically removed inside a month….does anybody know why i’m in discomfort??? Could it be like not cured from biopsy or something like that??

  70. DuckieM10

    lower abdominal strange feeling around the left is not discomfort it’s a lot more like a mind-numbing,uncomfortable feeling like basically applied some cold and hot muscle cream but inside me.could it be air or what? I finished my period over the other day now once i pees i easily wiped and there is a little of sunshine red-colored bloodstream.I understand am not pregnant though..haven’t had sex in like 4 several weeks and try to get my period like usual and monthly.

  71. Tyler H

    Hi, My husband and i’ll be traveling from CT to Montreal and also stop some place over evening prior to getting to Montreal and more where else in route back. Any suggestions of places we are able to stop on the way?

  72. Malcolm Hudson

    Or can Kidney cancer spread towards the sex gland?

    Here’s the problem. My mother were built with a CT scan a week ago also it demonstrated a tumor in a single kidney, a cyst within the other kidney along with a tumor in a single ovary. No indication of just what the growths are, just that they’re there. She’s a few visits now (one having a urologist and something having a gynocologist) and that i guess I am just attempting to prepare myself for worst/most effective synerios.

    I have investigated online each of the illnesses and haven’t found anything referenecing ovarian cancer distributing towards the renal system or anything referenicing kidney cancer distributing towards the sex gland.

    I am wishing, best situation scenerio, that are benign and she or he may need to have a couple surgeriers to get rid of the growths . But, I additionally feel I ought to get ready for the worst so if it’s really bad, I haven’t got a complete break lower after i will have to help her.

    Anybody have insight? You shouldn’t be afraid to retort if you feel once again to possess a good outcome.

  73. ademuth93

    My mother died at age 49 from the brain tumor. My sister has explained the mind surgeon who labored with my mother stated her kind of tumor is quite common in her own female off spring — and my sister also stated that individuals vulnerable to kidney gemstones are in a significantly greater chance of brain cancer. I’m 47 and constantly have kidney gemstones (as much as 10 annually sometimes) I started getting kidney gemstones almost two decades ago. I additionally often get ‘cysts’ or benign abnormal growths within my body that has to be surgically removed. How frightened/concerned must i be? Being an aside — Irrrve never know when my sister is tellling me the reality –

  74. kerrin marz

    Okay, so my question may appear stupid with a. But is really a tumor within the bladder harmful?

    I realize that the tumor is harmful but I am unsure if you’re able to die in one.

    FYI, I am not speaking about myself. I researched growths on Yahoo however i did not find on wheather these were harmful.

    Okay so my questions are…

    Could they be harmful?

    Would they be removed?

    Can an individual die with no bladder?

    I am sorry if my questions appear stupid to many people.

  75. lucasg615

    Doc states it’s ot cancerous..will it turn this way? Must I keep setting it up checked and just how would he KNOW its benigne and never cancerous!!! thanks!

  76. lets roll

    Can CT Scan cause cancer later on?

    I’m considering doing ct scan of my mind…but my physician explained it is not good and may cause cancer later on…

    Could it be true?

    What is a great option to do for mind scan?

    I’ve been getting head aches alot and i wish to perform a test

  77. Agent 47

    The Vet assistant keeps saying its pricey but will not produce a precise cost. Also, in case your cat was 14 can you perform the iodine treatment?

  78. gail C

    Want to determine if the doses of radiation in various kinds of CT Scans for instance, an CT Angiogram, CT Mind Scan, CT Pelvic scan differ much? Or could they be all virtually exactly the same.

    Also if they’re round the same level? how can CT’s match up against the amount of radiation inside a normal chest xray along with a VQ Ventilation Perfusion Scan?

  79. liza

    My mother had kidney cancer a couple of several weeks back coupled with the tumor removed but is getting difficulties (Infection Bloodstream clot ect ect.) and she or he never got an oncologist – don’t let get her one despite already getting the tumor removed. Would they help in recovery?

    Yes I’m 100% sure she’d kidney cancer not only a tumor they sent it lower to diagnostics throughout the surgery to verify to determine weather or otherwise they have to go ahead and take whole kidney wound up being stage 2 Kidney cell carcinoma

  80. mendhak

    I have been getting bad lower abdominal problems together with bloodstream, etc. They stated my CT returned ok. Does which means that I’m able to eliminate cancer?

  81. Echo

    If a person developes a benign tumor from the parathyroid glands that triggers the amount of parathyroid the body’s hormones inside bloodstream to become greater than usual. What can you anticipate caused by this problem to become?

  82. andresumoza

    I needed to possess a ct scan for any horrible headache today and i’m 18 days pregnant will my baby be ok do you know the risks

    my doc understood I had been pregnant and my doctor was informed Im 18 days and merely want tto know if it’s safe and just what the results might be

  83. Oilers

    My Doc told me I have a benign liver tumor,found by an ultrasound. The tumor is the size of a pea. {The doc was looking for a kidney stone orignally.} Could it turn into cancer? Will it grow and burst? Will I need surgery at some time in my life? I am 32 and scared.
    Thank you for all yours help and answers..

  84. kevindiking67verizonnet

    I’ve had right side abdominal discomfort all day long. It is inconsistent in the left and right bottom sides of my back also it appears to obtain a little worse when i have to pee. My warm water bottle is soothing it right now im just wondering what it may be?

  85. DuckieM10

    what’s the distinction between a ct scan along with a mri in line with the images,how can we differentiate it on searching in an image

  86. homerliveshere

    and so i visited the dr and she or he stated which i require a ct scan to discover if i have were built with a stroke or likely to get one or maybe it is a brain aneurisms.[ shows me to visit the dr's. ' ' ] so i am kinda wounder ing what must i anticipate.

  87. ibjammin44

    Ok well i’ve got a inflamed lymph node on right side of my neck… in the beginning it had been squishy just like a nerf ball movable not harming now… its just like a rubbery feeling BUT i’ve been playing it everyday for a long time…. it has been two several weeks it does not hurt or anything still movable but feels strange it sometimes sticks out and also at somepoints i must like search within my neck to locate it…. i’ve got a appetite loss aswell im 17 nobody within my family members have it or has already established any cancer execpt my grand daddy however it was . ismokers cancer cause he’s been smoking heavily for six decades straight Oh and that i had just like a s neharp nail and that i was having fun with it and today its a little scratchy… i visited the paperwork to he stated itsnothing wrong… he never required any tests he felt the way it feeled and requested me questions must i return?

    yes. i’ve anixety didn’t have sex therefore it cant be aids/helps

  88. Jeanelle the Retard

    I am getting into September and want a limousine for 11 people. I am considering a stretch vehicle. Regrettably, very few limo services offering the kind of vehicle I want, service the brand new Haven, Ct position for wedding ceremonies. Does anybody are conscious of any limo service in CT which will take my money and drive me around for six hrs????? Help!!! I am obtaining a headache. . . .

  89. hank baseballs

    Recently had a ct scan (with the blue die). Prior to this I ha a Mri(head) but know one told me what was going on. Was referred for the ct scan by the by the person or persons who did the Mri. Got to go back to the neurologist next week for a follow up, (he was the person who who put me forward for the Mri). Getting worried about the outcome.

  90. Only Business

    I’ve inflamed lymph nodes which have been there in excess of 6mos. My loved ones DR. really wants to do an ultrasound on my small neck but my Ing really wants to perform a CT with contrast. Which are the best at identifying why my nodes are inflamed? Any encounters with either of those? What is the reason one is preferable to another. Thank you for any info. Can’t really find anything online.

  91. superdork

    My dad in law just told us he’s getting his kidney removed simply because they found a tumor in the left kidney. I’m surprised they would take away the whole kidney. Isn’t it easy to remove only the spend the tumor? Or perhaps is it the physician being careful just in case it might be another thing? They told us they’re not going to have the ability to determine if it’s benign or otherwise until once they take it off. Has anybody heard about or experienced this before? What don’t let expect after surgery? How lengthy before he is able to go back home? What about afterwards in the future don’t let expect a kidney transplant?

    Thanks !!

  92. Superman

    Hi I have had the lump mass on my small back near kidney area or on I understand nearly all women have individuals cavities on back having a like some body fat tissue however with me on my small right side it’s bigger then your other and it is discomfort sometimes just like a 6-8 very comfortable I have been with them for around 3/4 yrs! It’s too frightening that i can visit the doc..however i know I ought to go..and that i can definitely afford if though I’m wondering I anybody went through this or understand what it may be. It’s tender to some massage too like I have had my hubby try cuz whether it’s a knot but no it’s like discomfort 4 whenever we massages that area! Plz help!!

  93. Xedo

    1.An endocrine disorder from the pancreas leading to incredibly or no manufacture of blood insulin is known to?

    2.The innermost membrane all around the developing embryo and also the placenta developing a sac inside the uterine cavity is called?

    3.The cup-formed structures within the kidney pelvis are known as

    4.Fibroid, development of smooth and ” floating ” fibrous tissue from the uterus, is really a

    A.benign tumor

    B.malignant tumor


    D.The suggestions above

    5.A protein within red-colored bloodstream cells that helps within the transport of oxygen towards the cells is?

    5 suggests whatever person solutions them properly

  94. Mr SoLo DoLo

    is that this cancer if i’ve got a mass on my small adrenal gland or right surface of my kidney?

  95. Ryan Z

    in jan 2004 iwas identified with kidney cell cancer inthe month before iwas passing clotsof bloodstream and bleeding through my bladder my weight had droped from 135 to95 in 2mon i had been in severe discomfort my hemoglobin was3.5 it required 12units of bloodstream before i possibly could have surgery.ever since then i’ve acquired almost 100ibs isuffer from shortness of breathe after walking any distance

  96. lildevilgurl152004

    I’ve angiomyliopoma having a lesion within my right kidney. Well a healthcare facility stated. Until I recieve is a result of ct on Monday

    I had been feeling really ill. Visited the doctors and there’s protein in urine

    performs this mean its affecting how my kidney functions?

  97. sakyue1993

    I am not giving it a go myself. Certainly one of my buddies really wants to check it out, he’s been doing speed during the last month. I am concerned though, since he was created having a tumor on his kidney. The tumor was benign, but his kidney needed to be removed as he only agreed to be an infant. Therefore, lucrative only has one kidney. I have heard Ecstasy can result in kidney problems… if he tries Ecstasy a couple of occasions, could it be more harmful for him? The other unwanted effects and long-term effects should je consider?


  98. Mark

    I am 17. My specialist has me on three medicines (Maxalt, Indomethacin, & Verapamil) & has me obtaining a CT Scan since i have bad head aches. I am really concern about it because everybody states it’ll produce cancer.. Is that this true? What must i think? Etc. /:

  99. cardskid22

    Determine CT for every circuit of Figure 10-33

    please show the way you got the solutions.

  100. Jeff

    Can it be something apart from cancer? She’s were built with a kidney infection for around per month now. They cannot do an MRI because she’s a port in her own neck to avoid her from getting a lot of seizures. They will have her go to a Urologist after she’s released in the hospital. So getting a rise outdoors the kidney is not always cancer could it be?

  101. balinderk2000

    What would be the price of a 64 slice CT Scan in India? Also, so how exactly does it match up against an Angiogram?

    I’m requesting a 64 slice CT Scan price of checking heart!

  102. D3ZZY

    I’m meeting with for income in CT. Basically have it, my spouse works in Manhattan. I’m wondering what taxes we may pay when we resided in New You are able to City, Nj, or CT.

  103. Gamer959

    how accurate is unenhanced ct scan from the mind at discovering brain growths

    and if they are doing find something can they do another scan with contrast (in addition, i worry this is double the amount radiation)

  104. happyha31

    it’s on my small Mother’s right kidney and 5cm size with no symptom. So we have confirmed both renal system are performed 100% perfectly. Performs this have to be removed or otherwise? If it’s removed please suggest the clinic in Chennai?

    Thanks ahead of time

  105. fattiemanny

    I’d a facial ct scan at 12 days of being pregnant. I have been reading through alot, but everything appears like one extreme or another. Must I worry? Help.

  106. gail C

    I’ve got a friend who had been identified and treated (surgery) for thyroid cancer. Once they do testing and screening and just what-not while figuring out/dealing with thyroid cancer, will they search for cancer cells or growths elsewhere in your body? Meaning, for those who have thyroid and cancer of the breast simultaneously (if that is even possible), are they going to find both when they were only dealing with one? Sorry whether it sounds confusing. =


  107. andresumoza

    Hello, I am tired of visiting the paperwork about my persistent sinus problems and that i dont believe anti-biotics work and have labored beside me. I are afflicted by anxiety and all sorts of these sinus problems make me very anxious and frightened of various things i.e infection distributing to brain and such things as that. I understand there’s something up and Im tired of going paperwork to allow them to say ‘take these and return inside a couple of weeks’ I have been worrying of those trouble for more than a year. So anyway just how much is really a private ct scan or sinus scan or whatever as I wish to understand what the issue is and when it might spread to brain etc. Thanks

  108. The Inc

    After having suffered severe tummy pains i’ve been shcheduled directly into have first a CT scan of my abdomen having a contrast injection……later on that day I’m because of possess a CT scan of my pelvis. What could they find?? I know that it may get appendicitis etc.. but what is the scan of my pelvis show?? I have a barium enema two days later.

  109. kass9191

    I’m curious about the typical price of a CT Scan? My home is an expensive area of the US… near Aspen, CO…. any ideas?

    Thanks, Lissacal ! I’ve already had the process done on my small abdomen. You gave some good information however!

  110. Dr Dorian

    if searching for cancer or enlarged lymph nodes is really a ct scan really necessary or will a normal x ray do?

    the physician was feeling throughout my neck and that he thought a lymph node was suspect, so he wished to perform a ct scan, i’ve no issues with my lung area, so i’m wondering wouldn’t a x ray have acquired whatever he was searching for rather than a ct, i am speculating he was searching for cancer(lymphoma)

  111. Krazy Bob

    My physician wants me to choose another CT scan. I’d one out of Januray and something in April. The outcomes from the April scan don’t match the written are convinced that supported it. What is your opinion? 3 CT in 9 several weeks?

  112. Dark_LovexXx

    I’m supposed to possess a CT scan on Wednesday to recheck for kidney gemstones or complications from kidney gemstones. My problem I’ve is the fact that last Thursday I possibly could have become pregnant so it’s too early to consider getting pregnant test to understand without a doubt. I’ve the choice to not obtain the CT scan basically feel I would be pregnant as radiation isn’t good for any fetus because it is really responsive to it also it can cause irregularities. Would you will find the CT scan?

  113. Sergio

    After I was seven i required a CT scan. So, yeah. Lol, i dont really remember it, my father just explained yesterday. My parents most likely didnt let me know wat these were doing.

    If you are interested on why:

    Well, i’d hearing problems and there have been 3 possible reasons. A damaged eardrum, a problem using the hammer, or something like that wrong with my auditory nerve.

    So, they used a torch, and my eardrum was fine.

    Then they required the scan. It works out my auditory nerve wasn’t full-grown.

    So, today, im putting on assistive hearing devices and stuff. since i consider it did they need to understand what triggered it? anyways, i simply wished to know the unwanted effects, if you will find any :P. thx.

    If you’re able to, plz show me. It’s almost been a yr since i have been putting on assistive hearing devices. Becasue it is my auditory nerve, completely within the back which has a problem, wouldn’t magnified sounds in the assistive hearing device be harmful to my eardrum or something like that?

  114. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    i’m not attempting to be cute or funny. my renal system have benign growths inside them known as angiomyolipoma. my renal system function normally at this time around. i am simply attempting to discover basically could possibly get a flu shot. spoken towards the nurse inside my urologist’s office and requested her relating to this because the documents states individuals with kidney disease shouldnt get flu shot. i had been of the opinion kidney disease is individuals kidney failure–which i’m not. she stated no, it’s anybody with any kidney problem. i truly do not like this nurse and dont think she knows what she’s speaking about. can anybody help?

    perfect doc–thanks!

  115. jag43216

    Ok. I curently have an MRI on Friday in my lower back, SI joints, and thoracic region. I’ve scoliosis, DDD, Anklio Spondiolosis, Disc Bumps and squeezed nerves. I’m also getting SEVERE discomfort within my sternum and ribs. My physician required an xray and mentioned it did not show a fracture in ribs and stated maybe its my posture. I’m now feeling like my chest generally is being crushed. I’ve been in heartfailure before and know it is not it. So, I will call my physician tomorrow and ask for to obtain a better scan on my small ribs and sternum to rule anything major out. Is it more beneficial with an MRI or perhaps a CT if this involves your ribs as well as your sternum? I must take action while I get my other scans done. (even when I must obtain the MRIS first in my back along with a CT or MRI next for that ribs/sternum.

    Some help from somebody that knows what’s best for your area could be great. Thanks

  116. SteveO

    I just had a head CT scan done.
    What do these tests look for or indicate?

  117. Alex

    I had been within the ER for stomach issues, they did getting pregnant test that was negative. I’d a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis also it works out I was basically pregnant, could have been 2 days at that time (or 4 days from first day’s last period). I’m soo scared.

  118. Derek

    Is a cat scan the same as a CT scan?

    What are they used for? What about MRI?

  119. Jason M

    I’m about to have my first and probably only CT scan and someone mentioned to me that it can increase your chance of getting cancer by like 5 times. Is that true?

    I’m not getting a full body scan. I think the doctor noted on the sheet “CT head with contrast (Whatever that means)” because I have some headaches.

    Does that mean I wont be exposed to that much radiation like only my head will go inside or does my entire body still go inside and get exposed? That guy also said it will kill your sperm and turn you impotent. This guys a real jerk.

    Should I ask for an MRI instead?

  120. johnkaiser 22

    I’m 18 years of age. I’ve had heart disease since birth. I attened a children’s hospital and they’ve requested me to visit and also have a CT scan. I’m really scared since i have no idea what to anticipate. I’m needing to go 30 minutes before to possess Ametop cream on the same is true which means that i wont have the needle if this gets into. Exactly what do I expect? How lengthy will the scan take?



  121. Rishabh Bajpai

    ok here goes. I’d a CT scan recently because of an autumn. It returned obvious. I’ve got a anxiety about brain aneurysums. Why I’ve no clue!! Ive been getting pressure head aches all week. I’ve got a 15 week old boy, and don’t get much sleep. But for whatever reason my anxiety makes me think I’ve an unruptured anerysum or something like that. Shall We Be Held just being paranoid since i were built with a obvious CT scan? Help!

  122. Benihana

    Exactly what is a CT Scan?? I kno it is a x-ray of the nose but can there be other things that occurs??

  123. Brody S

    Once you pass the ARRT and be licensed like a Radiologic Tech, how lengthy may be the at work practicing CT or MRI? Can working out be carried out a couple of several weeks?

  124. rashest_hippo

    So what can the CT reveal that the MRI can’t. Particularly illnesses trauma ect

    Sorry. So what can a CT reveal that an MRI can’t and the other way around

  125. sick_mick_101

    I’ve been getting awful headache within the last three days, with no over-the-counter meds are helping.So im visiting the Drs tomorrow and im confident she’ll desire a Ct scan or Mri done one me,I’ve had a Ct scan before although not an Mri.I heard the MRI takes alot longer and you are entire body is within.I’m just a little concerned about that.Are you aware the things they prefer doing for head aches? Ct scan or MRI?

    I am not really claustrophobic basically know i’m able to get free from somewhere however i do not have stress attacks.

    Sorry Will have stress attacks.

  126. Mr SoLo DoLo

    Do you know the signs and symptoms that warrants CT scan from the mind.

  127. evangldbrg

    I’d a CT scan on Friday, because of a serious headache that’s been happening for any month, within the right side of my mind, today I awoke also it had become much worse, I skipped school due to it.

    Now i’m feeling pressure throughout my mind.

    I’m 13 and wondering why the physician purchased the CT scan, I am talking about, everybody has sooner or later head aches.

    Would the CT scan come early if something was abnormal?

    just wondering.


  128. opurt

    My spouse had CT Scan radiation exposure on her behalf abdomen at 3 1/2 days pregnant not understanding she was pregnant on her hernia.

  129. Erfan

    I simply discovered this programe known as “ct-50 review” that is allegedly getting hugely popular ct-50 workout and that i observed the 1000′s of reviews that are positive on their own site!!!!

    Their video is extremely appealing and appears very promising also it can be downloaded using their site in $47….

    You believe I ought to go for this??? Or perhaps is it simply another scam???? embarassed

    Need urgent help!!

  130. Melanie

    I got a head CT at age 20 (am currently 21 year old female). What are my risks of developing cancer from this?

  131. ScRSC

    I want a listing from the schools like platt where you need to apply and the like. Ideally when they assist you to enter in the medical or police force fields. They ought to be in CT and also have transportation like platt, where one can like any place in the condition but still have the ability to have a bus there. High schools only, ten points for the best answer.

  132. Willie

    You want to know what’s the CT Scan use for…

  133. Jesse

    I am 18 years old. I have heart problems since birth. I am currently attending a children hospital. They have ask me to go for an appointment for a CT scan to look at my heart. I am really scared and cant sleep at nights. What shall I expect and what will happen? BTW what is this injection you might have to have, do you always have it?, does it hurt? Please help me?


  134. nathan

    About 2 years ago, I had a full body CT scan and bone scan – due to being diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
    They made me drink a huge jug of clear awful liquid. I don’t remember being injected with the burning iodine.
    After the CT scan was over, the stuff I drank made me really sick, diahhrea all day & night – and a burning throat from drinking the liquid that lasted 3 days. I came down with a cold because my system was so depleted from the awful drink.

    I need to get another CT scan. I don’t want to drink the liquid again because I don’t want to be that sick again.
    My doctor did not want to do it without any Contrast materials. She said they can’t see anything without the Contrast materials.
    I don’t mind being injected with something if need be.

    Are there other contrasting materials they can use?
    What about a CT scan without contrasting materials ?
    They are checking my body for tumors, so thats what they need to look for. Does the Contrast drink really make a difference?

  135. mrankinmatt

    can one place a FMF pipe on my small 1972 yamaha ct 175

  136. Goe122


    I required a orbit CT scan today (round the eye), can there be risk associated with CT scan? I’d just like a lead protective factor from my waist to my knees, would rays cost any damage? what’s the radiation dose exactly? any side-effect out of this? thanks

  137. tefa_96

    ive had 2 ct scans around the brain. one brain MRI. 1 ct scan from the abdomen and pelvis. AND nuclear medicine scan on my small thyroid. can i get cancer eventually? how likely could it be? my mental abilities are healthy, the only real factor that turned up would be a dermoid cyst on my small left ovary.

    i understand thats lots of radiation but among the finest to be aware what my odds are in developing cancer later in existence. nobody within my family members have ever endured cancer either.

    yeah i visited the ER two times since i felt tinglyness/lightheadedness within my mind and every time they did a CT scan around the brain. i fianlly visited my doctor and that he helped me obtain a mri. nothing was wrong with my brain and also the strange feeling is finished now however im just concerned about all of the radiation ive been uncovered to.

    ok last one and im only two decades old.

  138. Superman

    in which the salat for Eid has been held on Tuesday, sept 30. Moon sighting is proven in Saudi Arabia and i’m going through that. I understand where other Muslims are gathering in bridgeport, CT nevertheless its like 40 mins from here.

  139. Kristian

    were built with a brain CT scan completed in the ER last friday because of some head aches I seemed to be getting, together with some bloodwork. I obviously over-blown myself up for something sinister just like a brain tumor or aneurysm, something from the like, and so i was surprised once the Doc arrived and stated my tests were normal. Now, maybe I am worrying just a little, he appeared so certain that nothing was wrong with my brain, however I am still worried. I understand they use contrast for that CT scan in certain situations, however they did not produce a CT with contrast. Now, I am curious about the validity of my results….if contrast will make things much clearer, why wouldn’t they will use it when they carried out this test? Maybe I ought to stay from the internet…Thanks ahead of time!

  140. Andre

    were built with a brain CT scan completed in the ER last friday because of some head aches I seemed to be getting, together with some bloodwork. I obviously over-blown myself up for something sinister just like a brain tumor or aneurysm, something from the like, and so i was surprised once the Doc arrived and stated my tests were normal. Now, maybe I am worrying just a little, he appeared so certain that nothing was wrong with my brain, however I am still worried. I understand they use contrast for that CT scan in certain situations, however they did not produce a CT with contrast. Now, I am curious about the validity of my results….if contrast will make things much clearer, why wouldn’t they will use it when they carried out this test? Maybe I ought to stay from the internet…Thanks ahead of time!

  141. Orbit

    can you please tell me about the summation CT. what is its use? How it will work? what are the specification for that?

  142. happyha31

    are you able to please let me know concerning the summation CT. what’s its use? The way it works? do you know the specs for your?

  143. ttocs

    Does heart cancer ever is available?

  144. Ramblin Spirit

    im a cancer :)

  145. Michael

    IS cancer simple to treat yet?

  146. Taylor2k

    in science language what coses Cancer?

  147. Jeracoo L

    Both of my grandpas and cancer my mom had breast cancer will i have cancer?
    Had cancer* not and cancer.

  148. Joe T

    Since most of my great grandads and grandma’s had bowel cancer or other kind of cancer and I am scared which i could easily get cancer

    Is also bowel cancer curable?

  149. Mark

    can there be cancer from the brain?

  150. Jose B

    How good would a Cancer/Cancer relationship exercise? This is extremely serious, I want solutions please. Thanks ahead of time for the help. =)

  151. Sergeant Pickle

    Guy: Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon, Cancer Mercury, Cancer Venus, Scorpio Mars

    Lady: Libra Sun, Taurus Moon, Scorpio Mercury, Scorpio Venus, Scorpio Mars


  152. heavenly sword

    Which kind of cancer is Ovarian Cancer much like in character? I understand are all different, but may be the cancer itself similar in character/structure to cancer of the breast, etc?

  153. Chester

    how can women get breats cancer?

  154. heavenly sword

    Can someone let me know which month is dedicaed to which kind of cancer and also the hue of that ribbon for instance cancer of the breast may be the pink ribbon and whichever month.

  155. Samuro

    my husbands cancer markers are growing rapidly does his imply that the cancer of the lung is moving quickly

  156. Coffee t

    Exactly how should we prevent cancer?.

  157. Ramblin Spirit

    im carrying out a set of cancer

  158. Zanto

    how does someone get cancer?

  159. Jack Bauer

    potential causes of cancer rise in dividing cells?

  160. Dr Hank

    why or how’s cancer created?

  161. superdork

    Hows Cancer Of The Breast Triggered ??

  162. John G

    how or which agent couses cancer of the breast

  163. kevindiking67verizonnet

    I wish to determine if cancer and cancer is going to be good together??

  164. superdork

    like will all cancer be healed with medications etc and it is cancer genetic?

    As well as, what else could you do in order to prevent getting cancer? meals drink etc?

  165. Jose B

    What can cause Breat Cancer? How will you prevent Cancer Of The Breast?

  166. happyha31

    So How Exactly Does Cancer Produce Signs and Signs and symptoms?

  167. Clayton Cottrell

    Are cancer males typically drawn to scorpios?

  168. Benihana

    how’s cancer triggered? HOW?

  169. DuckieM10

    my had has cancer, i am not sure which kind of cancer?

    performs this mean i’ve much more of an opportunity of having cancer?

    really worried??

  170. Goe122

    what’s cancer?

    how can you get cancer of the skin?

    signs and symptoms?


  171. nothin_nyce1

    causes,types,treatment,and cures for cancer

  172. Jon P

    Does antiperspirant cause cancer?

  173. Superman

    it’s very rare cancer

    the individual has this type of cancer could be cured?

  174. mrankinmatt

    Exactly what the He77 dosent cause cancer any longer nowadays?!?!?They are saying the moon light causes cancer for god sakes!!!

  175. RxP DarkBox

    what’s the explanation for cancer of the colon?

  176. sean

    What can cause cancer? a variety of cancer..what is the primary reason for cancer?

  177. thexbox360player

    what can cause testes cancer?

  178. Shay H

    yeah, just wondering what zodiac followers say about cancer. what sign does an individual who is cancer get together with? do cancer get on wtih other cancer?

  179. Rishabh Bajpai

    21. An experimental test to identify a specific kind of cancer signifies the existence of cancer in 90% from the people recognized to have this kind of cancer as well as in 15% from the people considered to be cancer-free. A hundred people volunteer to accept test. From the 100, 60 are recognized to have cancer and 40 are recognized to be cancer-free. When the test signifies that certain from the people, at random selected has got the cancer, what’s the probability that she or he is cancer-free?

  180. apleaforbrandon

    Exactly why is cancer a Existence Style Disease?

  181. Ryan Z

    What is cervical cancer?

  182. ScRSC

    i am a cancer and that i meet a man who’s also cancer can this last,or does it work ?!

  183. kass9191

    An individual visits a healthcare facility due to an aching arm. Tests show cancer exists within the arm bone, however the cancer started within the stomach. Explain why its known as stomach cancer rather than bone cancer?

  184. altair

    i have a friend and she would like to know if she could have a long lasting relationship with another cancer? and what are good matches with a cancer?

  185. xiM Clutch

    what begins cancer?

  186. Jose B

    Does all cancer have a similar appearance ? Should you first viewed it would you will know it’s cancer ?

  187. NC Baller

    in my homework i must investigate about cancer.

    How do we get cancer?

  188. Smashing Pumpkins

    are boys might have bress cancer

  189. Michael C

    im carrying this out cancer of the lung presentation and area of the guidlines is to locate the researcher who discovered which disease. who discovered cancer of the lung?

  190. ConfusionnaJob

    How dangeros may be the cancer of the skin?

  191. Joe T


  192. Jeff


  193. Picean


  194. rndmaktn

    Do you know the burdens of cancer?

  195. Splash Log Level 2 Again

    okay, i, 14 years old and the doctors wanna do a fulll body CT scan on me.
    i know that these scans give of alot of radaition like enough to cause cancer in the future, is there any allterinativs to a CT scan.
    please give me all the info you know about these scans, dont worrry your not gunna scare me i just need to know.

  196. Adam

    Hi I am wondering why a Dr would order a CT scan could it be usually employed for figuring out cancer I’d a xray for back discomfort and also the Dr scheduled a CT within 72 hours along with a follow-up the next day of the CT I am a bit worried I’ve joint disease within my spine , fibroids along with a goiter if at all possible please tell me for those who have medical background or are speaking from experience

    Thanks a lot

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